All American Pizza

16726 N Pennsylvania Ave, Edmond
(405) 348-7171

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Sean George

This is how I got my pizza this evening. I know you all are busy, but making sure the pizza is at least properly placed in the box is common courtesy. Very disappointed as a consumer!

Mark Grant

I got the wrong pizza. It was good, but the extra meat, cheese and onions are being enjoyed for free by someone else. Gave the 3 stars because the their pizza was good, but disappointed I didn't get what I ordered.

Carlynn Fast

I absolutely LOVE this location. Their customer service is the best I’ve ever received from a fast food chain and their pizza is delicious for a great price :D

Scott Winters

Where to begin... First they lost our order and had to sit and wait for them to make it once we got there to pick it up. The manager said she couldn’t give us any coupons for the mistake nor could she comp our sides of ranch. THEN we get all the way home after waiting forever for their mistake only to realize neither pizzas were what we ordered so we had to drive all the way back there. We asked for our money back and requested a supervisors number. The young manager said she was the person in charge and there wasn’t a supervisor. She said the only other person to talk to would be the owner and refused to give us a number or email to contact them. We have eaten there for years but lately it has been terrible and we will NEVER be back!

Amanda W.

I called in my order and was told it would be ready in 20 minutes. When I got there, 25 minutes later, they had lost my order and asked me to pull around while they remade it. I finally got my order 45 minutes after I ordered it and was still charged full price. Then, they forgot the ranch and had to go back for it. I got all the way home and the pizzas weren't even close to what we ordered. I called to let them know and was never offered an apology, discount, anything. The manager told me "they're just a small restaurant trying to keep afloat during covid". The whole time I was there only 1 other customers came. Don't try to use that as an excuse when there really are businesses hurting. And learn some customer service.

Cera Perez

This is the best all American location. Every single time I go here the cheesy bread is perfect and taste exactly like it should. I live closer to another location and I still drive across town for this one. The staff tonight was also so excellent and polite. Keep it up you guys!

Bethany Guerrero

The BEST pizza in Edmond! Reasonable prices too.

bryan peters

Delicious pizza affordable prices 6$ for a large pepperoni

Russ Pollock

Great local fare.

P.D. Pabst

Love their pizza! I've had The Works, Veggie and Cheese pizza's with hand tossed crust and thin crust. They have all tasted great! The staff is super friendly and quick with making the food. I've even requested them NOT to cut my pizza when I have a visitor that is pretty picky about this, and they always respond efficiently with the odd request...without making fun of me!

Pat McConnell

We ordered a small thin crust cheese pizza for our granddaughter. It wasn’t thin crust, it was regular crust, too thick for a small child. We ordered a half meat lovers, and half pepperoni, black olives, onions and bell peppers, thin crust, extra cheese and there was no sauce, maybe four slices of pepperoni on the entire pizza and very little meat overall. I’m saying the pizza looked like a dried out cheese pizza with very little toppings period. It was dry and thoroughly disappointing. Plus they weren’t busy. We ordered from them based on the 4.3 stars review. Again, very disappointing.

David Riano

So this place used to be good, I remember we thought the pizzas we ordered were amazing. Unfortunately (which makes no sense at all) at some point “All American” changes either their cooks or their recipes and they think customers won’t notice, lol. Im not going back unless the pizza tastes fresh and the cheese on it is the same cheese it used to be (It could be Mozzarella, whether its a different brand or not I don't know) but I know when the cheese get’s changed.

Travis Frost

We love carry out from All American. We’ve always had a great experience at the Penn location. I picked up an order on Friday evening, and they were extremely busy - busier than I’ve ever seen a pizza place. Their drive thru was completely full, and there cars all over the place waiting to carry out. I had to wait outside the door for a little while as they have a 5-person occupancy limit right now during the pandemic. Some people were getting impatient, irritated, and frustrated with the employees. It’s a shame the employees have to put up with that immature behavior, but they remained respectful and apologized more than necessary for the wait. After I got my large custom pizza and cheese bread, it was worth the wait. Highly recommend All American!

Jeff Wyatt

We wanted to order a calzone and have them leave onions off of half of it. I was told they do not do half anything and refused to just leave the onions off. If I could give them a 0 star I would. Never heard of a pizza place that refused to make a pizza the way you want it. There is way to much competition out their to not give a customer what they are paying for and want. They lost me for good.

Jenna Murphy

Our family loves All American Pizza. They are consistent and affordable. Always delicious!

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