Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler

33 E 33rd St, Edmond
(405) 348-3214

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Jeanne Grace

We were in Edmond to have our camper shell repaired and haven't been to Johnnies since they had a location in Tulsa. My husband had the Theta burger and I had the chili cheese burger. We split a large order of onion rings. His burger was awesome. My chili cheese burger was kind of dry. The onion rings were as delicious as I remembered. We had ice tea to drink. It had a funny taste. I think it was getting old. The cost was a little higher than I remember. I'm glad they are still around.

Tony Bruno

Excellent service for the take out! Got exactly what we wanted!They need to update their menu.

Delores Marion

7/18/21Wanted chicken fried steak, but in wasn't available anymore, got chicken fried chicken instead burned to a crisp almost black, and dry! Onion rings cold. Won't be back!

GoofyGames G.

It's just okay, their cheese is the only thing thats special. It takes a while to get your food, I honestly wouldnt reccomend it but you may get different service than I do.

Ann Hatton

It was mine and my husband's first time at Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler. I was really looking forward to it because I had heard so much about it. The food was good but I don't believe it was $25 good. For two regular cheese burgers one with fries and one with onion rings. They charged for the burger and daises separate, which is fine, but they cost just as much as the main course. The new electronic menu on the wall is VERY confusing thank goodness they had an old menu at the register for us to look at. Overall, my food TASTED pretty good, I just don't think it $25 good.

Melinda Courcier

Love their food! It's all great, but the spinach, chicken, & strawberry salad is my favorite!:)

Dan B.

Customer service has taken a nose dive at both Edmond locations. This one is just over the top rude. Food sells it self. Just add a smile..‍

Yup Seedeasy

This place is aight. The burgers are huge and covered in fresh grated cheddar cheese that’s amazing. I don’t think the tomatoes were v good but yeah.

Rod H.

I love johnnies , I remember eating at the little place on Britton rd down by John Marshall, have eaten just about everyone of them, I live in Edmond and eat here a lot but I have noticed the burgers seem to be getting a little smaller portions are a little smaller but the big thing is the meat used to be cooked a little pinker and now it always seems to be dry and pretty much well done but everything is still good just wanted to share what I have noticed, Johnnies is a great okc staple, especially since spilt-T couldn't hang in there, keep doing what you are doing at all the restaurants but let the meat be a little juicer, like use to be, good luck and keep it going!

north smith

I go here pretty regularly and I would say about 50 percent of the time what I order ends up being wrong I order online and pickup so there isn't any mis communication like when I pay for cheese or to add something extra to my order I expect it. I ordered a protein plate today with cheese and everything the burger usually comes with and got a patty in the box with a pickle no cheese literally nothing but a patty and a pickle and like I said I'd understand if it was free add ons or what not but when I pay extra for it it can't be missed I don't think I'll be spending my money here anytime soon it's just to many mistakes to often. Food is great amazing when it comes out right but need to work on the QC and checking before you take the food out I'm not one to complain and I'd say I've eaten there maybe 10 times in the last 2 months and 5 times it's been wrong but today was way off. Just time to say something.

Kent Scribner

The #9 Theta Burger is among one of the best burgers in the country.The hickory sauce is unlike any hickory sauce anywhere. It's rich and thick.The burger is constructed with a great burger patty. A smear of Mayo. A generous amount of the hickory sauce. Pickles and grated cheddar.So good. This location makes it right.

Insult2Injury i2i

Worst experience in a while. The cashier was short with us and rude. Twenty-five dollars for two number one meals. The extremely thin patty was overcooked on mine and undercooked on hers. The sauce they are proud enough of to put their name on is just bad. The cheese tasted rancid and was in excess. The fries were cold and old. The onion ring tasted unfinished like thick uncooked flour. We won't be experiencing that at this restaurant ever again.Mr. Owner... although my name says otherwise, I try not to leave poor reviews. My fiance, a local, suggested your restaurant from previous experience. I beg you.. retrain to your standards. I've never left so much food on a tray. I was not raised that way. I hope you understand.

David Irons

Love this place. Been going here for around 20-25 years. The number 1 Johnnie’s Burger with Johnnies sauce, cheese and pickle is flat out amazing. The shredded cheese is unlike anywhere else. The sauce is a marinara-like house special. Get the onion rings with ketchup,salt, and pepper. Fries are not my fave but get some ranch (.33 extra) and they’re great. Anyway, couldn’t rate a 5 because tables and seats were a bit dirty on this visit. However, the burger is so worth it.

Brandon Allison

Any other day, Johnnies is amazing!! I am so upset with them tonight. In my opinion this is a 5 star restaurant most days. But tonight they cooked my fries till there was literally no moisture left in them. I’ve left plenty of positive messages. It’s time they hear this. Stop baking/frying your fries to no return. I nearly broke a tooth trying to eat them. Other then that, best food in town!!

Elizabeth Anderson

The food is good warm, if you take it home, need to rewarm it. I love the chicken fried steak sandwich & onion rings. But the garden salad with chicken is the best on the menu, ask for extra dressing, you will likely need it.

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Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler

33 E 33rd St, Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 348-3214