Taco Bell

3302 Central Ave, Toledo
(419) 535-8690

Recent Reviews

Dylan Byers

Best Taco Bell in the Grater Toledo Area. Fast service, friendlystaff, good quality food. Actually the one in BG may be better depending on your taste in atmosphere.

BoonCabal Midian

Great staff, very friendly, really put the effort into the food and you can tell.

Thomas Zigray

the food was well worth the price and the girl at the window was very nice with a great smile!

James Kinnamont

Let's be perfectly clear here. I love taco Bell I love any taco Bell. Even if they get my order wrong it's the same 10 ingredients. I'm still getting the same similar flavors just in a different order. All that I have to say is Taco Bell is love Taco Bell is life

Steven Garcia

Unfortunately I had to leave without a meal! I waited in the dinning area with one other customer that was waiting longer then MYSELF,nobody came to front Even to say sorry for the wait! I'd say definitely disappointed:I will say I've always had the best service at the Northwood taco bell ?

TrueGod 666

Service is horrible they could screw up a wet dream. The employees are rude, slow and frankly disgusting. If they clean at all it's not regularly and when they mess up your order and believe me they will good luck getting them to fix it.

Kenn Kenn

Food tasted like cleaning soap....I got sick..pueked. barf city..


They we slow at moving customers through the drive-thru. Our order was correct when we received it but we waited over 25 minutes just to get to the window with only 3 cars in the whole entire line. There's no way to exit the line once you order so if you're in a time crunch this may not be the best location.

Bailey Kemper

No matter what place you are in line there is always a 20-30+minute wait. 99% of the time screw your order up. Oh and if you ordered sauce, just forget it. Very rarely will they put the sause in your bag, and if they do chances are it's the wrong kind. By the time you pull off and eat your food, it's cold. Been this way for years, and with each added year, the employees' attitudes goes down along with it.


I ordered a meal online. When it was my turn at the drive through to receive my order, the cashier was cussing and not paying attention to the oder received. After i received my order, i did not receive the cheese for my nachos that i had swapped out from the cinnamon twists.

Sherri F.

I would give it a zero star if I could...manager was the most RUDE and disrespectful lady ever! Food was ice cold and almost all of the order is messed up!

Tyler Sabo

Almost consistently will mess up your order - and when they do sometimes they are kind about it, other times managers will loudly yell that they knew they weren't wrong, despite being wrong.

Faye Johnson

She was fast the phone was Hot And Fresh

Michael Rankin

I have no clue what's going on with food management in Toledo but it feels like they aren't in the business of making profits. I asked if I could add something to my order after the initial order was already placed and I said sorry and they said that they could not because they had no time so I would have to drive all the way back around again but mind you I was at the window for about 5 minutes so in that time they couldn't add one thing to my order without me having to go all the way around the entire restaurant again when there's only two cars in line managers at these restaurants here in Toledo aren't making any sense even the cashier at the window knew how dumb the statement was that the manager said.

Larry Strickland

The food and service I received at a Taco Bell was first rate.

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