2487 Parkman Rd NW, Warren
(330) 898-3800

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Sara Giesler

Some of the employees here are unbelievable. I feel like an inconvenience every single time I go here, which is very infrequent because of the service. They're laughing and singing with eachother inside the until they come to the window. The demeanor becomes a scowl, and it's not uncommon for you to be handed your food without a look or a word from the employee and the window shut in your face! Management, do your staff run this place or you? Consider an overhaul. This will affect your business, if it hasn't already.

Laura Folts

Will not go back to this one, we ordered the Mickey Ds box and they didn't give us everything it's supposed to come with, they also forgot to put patties on the big macs, and our fries were cold. Very upset with this visit here, none of the other McDonald's I've been to have been so bad before ?

Demo East2west

Everything was good food was fresh. Not your usual re-dropped chicken nuggets and fries. Seems like all McDonald's in Akron Ohio re-drops everything they can. If they thought they could get away with dropping the hamburgers in the grease they probably would or maybe they do ? I've seen little bits of stranger things. So it might be a real thing.... Lol... I could only imagine... uhh Yes I would like one of those um french fried double cheeseburgers ?... It's to early for all this!

Kim Troy

11/13/22 12:30pm Got lunch for my child - girl at counter (no name tag) acted perturbed with having to take our order ( sighing and rolling eyes and mad look on face) left front counter before card transaction was completed to go talk (laughing) with another employee and never even came back to give me my receipt. Getting tired of being treated like an inconvenience to these girls when I am a very pleasant person to begin with. Ruined our lunch date for sure ?

Nathan Waid

Trash!!! Employees there suck when there is 0 cars in line they act like they’re too busy to take your order until you leave GARBAGE PEOPLE WORK THERE

Matt Simunich

Not usually one to complain but when it takes time 25 min to still get the order wrong it was time to leave. Made the order which was wrong when I got to the window. I asked for the receipt and for it to be corrected. Then I guess if you order a big mac meal you can't get the quarter pounder for a $1 but wasn't notified of that when I ordered. Definitely was disappointed and would rather just drive a little further to get better service. Definitely not a good day to order from this location

Kristen Ronyak

Hit or miss at this McDonald's.... the food was fresh this evening and service was good... drive thru was a little slow with only one lane open only consistently. The portion for a medium fry today was like a small but they were good none the less

Pvt. lunchbox

This McDonald’s is a hit and miss for me. Some days they are great. Some days they are bad. For example, unusually get 2 sausage McMuffins (no egg) because it’s buy one get one for $1. Anyway, it’s a good deal for the small sandwiches and I enjoy one now and one around 9am. But one day I got them and the buns were hard and Burt to a crisp. I ate the meat and cheese but buns were not edible. I called in not even a mile down the road and they were happy enough to offer a free replacement for whenever. Next day I go and let them know. And they got my order wrong. But I’m not complaining it was a sausage egg and cheese and hash brown. I’m easy to please and was thankful for it regardless. The only other issue is there speaker ? is staticky and the menus sometimes glitches.

Rick Foster

Very clean restaurant! Landscaping and grounds were clean. The cashier who waited on me was pleasant and professional. Food was prepared right and the fries were great.

Michael Markss

Currently sitting here for 14 min and 26 seconds two cars ahead, no one inside as of customers.Darker woman with braids in payment window (First window) Swaying and dancingon phoneThey should be faster.Night shift

Shelley Iser

With a busy schedule daily, running through the drive thru is a major time saver. Typically, the wait is a little long to place your order but once you've done that. They move you along pretty well.Kid-friendliness: Kids love McDonald's. The happy meals are pretty kid friendly

Miss One2

I haven't been in yet, but it's your typical McDonald's. it was clean and the location is good. the cashier was okay. my food was good and drive thru order was correct ?

kay la

Today will be the last visit I make to this McDonald’s. Every couple months I give them the benefit of the doubt & then I’m reminded why I never go to this one. Homeless people laying outside the entrance, garbage all over the parking lot, Waited 30 mins for one meal (Big Mac, fry & drink), double cheeseburger & a small fry. The fries were soggy, not hot and no salt. The burgers were messy and wrapped very tightly so all of the toppings were smeared on the wrapper of the double cheeseburger. Being short staffed & having to wait, I don’t mind. I mind when the staff they DO have are on their phones or messing around in the back & I’m sitting there for 30 minutes for less than mediocre food. Annoying.


This food is poison to your body. They just made it taste good.Google how they make their fry's. Patties. Everything. It's like we don't even care that we know it's poison.

Ethan Cressman

Generally haven't had too many issues. Sometimes I get the wrong dipping sauce but I'm regularly asked to pull forward for my meal and I dislike waiting 10 minutes for what should be a simple order. It happens too often to overlook.

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