7427 Central Ave, Toledo
(567) 408-7671

Recent Reviews

Mary Meek

The best coffee in town! Love that they will make your “special” coffee just for you! Always hot and fresh and served with a smile.

Alexis Boylan

My favorite coffee place by far but today I was kind of disappointed. This whole COVID-19 is a mess for everyone I get it! BUT now you guys aren’t scanning rewards cards on phones because you can’t touch phones anymore? You just took my credit card though that’s probably just as dirty as my phone. You need to come up with a way we can still get our points! I work across the street at the ER and spend a ton of money here, I want my points!

Rosie DeLeon

Love the friendly staff and I have never had to wait long for my coffee!

Sandy Schlachter

My two high school students came in this morning to get coffee before school. They arrived at 7:10 and actually went inside thinking it would be faster than the drive through. They didn't receive their coffee until 7:28. I don't think it should ever take 20 minutes for a coffee order and the workers should serve the people who get out of their cars and come inside first.

Sarah Roof

Friendly staff. Asked what I liked and gave me suggestions/created a new drink for me.

Rhonda Bales

They would not take my $50 Bill. Not very helpful. More interest in texting

Terri Losek

Came in yesterday for the first time and had a very pleasant experience with staff and everyone and coffee was fantastic!

Kaitlyn Whitmer

I ordered a drink and a bragel. The drink was done way before the bragel and was way too hot. They didnt wear gloves when making the ham and cheese bragel with an egg I ordered I was told they were out of gloves completely. And when I went to eat it the was no egg and it was cold. Not a very great way to start your day. The only thing the staff said to me was "what do you want?" when I ordered.

Sharon Woodward

It is a great place to get together as a group, I have enjoyed the 'plain' hot chocolate (not a coffee drinker). Every time I go, I try something new, up until this morning I have not been disappointed. I was not a fan of the tuxedo muffin.

Bdubbz Kitten

I really enjoy the frozen selection of drinks. Quite pricey at times, thus more coupons would be beneficial. I do like the new lids created to decrease the need for straws. However, sometimes it can be hard to drink frozen items without a straw. Keep innovating new enviromentally friendly improvements with customer convenience in mind.

Jen Weiland

Love love my bigbys coffee

Astral Descent

Awesome coffee with numerous customization options to adapt to your dietary preferences

Jennifer Charles

I visit this location often. Staff is always friendly. My drinks are almost always perfect, and the one time they made a mistake they offered me a free replacement.

dave taulker

The staff is always very friendly, and the coffee and other drink selections are delicious every time

Brenda Kraus

Very good iced coffee choices,but rather pricey. Good service and relaxing atmosphere

Jennifer Provost

Good coffee, but I'm very disappointed and upset that all of my favorite baristas are quitting because of the overbearing higher ups. The blonde woman isnt even the store manager and is very rude to the staff. She wont leave them alone to make a single drink even though some had worked there longer than her.

kelly barkhimer

We always love Biggby. Friendly service and good coffee.

Carrie Norris

Great coffee, reasonable prices, sweet staff, very clean...why would you ever go to Starbucks???

Shawn Wingate

Very pleasant experience at Biggby's. Everyone at the counter was very friendly. My coffee was nice and hot. The store was clean. My only complaint is please get rid of Michigan Cherry. It tastes like cough syrup...or have 2 flavored coffees. There was no flavored decaf, as well.

Tessa Lackey

Love this location! The baristas are always so nice, and my drink hits the spot every time!

Mandy V.

Tried the new honey lavender latte and really enjoyed it. It's a little sweeter than I had imagined so next time I'll probably ask for them to make it a little less sweet. I used the drive thru and the workers were friendly. I've never been inside so I cant comment on that. Make sure you get your rewards card for free drinks

Caitlin Bell

The workers in this store are always so sweet and seem to be having fun! It really feels like I’m part of the Biggby family when I stop in for coffee!

Jessica McNeal

Always a quality cup of coffee. Nice variety of baked goods. Clean and well arranged