Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

2301 S Telephone Rd, Moore
(405) 703-4774

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Tim Hess

Stopped for ice cream after picking our grandson up from school. Quick and friendly.

Chris Gale

i deliver for Uber eats. I have to say that your store out of every single store ive been too. had the BEST customer service tonight. I could not believe how nice and professional the staff was. I want to give the night crew 10 stars. absolutely the best dairy queen i been in.

Patty Duke

We hit town at dinner time, and just wanted a snack. The lines were long at every drive thru, so we watched which one was moving, and it was the DQ. In a hurry, late on the way from Texas to Kansas and Moore, Oklahoma was a perfect place to do a drive through! The onion rings were wonderful, but first, I HAD TO HAVE A CONE! My hubby got a strawberry shake, and we hopped right back on the highway and got back on it. Thank you DQ, we made it to Wichita, KS by 10:30 pm, and our son was still up to greet us. ???

Alex S.

3rd time visiting this establishment and definitely my last. Last time I was told to park in the lot to wait and they brought my food to the wrong car. This time I order a blizz

leon rinker

They were working very hard and was very polite and helpful great job for the times were in right now.

Hope Hughart

Jake is one of parfait-istic cashiers there is! We appreciate his efforts in communicating with his customers. He takes his time writing things down and provides the accurate orders. He deserves a raise!

Sophya Taylor

They don’t got orange Julius bc they DQ is meannnnnnn

daniel ward

Went in at 940 and ordered a 45 dollar setup I asked if me and my family all 4 of us can sit and eat and got told she would prefer we didn't sit and eat that we could eat in out car or outside thanks logan the cashier for not following store guidelines

Michael La Plante

Staff was very helpful. I only had a chocolate dipped cone.

Just Susan

I placed a mobile pick up order and drove to the store, just over a mile from my home. We arrived at the store at 8:30 pm. I finally left the store at 8:59 with my blizzards in hand. So much for ordering ahead for convenience. I watched no fewer than 10 drive thru orders pass through the window while I waited. It wasn't until I asked the young man at the counter to get me the manager and ask about my order that it finally got completed. They did appear greatly understaffed, and I understand that, so many places are.. That said, the manager seemed more concerned with telling people what to do than actually getting food out. He went as far as looking at the food on the counter and instead of handing it out to the customers, he walked over to the obviously overwhelmed young man working the counter and TELLING HIM to do it instead. He could have just as well taken care of those customers himself. I gave 2 stars because at least when I FINALLY got it, it was good. I refused to let the kid serve it to me tipped over because God forbid, if it did dump out it would have taken them FOREVER to replace it. I'm not going to fault the kids working, the problem lies with the manager for not pitching in other than pointing at screens and telling people what to do. A GOOD manager picks up the slack when understaffed. This one did not.

Michelle Smith

Place was super busy. It was late & I was the last customer not going through the drive thru. Due to them being so busy, service & food was slow, but, the service was SO AWESOME it was worth it. Young man, named Seth was the best, most polite & kind young man I've dealt with in fast food in a long, long time. Made the wait worth it. Great job, Seth! Thank you!

uh okay

Quick and easy snack and affordable with higher quality than other fast food places.

David James

horrid service. could not even order

Misty Goldman

Ordered $65 worth of food and blizzards.. none of the hamburgers were made the way I ordered. All were ordered meat, cheese and bread only..then my blizzards were handed to me melted dripping off the edges and by the time I got home 1 mile away the back seat of my BRAND NEW car had ice cream on the seat where it dripped off and out of the cup carrier..they were only liquid and thrown away. Needless to say $65 WASTED and I will NOT be returning..My first and last time to dairy queen

Rhonda Nickerson

Love DQ blizzards ... Can't wait for them to open up inside

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