9321 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery
(513) 246-2036

Recent Reviews

Thomas Callihan

I am a regular customer of this location. The food and service always meets or exceeds expectations. My complaint lies in the fact that they will be changing to a "Drive Through Only" location beginning in the near future.The biggest rub is that they claim the change is being made for safety reasons surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. This Dunkin Donuts is inside of a gas station/convenience store. I am really getting tired of businesses using Covid-19 as an excuse to offer lousy service.If they want to cut back on their customer service, just be honest and do so. Don't blame the virus because you want to save some money on labor.The drive through line is normally VERY long. I might return to this business when they change their policy back to allow carry out from inside the premise.

Rob Even

It is really bad when a place refuses to sell you something when you walk up to the drive through window. Especially when restaurants are really hurting for business.???

Mary Gallagher

Dry donut, not the friendliest service...

Sara Adams

Terrible customer service and they never have anything. Tried to charge the wrong price for menu items, got a cup full of ice instead of coffee. Save your time and money and go up the road to the other one.


At this store working Asia. She is very sick,always coughing ,but saying that’s she’s okay.. pay attention if you wanna something buy at this store.

Trey C.

Just went through the drive-thru and was helped by the nicest young lady ever. I wish I got her name to make sure she gets credit, but in the times we are living in she was a bright light during a dark time. Keep up the positive attitude. It's infectious and appreciated so much. My new spot.

Matthew Crimmel

Terrible Service

Patrick Eborall

A Dunkin' cafe. A pleasant place with great staff.

Mike P.

I stopped by with my grandson to get a couple of donuts on Saturday afternoon Jan 4. There was nobody in line ahead of us. The 2 people working behind the counter completly ignored us. They were making drinks for the drive thru. After waiting 5 minutes and getting no attention from them we left. We will never go back to this location. If they would have at least said they would get to us after they finished I would understand. But to be completely ignored is not acceptable.

Barry S.

This place use to be a different coffee that I often frequent so when it closed down I was worried a bit on where I can go to work, have meetings , or just want to chill since it was a convenient location for me. However I am quite impressed with what Dunkin' has done with the place. The interior is clean, modern and nice to sit in. Music playing in the background is up to date. Also their coffee and food menu items are pretty good as well as more affordable compared to what you pay for a Starbucks. I just tried their Caffe Latte and the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich. The employees are friendly from my interaction with them as well as helpful in providing suggestions from their menu so if any young hip individuals are looking to work in a coffee shop I would consider here as an option. Overall the shop is setting up to be a pretty nice location. I can tell Dunkin is trying really hard to be a nice alternative coffee shop in what is now a competitive field so. I am very hopeful for this place to succeed

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