Taco Bell - 2700 Miamisburg Centerville Road

Mexican, Fast Food

2700 Miamisburg Centerville Road, Dayton
(937) 436-3021


Reviews for Taco Bell

Saw guy make food, then with the same gloves ring someone up and go back to making food. Coming from a food background this is unacceptable. They need to practice ServSafe sanitation and develop the staff a little more. Touching your face and then making food with the same gloves isnĆ¢??t acceptable either. IĆ¢??m visiting from NC and was very disgusted so I went somewhere else.

Are the workers ok? I am genuinely worried about them. I work at the dayton mall, and every time i go there on my break they seem troubled and reluctant to serve. The food varies from excellent to poor, but it's a hit or miss. I love taco bell, but am hesitant to go there and make their day worse. I hope they're ok.

If I knew it had such bad reviews and service I wouldn't have gone. We ordered a plain cheese quesadilla with only cheese. When we got our food I opened the quesadilla to find the jalapeƱo sauce. (Im a picky eater so I'm used to having to get my orders fixed. I'm never upset about it and if anything I feel bad going back and having them make my food again.) We nicely went back and asked for a plain one. The cashier then began to argue with us because plain only cheese apparently...read full review

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