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Jennifer Vargin

What can you say about McDonalds? You know what you're getting. That said, PLEASE put some healthy options on your menu!!

Jim Oliver

Worse McDonald's in the state. Food was cold and didn't receive what we ordered. The cashier didn't understand enough English to fix the problem. What's with the guy that kept cleaning the same table over and over. He kept staring at our daughter and she felt uncomfortable, so we left.

Brittaney Keith

I was not expecting cold food. I always go in the morning or afternoon. Everything I just purchased was cold…


I've gone here off and on for over almost two years. Not once have I EVER been given what I ordered lol.

Joseph Slover

Order the number 3 I Double Quarter Pounder meal. Ask for no onions got tons of onions And it was only a single quarter pounder

william gosney

Mess up my order every time I’ve been there. Don’t secure cup lids. Didn’t expect much, got even less.

Patricia Faye Ardrey Swisher

Today I ordered a double quarter pounder and an apple pie. When I got home I had a 10-piece chicken nugget in an order of french fries. I took it back to the restaurant. I was told by the manager it was my job to make sure that her employees put the right food in my bag. Out of four orders in a seven daytime, three of them were wrong

Kristy Lattanzio

Stopped here for a drink before an appointment. I ordered an unsweet tea, they gave me sweet. I cannot have sweetened drinks or my blood sugar goes haywire, so I drive back around and ask them to fix it. I’m used to getting my drinks replaced cause apparently I’m the only Oklahoman alive who orders UNsweet tea so I wasn’t mad at first, but I was when they gave me *another* freaking sweet tea after I clearly explained that I cannot have sugar. No time to go back around again so I just gave up. Guess I have to look ‘em in the eye and take a sip before I drive off from now on.I don’t understand why this is so difficult. Maybe try reading the clearly labeled containers before handing a customer a drink that could make them sick. Seriously, two huge jugs of tea right there clearly labeled sweet and unsweet, it’s not hard.

tawni newkirk

Out of the 4 years I've been going here I think maybe they've gotten my order wrong once. They're decently quicker than most McDonald's.

Blanca Calderon

If I could give this place no stars thats what I would do. Customer service was terrible the lady in the window gave me attitude after I told her it was suppose to be a different drink then after coming back to the window I gave her the same attitude back and that magically changed her attitude. They forgot my kids fries too! Mcdonalds please do better!

Cory graves

Everytime I eat here the food is dry or over cooked. Tonight my food was so greasy and over cooked or dry I don't know what it was. But my mouth feels numb or something. Either they used bad grease or dropped something in it. But because of what I'm experiencing right now. I will never eat McDonald's again. I have never felt this disgusted after eating fast food period. Do not eat at this McDonald's. Who ever owns this McDonald's needs to do a compliance check on every shift. I have never had McDonald's this bad before. Worst I've ever eaten ?

Annakae Joseph

They were to busy taking care drive thru customer that they made dine in customers wait long time for our food.

G W.

What A bunch of snobbish Hispanic workers including the manager had no customer service skills and even that had a bad attitudes so I've seen a lot of one star reviews here its so true

Rachael H.

I ordered two sandwiches for lunch today. One crispy chicken one McDouble. I ordered extra pickles on both of these sandwiches. Neither of them was what I asked for. Boo!

Crash Hunnicutt

A good McDonald's. Clean inside, fast and friendly service, and they have had an English and a Spanish speaker available every time I have been there (lunch time).

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