Pizza Hut

3451 36th Ave NW Suite 150, Norman
(405) 360-6000

Recent Reviews

Jason Fourkiller

Fast and hot. Good flavor of the pizza.

Nikki Carter

Ease of ordering online, fast delivery, courteous and pleasant delivery driver, great food


I'm not sure what's going on with this Pizza Hut, but I ordered pizza delivery tonight, and it took over an hour and a half, then arrived ice cold! I got the text update that my pizza was out for delivery around 6:35, the pizza didn't show up until 7:40. I tried to call the store to find out where my food was and was hung up on twice! When the pizza finally got here, I took it inside and everything was cold and clearly had been sitting around for a while. I tried calling the store again to complain and see if they would remake the order and send out something hot, but once again the phone rang, I heard someone pick up the phone and immediately hang it up again. After 2 more calls, I gave up. I'll be complaining to corporate and requesting a refund, and definitely will not be using this location again.

Sandra P

The staff and manager Savannah at 36th Ave location are excellent, even though they are super busy they are polite friendly and are solution oriented. I appreciate this Pizza Hut location!

Suzanne Collins

The food was excellent! I love the fact that they use red onions instead of yellow or white. They really go the extra mile to make sure their food is not the same old same old.

Mama Hendy

The Detroit pizza was awesome! Will definitely order again but wish the store on Lindsey street was open.

Roger Trammell

Pizza was Hot and Ready for pick up.

Rick Davis

Order was correct, hot, and at a good price. Staff at the facility was attentive.

Dan Madrigal

Very fast service and the pizza was good

Eric Edge

Cut down on time it takes to make pizza

Diana Johnson

Please send the correct pizza ordered. You guys have the best pizza though


There seems to be fewer and fewer toppings on the pizzas. We seem to get mainly crust and sauce with a few pieces of toppings anymore. There used to be a lot more toppings on the pizzas.

Greg Stover

Life long customer from Wichita, KS, also drink only Pepsi products! So glad this Pizza Hut reopened in Norman, OK.

Sergio Bonilla

Good service and kind delivery

Linda Lowry

I am excited to finally have this Pizza Hut back open on 36th St in Norman, OK.

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