Taco Bell

1317 N Reynolds Rd, Toledo
(419) 536-0908

Recent Reviews

Jason Robinson

The food was made pretty well, great staff!!

Sandra Strong

They can't be rude sometimes and don't care how they make a customer feel

David Clark

This was a nice taco bell, the employees all looked friendly and neat. I ordered 2 double stacked tacos that were the skimpiest tacos I've ever received from Taco Bell. As an avid Taco Bell customer (5 times a week), the rating 3/5 was based on food portion. Otherwise would have received a 5/5 based on the cleanliness of the store and staff

lenny white

Clean safe very friendly staff I would say u got to go and try all their food its awsome ?????

josh liszak

Can't get orders right, takes bout 20-30 minutes per order, workers are very rude.

Holy Ghost

Beyond Extraordinary!!! this restaurant known as Taco Bell not only represents the Mexican race the Mexican heritage and the Mexican soul but this restaurant is capable of understanding your position as the love for the Mexican people. Not only are they clean not only are the great but they understand the language of love do with every meal that they serve God bless you and have yourself a beautiful day ... ???

Sean Black Swamp Action

Small dinning room clean and friendly staff.

Robert Bryan

Good customer service and good fast food

Rodney Beach

An employee was very rude and told me if I wanted stuff on the side I should just make my own Taco's at home. I left and went to the Taco Bell by the university. Always great service there.

Moni w

A little slow

Mark Turner

It's a great place to go eat if the employees are paying you attention when you're ordering your food and the manager

Chris Hudec

They ran out of ground beef tonight, normally not bad and is why I gave it a 3. They run out things though too frequently there it seems.

Pink Flamingo

Used to go here on the way to work 3rd shift. Last time I went it was about 8:30pm. The workers were still inside but the doors were locked. What Taco Bell closes at 8:30 on Friday night?!

Cheryl Zolciak-Zenz

Love a good taco here and there and it's close to where we live.

Chad Neipp

The worst Taco Bell around, multiple bad experiences, but the most recent was when I used DoorDash for the first time. Well they “didn’t have lettuce” and I was okay with that, thought that was a little weird but whatever. Then I get my food and my tacos and chalupa were just meat and tortilla, employees couldn’t care less about quality, I understand it’s fast food but holy $#!+ just an all around joke!

David K

Good service today, order was up quick, place seemed nice and clean.

Jeff Ward

Go to the drive thru at all fast food places. It gets priority over storefront.

Rachel B.

The most incompetent drive-thru workers. I live nearby and stop through on the way home from downtown at night. Almost every time we've gone through the drive-thru something is messed up, whether is the wrong food or just missing food in general. They really need to look into retraining their staff for the basics.

Jason Barnhart

Thank you to the manager working today at 320 pm that was so nice of you to make that burrito for me you are a awesome manager and other managers need to learn from you again thank you and I'm not spoiled lol...

Crystal Daleska

The order kiosks are awesome and so easy to use. The employees are very friendly and the food was fantastic!!!

kristine liner

Food was hot and the order correct. Workers were kind and friendly. Clean environment as well. I would recommend this location to friends and family.

Lisa Palm

The staff was rude and insisted that we use the kiosk. We told her we would rather order with her and she said again use the kiosk. The guy behind us left half way thru his order. Then after all of that our food was cold and gross. These young kids don't put pride in their jobs for sure. They are to worried about their phones. We used to come here all the time for the convenience but not anymore

Arlee Armstrong

Good for a quick bits to feed the family or when on the go for lunch or tired from work

Lisa Vance

Those people at the reynolds corner location are always slow they screw up ur order and they are sloppy at putting ur order together. The central location is much better service.

shirley russell

My sister has been loving it all week.

Megan Werder

Waited at the window over 15mins no hustle out of anyone no one addressed the wait, icee was made ahead of time and melted b4 even handed to us. Ten mins in line b4 the window no reason for that kind of wait they were slow and fully staffed

Donald Davis

Night crew there is no joke, they get you outta there fast.

Fred Newstead

This taco Bell, gets orders correct, has been quick at all my visits, and the employees have been friendly, the food made correctly.

Random Review

I am a fan of taco bell. Each visit has some funny quirks for me. I went drive thru so i cannot tell of the internal state but i enjoyed my time in line.


Food was good but they had no mild taco sauce

Dodds dragons

Food was great the girl at the drive thru had an attitude tho but I wouldn't expect anything more from someone working in the fast food business

Barbara Anderson

Quick fast..usually slower..but guess it depend on time and day..

Pink Fuzzybunnies

I give only 3 fuzzy bunnies, they didn't have any crunch wraps! Also , i had to wait in line for what seems like a very long time in the drive-thru! It supose to be fast food not slow food!

Ahmad Fakih

Great taco with delicious cheese fingers and salad, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in the hall.

Michele Lopinski

If I could give no stars I would. My husband and I went to this location yesterday and had a bad experience. We tired to order an extra drink and was told they couldn’t add it to our order. I was trying to purchase it separately. So we had to go inside to get the drink. Then we left and realized they forgot to give us a bag of food. I guess they had the rest of our food bagged. But forgot to give it to us. So my husband went back and they were extremely rude to him. We will not be back to this location.

Juli Abalos

The cashier was polite, but they forgot 2 items from my order. Since it was to-go, I had to go all the way back to retrieve the items. When I got there, the doors were locked even though it was only 7pm. I ended up having to go thru the drive-thru in order to get my stuff. We probably won't be back to this Taco Bell.

Mackenzie Sealy

Unorganized, too focused on drive-thru times rather than helping customers up front as well as in the drive-thru. Management seems to expect a lot from employees while simultaneously doing nothing to help speed up food prep, or assist with customer service. Management also pushes around a lot of the "lower" employees! Most people working act more disrespectful to people that aren't black. NEEDS BETTER MANAGEMENT!!! It appears clean (hence 2 stars instead of 1)

carrie colvin

Tacobell Rocks!! Especially this location. Great food,service. Staff is friendly

P.K. Trashkey

Here we are 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon I go inside, not terribly crowded, but the woman in front of me decides to cause a big ol stink about her order - she didn't like the look of it asked for more sour cream and started raising a ruckus about paying for an extra side. I want to commend the manager on duty. This young woman not only maintained her composure, but she dealt with this unruly customer with grace and dignity. We all wanted that customer gone, and even though she didn't deserve it, the manager treated her with respect. Bravo!!

love4life avd

Friendly staff, accommodating- willing to correct any errors on orders without difficulties- flexible menus, affordable and fresh choices