Tropical Smoothie Cafe

2307 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
(937) 395-3525

Recent Reviews

Cheryl Garland

The sunset smoothie was delicious! They have great food as well, try their island chicken quesadilla it's wonderful!

Sean & Jane Scheerschmidt

Was told they wouldn't serve me w/out a mask.

Chris Miller

Great food and drinks! Staff is very nice and Adam is awesome!

Emalee Atha

I haven’t even received my smoothie yet, but these workers are the best!! We were met with so much kindness, and they really seemed so joyous to be assisting us. I recommend this location, in the time it took me to write this, we already received our smoothies. Wow 10/10

Mandy S.

This location is far better service-wise than the location at Far Hills and Whipp Rd. The employees are always helpful and polite. I often go in and have to wait a bit because they are in the back and don't know I'm there but no biggie. The other location mentioned gave me black...not slightly brown bananas for my side of fruit twice, are less than effecient, and often act like they could care less if thy have your business or not. I gave up going to that one even though it's a bit closer. I'll stick with the Oakwood location and a smile!

Brittney Pipke

Love this location. It's my favorite! The staff is always friendly and the food/drinks are made great+

Victoria Savage

Went to this location because it was on my way home from an appointment. Wish I would of went the Beavercreek-Dayton Xenia Rd. Sandwich was sloppy had wrong type of lettuce and they didn't even take the time to cut it ! Very disappointed

tom cope

These guys are fantastic and friendly, couldn’t recommend more

taylor arthur

Smoothie was great - restaurant was clean. Kid behind the counter was less than friendly though.

Wanakee Cook

Smoothies are always great, service is quick and staff is wonderful

Doris Miller

We love tropical smoothie

Amber Wynings

Always delicious! Everyone is helpful and nice. Great vegetarian and vegan options.

Amane Velasquez

I love the smoothies here. We sometimes come here after school to enjoy a nice smoothie in the lounge. Beach Bum and Chocolate Chimp are my favorites.

Shawn Thomas

My go to smoothie spot when I don't make my own, or have the taste for a smoothie different than my personal award-winning (in my mind) recipe. This location is better than the other ones. I customize my order and they basically nail it 93% of the time. Sometimes I get lucky and they don't charge me extra for the add on ingredients. Staff is always nice too, and were very friendly with my children when I took them recently. Interior is clean. Service is fast.

Starburts! PINK

Usually I love this place!! Better than other locations. todat reflected much like the last time with the same cashier I had a concern with the last two time my order was wrong. Completely. I ordered and add on that I usually get. She told me they didn't have that here. I had to tell her I always order this for her to find it, but what really bothered me was after sitting down and watching one of the girls making smoothies wipe her nose with the back her hand and proceed to make smoothies.

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