Taco Bell

1317 N Reynolds Rd, Toledo
(419) 536-0908

Recent Reviews

Packard Tony

The order was completely wrong they refused to correct it. Will never go there again.

Kevin Mourey

Just still loving that new dollar crunch taco with the cheese sauce in the bottom so good

Dean Powers

The last meal we ate there was the worst. Every item had a meager spoonful of beef, a few sheds of cheese and NO lettuce, tomato or sour cream...despite being ordered as "supreme"!

Sectumsampra #7

Employee was down-right rude. Laughing at a customer because they don't know how to navigate the kiosk- refused to take an order on the screen DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM. Insubordinate to the shift supervisor- in front of customers. Don't even waste your time.

Jaclyn F

Waited until I already ordered to tell me it was card or exact change ONLY. Asked if I wanted sauce. I asked for extra mild and received NONE. Asked for a Pepsi and got diet. No napkins. I know things are different due to covid but if you’re not going to do things right maybe y’all should just close. Ps I leave this review after multiple bad experiences not just one

Chuck Childers

Their new value breakfast menu is the best -- sausage and egg sandwich for $1 !

Paris May

Let me start off by saying a I can’t stand this Taco Bell I pulled up to get my food around 10:35 am no one responds I don’t see one one in the building . I seen a worker in the car when I pulled up. So I called I’m like hello are you guys open they said yes so I pulled around again still waited about 2 mins until someone responded smh.

John B

Very polite and friendly staff! But the food is very bad. I don’t usually have stomach problems, unless I eat from here. I just stopped after same thing happened 3 times. Somebody gotta check their food quality. Somethings not right.

Mrs. Mac

Social distancing-young man at drive through had his mas km under his chin...ugh... orfered and paid 40 cents for added lettuce. About 10 shreds on my burrito! Ugh...

Jason Robinson

The food was made pretty well, great staff!!

Sandra Strong

They can't be rude sometimes and don't care how they make a customer feel

David Clark

This was a nice taco bell, the employees all looked friendly and neat. I ordered 2 double stacked tacos that were the skimpiest tacos I've ever received from Taco Bell. As an avid Taco Bell customer (5 times a week), the rating 3/5 was based on food portion. Otherwise would have received a 5/5 based on the cleanliness of the store and staff

lenny white

Clean safe very friendly staff I would say u got to go and try all their food its awsome ?????

josh liszak

Can't get orders right, takes bout 20-30 minutes per order, workers are very rude.

Holy Ghost

Beyond Extraordinary!!! this restaurant known as Taco Bell not only represents the Mexican race the Mexican heritage and the Mexican soul but this restaurant is capable of understanding your position as the love for the Mexican people. Not only are they clean not only are the great but they understand the language of love do with every meal that they serve God bless you and have yourself a beautiful day ... ???

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