Othello's Italian Restaurant

434 Buchanan Ave, Norman
(405) 701-4900

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hope dill

Husband and I live in Tulsa and were looking for somewhere local to eat while in Norman for the night. I'm glad we landed on Othello's! I had read a couple reviews before about bad service but that was not our experience at all. Our server was very nice and made sure to check on us plenty. Drinks stayed full and any questions we had were answered. The atmosphere was great and I love that they have live music. Food was also amazing! I had Gina's Florentine Ravioli in a white wine sauce followed by a piece of tiramisu cake for dessert and it was all fantastic! Would definitely recommend and would come back next time we find ourselves in the area!

Sheryl Hubbs

Othello is such a beautful place. Terrific food, great ambiance and the best coconut cream pie in the world!

Jeff Rickey

Very good meal and atmosphere. We will be back.

Nancy Osborn

Food was tasty, but made me sick as a dog. Won't be back any time soon.

Sara L.

Food was delicious as always. I got the Angel's balsamic chicken with penne and we split the taster and two desserts (cannoli and spumoni gelato cake). Everything was delicious. Their patio is a great place to listen to live music.

Bethany Butler

I got bruschetta which was very good. I got cheese ravioli with a white wine white sauce. I didn't like the sauce bc the cream was very heavy. I spoke to Andy, manager, and he asked me what would be better and i went with pink sauce (tomato and alfredo sauce mixed). Much better. They called it Nancy's sauce after owner's daughter i believe. I had great service and I left with a smile. I truly love getting this restaurant every time I'm in Norman.

Glynna Short

Dined here Thursday evening. The little waitress, bless her heart she was just not with it at all. She left us for way too long without refills, etc. we had someone join us after we placed our orders and she never stopped to take his order or anything else. We had to call on another waitress to help us. Just not good. The food was just okay. I’m sad bc I was really looking forward to dining here. Probably not again…

Random Nonsense

Absolutely let down by the lack of service. My wife and I waited for 30 minutes only to be told that they were out of the appetizer that we had ordered. They offered another appetizer for free but we figured that after 30 minutes of waiting, our dinner should be ready soon and opted to just wait for that instead. After another 20 minutes of waiting and not seeing our waiter or our dinner, we left.While waiting, I saw people at the bar order and receive their food.We will not be going back.

John M.

We used to LOVE Othello's; key phrase there is USED to. My husband especially loved the mussels, and I enjoyed a variety of foods. In the past few months, we've tried Othello's (take-out) several times and have been disappointed each time. We've tried the mussels, the stuffed shrimp, the artichoke parmagiana, the beef and sausage cannelloni, the chicken scallopine, and the salmon. The mussels had a different sauce that wasn't nearly as nice as the sauce prior to the fire. Worse, the texture of the mussels was mushy, as if they were old or had sat out far too long. The stuffed shrimp with crab meat were small and dry. The stuffing was okay but nothing special; unfortunately, with dried-out (and even tough) shrimp, I was less than impressed. My husband, who loves artichokes (these were his second choice after being severely disappointed by the mussels a previous time), said the artichoke parmagiana (made with canned artichokes) was "okay, but nothing special." (Okay is NOT a compliment coming from him!) He said the beef and sausage cannelloni (a third try) was okay, but again, I could tell he wasn't impressed. The salmon was tender--thank goodness! Yet even that was not something we'd request again. The chicken scallopine, sadly, tasted like it had a canned mushroom and marsala sauce on it. It was okay, but not what we'd hoped for. The pasta was blah but filling. The bread is awful. My husband said this morning that he believes the change in management is a large part of the problem: all the old, beloved recipes have been lost, or "doctored up" to the point of ruining them. Our meal last night--which was intended as a Father's Day celebration--was our last try. We'll take a break from Italian for awhile, then try some of the other restaurants offering Italian food in our area.

Sean K

Great atmosphere with live music. Food was about $8/appetizer, and $15 for a meal. Drinks were good, and not too expensive, about $7 for a cocktail. Overall cost less than I expected. Also, service was attentive and friendly!

Stellar Kruize

Still delicious after all these years! I used to frequent the one in Edmond and loved the place there. I've been to this one in Norman only one other time and it was just as superb. Decided to have my birthday dinner at this one and I made a great choice! The chicken fettuccine alfredo was delicious! Creamy and buttery and made with real chicken compared to other places. My girlfriend has the penne pasta with garlic butter sauce and breaded chicken. Only complaint was that instead of bread they had these strange, deep-fried, salty chips of bread. They did bring bread upon request and it was a garlic-topped, buttery loaf of deliciousness! I used that to sop up the remaining alfredo sauce. The wait staff was very diligent as well with making sure my cup never emptied. Very good spot to hit up and I highly recommend it for some delicious Italian!

Lexi F.

The only reason I give this 2 stars is because the food was pretty good, and prices not that bad. Service on the other hand was awful. We had a reservation but still waited forever for drinks. I joined my two other friends and sat for 15-20 minutes before they even acknowledged I was there. We also waited a long time to order, and even had to refill our parking meter it took so long. Long wait for our food. Waitress didn't check up on us once. I understand being busy but this was just ridiculous because-it wasn't really that busy.

Juli Hall

Othello's menu items are hit and miss. I love the chicken parmesan and Greg's lasagna. The pizza is not much better than Chuck E. Cheese. I enjoy the live music on the patio, but the service can be really slow. I often have to chase down a server, and on several occasions when I did not flag one down, I received no service at all in the 2 hours I was there to listen to the music.

David Coleman

Food was great, had the stuffed mushrooms and the Mussels. They had Hosty playing on the patio and he was fantastic as always, really fun time.

Ben Carrel

Excellent restaurant. The food is impeccable. If you are having a cocktail I recommend the St. Germain because it is very refreshing but an acquired taste. I listened to some great local jazz bands while visiting last night.

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Othello's Italian Restaurant

434 Buchanan Ave, Norman, OK 73069
(405) 701-4900