Ray's Party Store

653 Main St, Toledo
(419) 693-3969

Recent Reviews

Ms. Chance

They were super nice even as they were closing.

Robert Dewey

Rays Party store was out of control tonight around 10pm. The parking lot was full as hell and the store was packed to the gills. And forget about social distancing I had people literally breathing down my neck and the super long line was not spaced out. I was about to punch someone.

Leah Van Camp

They called my house saying we needed to update our cable software. They tried to guess at what tv provider we had, they guessed wrong multiple times. We knew it was Rays Party Store because it showed up on caller ID and we also called the store and they were shady with the same person. We called our tv provider and they also said that this is a scam. They are trying to scam you, stay clear of this.

natural di'saster

Fast friendly service and preferred product always in stock.

Cristopher Hofbauer

Wouldn't accept a ten dollar bill that had a tiny corner missing! Thought everyone new if the bill is larger than 51% it's still legal us tender!? Guess not. Because there was 99% of it there. SMH

Reecie Cupp

A lot of young men outside begging and one person working the cash register with 20 people in line and they wasnt practicing 6 feet apart social distancing.

Beth Kimbrell

Most ghetto store in toledo. Unprofessional. Never open when they say they are. Ive never been ID. But I might just look old. Lazy ads workers. And worse customers. Always someone or 2 begging out side.


The people in here are very mean and rude. I will never come here again.

Kayl Lusher

your party stuff it's okay don't go there to pay any more bills no more pain pills

Abby Saville

I had 3 different people beg me for change

Chris Whitehurst

Want to get asked for change or feel very uncomfortable walking into a store? Go to Ray's where the whole homeless population will stand outside and hustle you for anything you have!

Midwest Holdings

Good selection and customer service.

Maestro Gunnz

Not a bad place, just pan handlers is annoying.

Willa Hall

To many ppl standing around outside makes u feel unsafe

Saunders Joseph

Best liquor store in Toledo love Ray previous owner

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