Gaberino's Homestyle Italian

400 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman
(405) 310-2229

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Tuan Dang (Remishiro)

Loved the Spinach Artichoke Dip! I created my own pasta with pesto and it was absolutely delicious! One of the best pesto sauce I have ever tasted!

Ed Plumlee

Good food and great service.Everybody was very nice and courteous.Will be back.

Steve A.

It was our fist time in this restaurant today and the food that we experienced was not good. The dish (Chicken Piccata) my wife ordered was swimming in oil. When we moved the linguine back there was a little over 1/4 of an inch of oil pooling up. I double checked to make sure that was oil and not a wine sauce. It was oil. Mine was not much better. My wife had to stop at the first bit and I had to stop on mine after 2 bites... Sadly I had better Italian food when I was stationed in Korea. I do not claim to be anything like a chef or food critic but I spent over 12 years stationed in Europe (Germany/England/Italy). Further more my wife was born and raised over there and spent about 8 years working in an Italian restaurant. While I realize we will not find the authentic foods we enjoyed over there, we have in the past found great restaurants here in the sates that did got it near spot on. But that did not happen today. I can not see spending $46 for 2 plates of something swimming in oil that my wife and I can not get more than 3 bites out of.... The one good thing I will say is the facility was it was very clean and the staff seamed very friendly. But when my wife pointed out the level of oil in the plate to the young lady taking our check, she was not exactly sure and hesitant on what to do. I totally understand she was probably just inexperience in that situation and probably caught off guard. Recommendation, instead of asking what we would like her to do, she should have just said obviously this is not right and let me get the manager over here so we can get it right... I was so discussed by the food I just paid and left to go somewhere else to eat. Now as I look back I ask my self why I did not say yes get the manager over here.....

Jake Christian

Good food and good service. Granted, not very busy, but that’s a good thing. We had chicken picatta and shrimp and asparagus linguine. I’d recommend either. I didn’t regret the appetizer choice of stuffed mushrooms. They had a pesto in them and were very tasty.

L P (GlutenFreeHQ)

EAT HERE!!! Really amazing gluten free options, even gluten free Alfredo sauce! Stuffed mushrooms, soups, salads, pasta, pizza, and even dessert options as well! I’ve been here a dozen times and never had gluten issues. Also, the bartenders are all fantastic. I threw a curveball with my drink order today and the bartender said “Never made that before, so let me know what you think!” It was phenomenal.

Brian Adams

First time visit. All fresh made food made the same day. Nothing kept over. Marinara was rich and flavorful. Meat sauce and meatballs were great but the pasta was over the top. Great service, friendly wait staff. Definitely a must do.We had manicotti and eggplant parm. Both were outstanding.

Tiffany T.

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place. Some people love it some people hate it. The food was good but not great. We went at 1 on a Monday and they only had one waiter and one host working. The waiter was running his butt off but couldn't keep up. The host was trying to run orders but none of the tables were getting any refills or anything they needed extra. For example we asked for an extra plate twice and never got it. The table next to us never got the salad they ordered. I don't know if it was was poor management or they are under staffed due to covid. The peach daiquiri was too sweet. The cheese bread was ok but they use focaccia so it was think and crumbly and didn't make a good cheese bread. The dipping sauces were really good though. The Caesar was basic but the lettuce didn't look very good. Alfredo and garlic bread were pretty good. My husband said it wasn't his favorite. The prices were pretty steep but the portions were pretty big. Overall probably wouldn't come back. There are other better options.


Got the chicken piccata. The chicken was great. The pasta was bland with no flavor and only had about 2 mushrooms and artichokes. The desert I got was very good. Hoping this was just an off day because I came a year or two back and it was much better. The picture I had already taken a bite from the chicken.

caleb ball

We have been wanting to try Gaberino's for months, but only just got around to it - I only wish we would have gone sooner! Service was excellent thanks to Katy, and the fresh pasta was EXCELLENT!!! I hate to say it but it beats the hell out of Victoria's, our old favorite. Also, the french press coffee was delicious! I wish the prices were a tad lower or perhaps lunch specials, but it's no more expensive than typical Italian restaurants. 10/10 DEFINITELY recommend!!!

Jeff Casey

The food here is so different from anywhere I have taken my family. I ordered the meat lasagna, and it was a hot mess of ground beef cheese and sauce but no pasta at all it was like hamburger helper. I don't know why if you ask for crackers with soup you can't get any just two small pieces of toast. I don't know why I was offered soup or salad with my meal because it comes with it but they charged me 5 dollars for a cup of soup. My daughters chicken parmesan sandwich had no tomato sauce we had to ask for it. 4 out of the 5 members of my family took a couple bites of our food and stopped. Nice decor and very friendly staff but we left after spending 67 dollars and ate dinner elsewhere.

Amy Singleton

We had been looking for a great Italian place for a while! We were very happy with the food and service at Gaberino's! If you haven't been, you're missing out. It's definitely the closest thing to our favourite Sicilian owned place in Denver, . All home made noodles and sauces and bread. It. Is. ?. The bread looks so dense, but it's so amazingly light and airy. ?? Definitely the new go-to Italian spot for our family! ? I will say it's unfortunate that it's in the old Chili's location that sat vacant a good while, because there is a slight musty smell to the building. Not totally awful, but noticable. It was all very clean and nice inside as well. The prices are DEFINITELY great especially compared to Olive Garden. ?? I'd eat blue box before them! Gaberino's is a total win in our book. ??? Ohhhhh!! I forgot to add that there are a TON of vegan, vegetarian and GLUTEN FREE options here TOO! So definitely check it out if you have those needs. ?

Amber Renee

Our waitress for the night, Sarah (or Sara), made sure that my family and I were good for my graduation night. Everyone was in bright spirits, talking, laughing, and all. I commend (and kind of apologize) Sarah and the rest of the staff for permitting us to overstay our welcome for 40+ minutes.On another note, the food was wonderful. The pasta was absolutely authentic in comparison to the store bought sticks (which my Ethiopian family member constantly raved about pasta & pasta-making). I recommend for potential patrons to get the pizza-like bread stick appetizer (forgot the name), Caesar Salad, and the Shrimp Scampi.I want to express my gratitude since, asides from going on grocery runs and such, this is basically the first restaurant that I have been in a year since the COVID-19 crisis. It’s mainly due to the fact that I was an overtly concerned citizen on health and all. I am forever grateful that I have opportunity to celebrate my graduation.

Paco Taco

Great food, very nice host, and waitress was nice.. BUT it took 35minutes for our food. The manager blamed it on it being Mother’s Day and a larger group’s ticket went back to the kitchen before us.. (2 plates of create your own pasta was our order..). No real apology or discount just offered dessert. Will not be going back. My family has owned restaurants for 30 years. You don’t make excuses and you pay attention to wait times of your customers.

Ashley Santoro

Excellent gluten free options and well displayed on menu. My husband is celiac and eats gluten free. He has been able to eat here with no issues. We are so excited to a new place to add to our “safe” places to go! The food tastes great and the service is wonderful! We have eaten here twice in 2 weeks and look forward to many more meals here! The prices are reasonable also.

Doug Worden

Everything from the time you walk in until you leave is perfect. I have eaten at a lot of Italian restaurants and this by far will make you forget the others. The food and staff were all excellent. I will be seeing this place a lot.

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