Press & Plow

2596 W Tecumseh Rd #114, Norman
(405) 928-4035

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Matt Smothermon

The coffee is great, the food is consistently excellent, and the atmosphere of this little shop is wonderful. If you are looking for a special place to visit for brunch or even just to grab and go with a coffee and some delicious breakfast burritos, Press & Plow is perfect little shop. Highly, highly recommended.

Kyle Lee

Yum. Great coffee. Good atmosphere. They had Ghost Hunters on at the bar which I enjoyed. The avocado was unripe though. YUCK! WHo serves unripe avocado? And the omelette was OK but the ham tasted cheap. Also, it was $13. Who are they kidding? I can make an omelette for $0.50. Toast was good.Anyway, great coffee, will drink again.

shelly winfrey

Great coffee and an awesome brunch! If I'm doing a quick grab I always get either the ham and swiss croissant or the breakfast burrito, if I'm eating in, I get the croque madam. But honestly you can't go wrong with anything here!

Ariane Carter

My friend and I usually meet once a month to go get brunch and we try a different coffee shop each time. I think we are going to go to this one more than once! Staff was friendly and the coffee was yummy!

Brian Sacket

My wife and I went for breakfast, the ham & cheese omelette is about the best I e ever had, the breakfast potatoes are amazing and their in-house made strawberry basil jam on toast is fantastic!

R McNally

Love the ambiance and great customer service. Received a gift card for this place and ended up having great conversations with other patrons as well as the baristas.

Cody Coughlin

7.50 for a 16oz latte for them only to fill it up 3/4 of the way. Ridiculous prices, cool atmosphere and vibe just don’t charge people an arm and a leg for a mediocre coffee.

Justine F.

Food is good, I usually do an order for pickup through grubhub and everytime they act like they've never done one before. Awkward teenage girls provide awkward service.

Katherine Taylor

Amazing food. Coffee good. Great location and love the atmosphere.

Scott H.

I am really enjoying Press and Plow's new (to me) breakfast menu. We have had it both through delivery and purchasing at the restaurant. The quality does not suffer either way. My favorite item is probably the breakfast burrito. It comes in a wheat tortilla with eggs, potatoes, chorizo, pepper jack, pico, sour cream, guac, and a roasted salsa. This is a large burrito, and it's a knife and fork job. Would not recommend eating this on the go. The ingredients are of high quality and the salsa is really good. I've had this more than once and will absolutely get it again. The ham and cheese croissant is also a repeat order for us. This is basic, just ham and cheese baked into a croissant daily. I recommend getting it heated up a little bit so the cheese is warm. If you need something quicker they have breakfast tacos that are rolled up kind of like a large taquito. So, they aren't very big, but they are good. Bacon, egg, and cheese is our favorite. Really glad this spot opened up near us and hope it's here for a long time to come. HIghly recommended.

Michelle H.

Really cute place. Waitress was good. Food was good. Doubt we will go back. Nothing was exceptional. I hated the avocado toast was very bland. Every thing was bland. Had to salt and double pepper every thing.

Mary Murray

Love this little jem that we found. Saw it driving by one day and put it on my list to try. I was not disappointed. Big enough to serve a large brunch or lunch crowd, but small enough to make you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with friends. Wonderful coffee and tea drink delights, scrumptious pastries, and an elegant, yet simple entree menu. We had the press and plow breakfast and the croissant sandwich. We always get different items so the other can sample. We had the butterscotch brulee and mocha coffee.The service was excellent. I recommend this place any day of the week.

Alex Waugh

Beautiful atmosphere with excellent customer service. The cashier helped me make decisions on new items I might not of tried otherwise and they all were delicious. I absolutely recommend!

Serena M.

I've gone here many times and had a good experience but today was awful. Very unprofessional. Party of 3 plus 18 month old. We were told 30 minute wait. I asked to have us placed on wait list for inside or outside table. The lady took our name and number and said she will call us. We went outside and walked around a bit to keep our toddler busy. After 30 minutes I went up to the counter to order coffee and check on wait. A table just opened outside so we asked about it. The waiter said he would check. In the meantime someone who was behind us went and sat at the table outside. When I asked the waiter about this he said we would check on it then never came back to us. Instead he went off to serve other customers. By that time my baby was tired and my husband irritated so we left. I was boiling. I called the manager and complained. She said she thought we only wanted an inside table. Her mistake. Not sure if we will return.

Robin Cotton Cobb

My friends and I really enjoyed the food and ambiance. The wait staff and management were also excellent. Great Mimosas and brunch!

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