Jersey Mike's Subs

1204 N Interstate Dr, Norman
(405) 321-5100

Recent Reviews

Sallie Clark

The food was ok..the service was good...BUT I like Subway better! Just can't compete with the Italian BMT...

Megan Lehr

The renovation is amazing. Best subs in town and now they have a workspace they can be proud of. So happy they are open again.

Kathy Tolson

The woman that took may order was rude and had a terrible attitude. I didn't get her name but she was tall and wore her hair in a ponytail. She was an older female. She needs to find a different job because it's clear she hates working with the public..

David Stocks

This store is awesome! Every time I go on the staff is friendly and you can tell they strive to have a good atmosphere. The conversation between the staff and customers is always enjoyable as well. The sandwiches are awesome and I will keep coming in.

Jim Spearman

Best chain sub shop and a regular customer but no inside seating. We won’t be back until inside seating is available.

Devin McPherson

I showed up 4 minutes before they closed and they helped me kindly and with a smile. Fantastic attitude from these guys, really appreciated it and it made my day better.

Zachary S. Wendt

Always love J mikes. Fast, polite and willing to do whatever we need. Great food and service

Justin Smith

I always enjoy their sandwiches. Hot or cold, they are delicious. They are made to order. Mike's way is the best way to try a cold one.


I ordered the Super Sub, there was hardly any meat on it. My sandwich was mainly soggy bread and lots of lettuce - a waste of money.

Lauren Beausoleil

Got the gluten free club. I always appreciate they clean everything before preparing the gluten free sandwiches. Great location just a few mins from my house.

Another State Of Mind

Dirty food bar and does not follow health code when making or preparing food. Do not eat here. Beware.

Phil Bowden

Always a great experience at Jersey Mike's. Friendly and always greet you with a smile. Today they were slammed but this crew can put out a mean sandwich. Had to wait a little for the hot off the grill Big Kahana but it was delicious ?.

Jennifer Walley

It was very nice and clean and they were fast and the food is great. Chloe has great customer service skis.

Reuben Reyes

Got a sub, the smallest was a tiny and with a drink was $9 and some change. The subs are very good but can’t give it 5 stars for the price/value ratio. Employees were friendly and service was good. Place was clean and well kept.

Ian Patrick

I want to preface this by saying I have never had Jersey Mike’s until I just tried it for the first time. I walked in, and was greeted quite kindly with enthusiasm that I enjoyed. I saw the size of the regular sandwich and the price of the giant. I didn’t want to pay for the giant, but the regular seemed small. Regardless, I bought a regular Italian Mike’s way (but with no tomato) and a chocolate chip cookie and took it home. The first bite was like walking through the gates of heaven. I could not believe the intense, delicious, and succulent flavor I got from my sandwich. It was as though my entire life has been a journey to find the perfect sandwich, and my taste buds had finally found it. Midway through the sandwich, I decide to eat the cookie, and that was the right choice. The cookie, with his multiple different chocolate chip flavors and soft yet firm texture was delicious from first bite to last. Returning to my sandwich, I was able to return to the gates of heaven and enjoy the it immensely, a smile on my face and my hunger satiated. The regular turned out to fill me full, and I can assure you that I will be returning to Jersey Mike’s, possibly for every other sub sandwich I eat for the rest of my life.

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