Outback Steakhouse

860 Interstate Dr, Norman
(405) 447-6770

Recent Reviews

Lily Alejandro

The stake was great but the appetizer shrimp only came with like 4, great service

Chauncey Love

Very polite, professional waiter. The restaurant was clean. Food was amazingly tasty and steaks came out perfect! Great job!

Kamel Moretti

Our waitress was on point. The onion blossom was sitting in a pool of oil the breading was soaked up to the top. Soggy!!! The salads all looked like they put the dressing in first. Then the stakes all weighed in under sized by 3oz or more. (Yep I'm that guy that will bring a scale.) Mine was ordered rare was more like medium. Everyone else ordered medium and got well done dry meat.. The mashed potatoes was a single ice cream scoop. Full meal was almost 90$. We left there hungry. Will not eat here again.

Faith Stuart

Love this location. Great for a quick lunch, and the food is always delicious. The staff is very well trained and high on customer service and delivery. One of my favorite places to go in Norman, OK.

Arkalaky2 ..

They started giving out one bread for an entire meal (no matter how many entrees). Cheap.

Milagros Henderson

Our server was amazing! Wish I remember his name agh I'm bad with names. But we came to celebrate my husbands birthday, our server was attentive and sweet. The food arrived fast and was AMAZING! thank you so much! We'll definitely be back.


I recommend asking what the meat of the day is and going straight with it.Let the Chefs whip up an amazing meal for you, and please try the Toowoomba!Have a few drinks, enjoy the high booth privacy, and you'll find yourself a great dining experience.

Brian Reddell

The food is always good. Ashley was our server tonight and did a great job. I had the prime rib sandwich for the first time and i will definitely be having it again.

Tina Kelley

Our waiter Jace(i believe that how to spell it) was awesome. He went above and beyond. Thank you so much sir..

Sara Archer

We’ve always enjoyed eating at outback. Tonight- not so much! Our server went M.I.A. the majority of the time and acted like he really didn’t want to be there. I never got a refill on my drink had to wait forever to ask for more dressing for my salad. I normally never short my waiters on their tips but I really don’t believe he deserved anything let alone what I gave him.Alex B - I think you should find something you are passionate about because this isn’t it.

Eevee & Espeon

Awesome Blossum ?

Jamie Hager

Omg....I couldn’t even wait till I got home to post this review . So we ordered the onion blossom and it was like eating an apple . It was far from done , I don’t even know if they took it off the tab because we didn’t even look . Neither one of our steaks we ordered were done and I didn’t even eat mine after sending it back . Well they asked if we wanted to take it home and I said yes because we were gonna use it as a high value treat for my dog I’m training . They threw it away

Charley Hartman

We had an amazing experience. We were already in a celebratory mood, but the food and service made this an even better memory for us. The steak was so tender it was like butter, the shrimp wonderfully seasoned, and the steak sandwich the best food my Nan has eaten in awhile. Cancer sucks, and my Nanny is in remission!

Cassi Deal

The manager and waiter were great. However i am not sure why they don't know how to cook a steak medium well. They are a steakhouse so i don't understand. They made it right and fixed it but i had to have them do it twice.

Sandy Lowry

Service was excellent food was even better!

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