Marco's Pizza

149 Main St, Toledo
(419) 698-1511

Recent Reviews

Stan N

The Pizza on Main Street was out-of-this-world it was fabulous

Crystal Slover

Ordered at 9:34. Food delivered 10:17 without the drinks. Called immediately at 10:18 and was told would be right out. At 10:37 I called (19 minutes later) and was told it was already on its way. Mind you I live about 6 minutes away from place. Told them if it wasnt there in 5 minutes I was calling for a refund because out meal was done my kids were thirsty and I was about to give them something else. At 10:47 (10 minutes later and total of 30 minutes since food was delivered) I called and asked for a refund. The rude woman told me maam youve only just orderes 23 minutes ago. I was like no Ill look up my phone record and I did just that. How the duck did I order 23 minutes ago and the food was delivered 30 minutes ago?That woman and her rudeness along with the fact she outright lied about my order timing is the sole reason I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN. Btw I have screenshots proving my timing.

Kristinia Maran

I order from it. Awesome pizza. Gets to there destination fast.i can eat there mushroom pizza all day and all night

Tony Norton

Incredibly rude on the phone. Lost a customer. A male answered the phone at this location at 5:59 PM April, 9th, 2020.

Tony Scott

PERFECT pizza, fresh and hot. Nice manager. Yum Yum!

Anthony Scott

PERFECT pizza, fresh and hot. Nice manager. Yum Yum!

dani ott

The employees are friendly and they never mess up my order

Brian Seaquist

Pretty good pizza, salad was good. Pretty dope yo

DeArryl Cornelious

Bad service. Said my food would be ready in 20 minutes

Dameon Bates

Good service fast paced environment and good food

Mickey Renee Hayworth

bad customer service period

Edward Staley

Didnt tell me itd be a 30 min wait. Food was done and sat on shelf for 10 min before anyone gave it to me, food was already paid for. They then gave my order to me with something missing. Really disappointed.

pam roberts

Pizza arrived cold The box wasn't even warm waste of 20 bucks

Don Preston

Good pizza fair price

Party Loc

Transaction was completed, the lady said itll be there between 30-40 minutes made a note to deliver to the back door and hung up. They charged me and voided my order and said I hung up before making the transaction. How when my card was charged. Never doing business here again.

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