3520 W Tecumseh Rd, Norman
(405) 310-4050

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Liz Speaks

OMG just horrific customer service complete with repeating Oder 4 times and the young lady just couldn’t get it, her first excuse was taking care of the person at the window. Well why did you ask for my order? There was a clear communication barrier as well. Got to the window and check our food, no fries, next up no cheese on the dang burgers. It just continued to spiral downward, $33 order and they could understand what was wrong with the food, it had no cheese in it and we want the cheese we paid for! Never ever again no matter what the kids want!!

Dakota Walkup

Always mess up our orders and the employees in the drive through was very rude to my fiance.

Ethan Knight

Horrible service, no one could ring up 1 large fry trying to make me pay for 4 large frys and when I said something about only 1 large fry he added a Big Mac so I just drove to the window because I had another mobile order to correct the other order it was like no one could comprehend an order for 1 large fry?

Kirk Miller

Most disrespectful individuals I've ever experienced, I like McDonald's but don't waste your time here!!! Ordered a meal with a shake instead of a drink and was charged for a shake when I asked for they refused and just gave me my money back,,complete waste of time.

Occifer Scott Gibbons

By Far... The Friendliest Staff Around....!!! Always A Pleasant Experience...

Djstar Sonido Dimer

no pase por un cafe y no me lo sirbieron el cafe era piragua y estaba frio..mal servicio

daniel maine

This is an extremely slow McDonalds. Accuracy of order is off, if you take it back to fix it, they will still get it wrong. They do not give napkins or straws unless you ask for them which makes no sense.Bathrooms are not kept clean.They could use some real improvement.

Jorge Barrios

Never coming to that Mc Donald’s again I came in the morning and I also ordered 3 hash browns and when I got to work they did not put them I called and they said I can go after I get out from work and they will give me French fries instead when I got there they were rude and said they can’t give me the fries I showed them the receit and I ask for my money back and they said I had to come back tomorrow to talk to the manager ?

Scott Hill

This is the worse McDonald’s in town, it’s close to my house but I’m sick of the lack of service. Corporate needs to know how horrible this store is...I’m done.

charles hadley

Usually good, about the same as most MICKIE D's

Kathy Clyne

Its a good place to eat if your low on cash

Crystal Lamb

Every single time I come to this McDonald's and buy bbq sauce, they take my money, but they don't give me the sauce I pay for. They charge a quarter a piece for it, but don't give it. I have literally drove around, went in with my drive thru receipt, and they still didn't put the correct amount of bbqs I ordered. This last time, was a few days ago, and I even asked the girl when she handed me my drinks, if she knew I paid for the sauce. She said yes, and i got home, and didn't get all the sauce I paid for. I do not recommend this restaurant.They also salt the fries too much, once they salted them so much, we couldn't eat them.

Yogis Dogie

This is one of the worst McDonald's in the area when it comes to order accuracy. 9 out of 10 times your order will be incorrect, always check before you leave.


Its McDonalds. You've been to one you've been to them all. Service is pretty decent at this location.

Anthony Evans

My spicy mcnuggets were old not fresh like I thought they was going to be..I would have waited 5 minutes for them to cook fresh if they told better McDonald's

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