648 Main St, Toledo
(419) 691-1800

Recent Reviews

Margie White

Love going there

Melanie Lutman

Always a pleasant experience every time I go always have fresh bread and a warm smiles

Cheryl Renee Bockelman

Great service today!!

Victoria Morris

I ordered 3 subs over the app last night the worker made them sloppy and seemed to have an attitude when i needed an additional sub. 1 out of 5 stars

Emily Ellis

Customer service is great

Ashli Stultz

I have tried calling this location three times to place an order for pick-up. The first two calls went unanswered and the third one a lady answered very rudely and out of breath, she was very arrogant and i will not do any business with this location. Subway has always been a favorite lunch spot for me. I do not recommend going to the Subway on the east side of Toledo.

Rachel R

I rarely leave negative reviews but this was one of my worst dining experiences. There was only one girl working the food and the cash register at 5:00pm, so I waited for about 10 minutes even though there was only one person in front of me. The bread was really hard on the outside and the ingredients weren't fresh at all. I really regret asking for just a tiny bit of vinegar and oil on the sub too since it was soaked with oil when I got home, which is why I didn't even end up eating it and I didn't want to drive back through downtown during rush hour to go wait for a refund because I definitely didn't want another sub. I wouldn't go back.

Alex Mendieta

Was out if lots of stuff and didnt serve a few menu items that i especially came for. Service was good.

Kristina Pooley

I hate this subway there always out of bread and I ordered a meal today and they didn't give me the full meal they didn't give me the cookies.

Lee Tremko

They're sandwiches are made fresh right in front of you and you can get them tailored to exactly what you want. I usually get the soft pretzel but unfortunately they raised the price a whole dollar, which doesn't seem like much but I'm on a fixed income and that's a little too much for me.

Eva Zimmerman

Better service needed to customers

Princess Gabby

Was given attitude and has terrible service The worker was completely disrespectful

Honey Nicole

Love their subs

Rosalind Gillespie

The lady was really nice,,The chicken,bacon sandwich was the 💣

Brandon Branch

Very fresh veggies

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