Kebabish bites

1320 E Lindsey St, Norman
(405) 857-7083

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Wow! This place is very good. The food is sooo good And the gentleman running it is very nice. We went back for the second day in a row!! I don't live in Norman so I am sure I'll crave this food until I return. The decor/environment is really comfortable/clean as well. I eat out a lot and haven't had anything this well done and satisfying in awhile. ?

bob hamster

Amazing food, amazing service. Very nice people.

Rebecca Hanley

Sorry to say that while I loved the food, I got food poisoning both times that I ate here. I tried them a second time to make sure it wasn't a coincidence. Too bad.On an unrelated note, I'm also sorry to see the owner leaving sassy responses to some of the lower star reviews. That doesn't give a good impression of your business.

Chance Roberts

This is a favorite for my wife and I. We admittedly don't come as much as we should, but have NEVER had a bad experience! The owner is beyond nice and always makes suggestions on the best ways to eat the food. He also makes great pairing suggestions. My wife loves the Chicken Tikka Masala (not pictured) and I have loved everything I have gotten. A must try for sure!

Abhi G

Amongst all the South Asian restaurants I have been to, this is undoubtedly my favorite in Norman and neighboring areas. The consistency in their service, quality, and taste even during the peak of the pandemic is admirable. The food is fresh and delicious, and I have never been disappointed. Just make sure you share your preferred spice level with them when asked while placing the order. I hope they continue doing a great job as they keep expanding their base of loyal customers.

Tom Taylor

If you enjoy Desi food then this is the restaurant for you! I eat here frequently with my Pakistani friends and they comment on how authentic the food is. Definitely one of Norman's best restaurants!

Usama Najeeb

The best place to eat in norman oklahoma. The food was fresh and delicious with that they provide exceptional customer service. The best part is its not expensive at all.

yakthb S

Best place in norman to eat pakistani food. we go there almost every week.i have given them 5 stars last year but never wrote a review. After i saw Mr. mani trolling comments about the owner, i felt very sad and wanted to put my words.we have seen these people working very hard and they are very gentle and kind. lot of people will agree with us as i have seen other people wrote good comments.i will highly recommend this place.

Wow _OW

I have eaten here over 10 times and never once been disappointed. Butter chicken, every Karahi dish, naan, all have exceeded my expectations. Personally my favorite place for authentic, homemade Indo-Pak food.

john al

We ordered naans, samosas, chicken butter and biryani. Samosa and naans were okay, no chutney came with samosa. The chicken butter was not good. Its sause had a strange bad smell and I ended up waking all night due to heartburns. Biryani was okay with no layering of rice on it.

Avery D.

I never write reviews but I couldn't resist! Kebabish was AMAZING. Came here craving something that was gonna hit the spot and this did just that! We started with the garlic naan and it was the best naan I have ever had. So so good. I ordered the Chicken Karahi and my boyfriend ordered the Butter Chicken Curry. Both were spicy which we loved and the rice served with it- balanced it out perfectly. Wonderful service, the owner was so kind!

André B

Food was made fresh and tasted great! Lots of vegan and vegetarian options available. Dined in and noticed some cob webs in the corner but overall great, I’d recommend grabbing food to go.

Carrie Galindo Taylor

Excellent food, great service!

Greg Milstead

My wife and I ate at Kebabish Bites on Friday night. I had the grilled sampler, included a Mediterranean-style beef kebab and tandoori chicken served sizzling over onions and bell peppers, and was excellent. My wife had the chicken tikka masala and it was superb, especially when enjoyed with the garlic naan we ordered. The proprietor and server was very friendly and wanted to ensure we had a great experience. The prices are reasonable.

The Ali Azam

Its not easy to find authentic Mughlai (Pakistani/Indian) food around Oklahoma. Specially when it comes to Halal food but Kebabish Bites is the place I would love to eat every now and then. Great people, friendly/courteous staff and a heck of good Chef in the kitchen. If you are around OKC dont mind driving to Norman to have a bite at Kebabish, trust me you will not regret the drive.

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