Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

132 W Main St, Norman
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Jd Nunn

We only had coffee and mimosas, but they were dang good. A couple of the servers were a little loud and off putting, but it was game day and they had people come in that they obviously hadn't seen in a while... so I get it.

Melanie West

The food was good and the drinks were innovative, delicious and just incredibly tasty. The service was amazing. All amenities were clean. The salmon and risotto was awesome.While the drinks were totally awesome they do come with a hefty price tag. The dessert cakes we had in our party were a little dry but still very delicious. Highly recommend this place and is a definite return for us !!!!

james lawrence

I had the classic burger and shoestring fries and it was really good. Fries were salty, burger wasn't. That alone puts it ahead of most places. With water I think it was $15 for an actually good burger and fries. It was cooked perfectly well done as I asked without being burnt on the outside. The bacon was great and crispy without shattering like glass. The service was also good. Not overly on us and also keeping a half eye on the table.

Jacob Alexander (Jake)

I wanted to like this place. It was a nice atmosphere and good service. However, I just wasn't blown away by the food. It was okay. Nothing wrong, but the best thing on my plate was the dill ranch.

Jennifer Dumont

Stopped in for lunch, 1st time. Dogs allowed on the patio so that is why we landed there (had our 2 with us.) All food made from scratch including the ketchup. The sandwiched we had were very good and both the fries and roasted potatoes were tasty. Staff were pleasant and brought water bowls out for the dogs.


Okay, gotta write a review because this salmon is so good. The avocado risotto is unbelievably creamy and it pairs with the salmon perfectly. The salmon itself is crispy and falls apart and is perfectly done; I'd say it could use a little more salt but that's the only flaw. I'm not even eating this fresh; I got delivery. If you're visiting from out of town, know that Scratch is downtown and a little hard to access, but if you're looking for a more upscale restaurant that's not in a chain this should make your short list.

Sherri McConnell

My husband and I are from out of town and we came here on the praise of our grandsons. The guys food was great by their descriptions. My cocktail was excellent however, my toast was 1 piece of burnt bread with no butter or cream and the over easy eggs were over hard. Sooo, I would say take a chance, you stand a 3 out of4 chance of being pleased. And perhaps more so if you are a guy. The staff was very friendly and service was good.

The Traveler

Food here is always good - just a little tip during the summer tho: It is well known that citronella candles can repel flies, could be handy for the outdoor tables.

Alicia Boyd

The food was good- the drinks were great. We ordered appetizers, but they came out with our food which left us with too much food on the table at once so we didn't get to enjoy them much. My husband mentioned the batter on his fried chicken sandwich didn't have any flavor, but he liked everything else about the sandwich. I enjoyed my burger, my son enjoyed his grilled cheese, and my dad liked his sliders.I'm always impressed with the drinks here and love that there's such a big and eclectic menu to choose from.

Adele Schneider

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I ordered Scratch's homemade pickles, beer, and had some if their homemade ketchup. I'm so not a ketchup person but really enjoyed theirs.

April K.

Went here for a work lunch today for someone's birthday after telling them how amazing brunch is here. Server was nice but absent and so soft spoken we could barely here her. Took 45 mins to get our lunch and my crawfish ettoufee was definitely gumbo. Ugh. We finally got our appetizer after we finished our meal and the fried green tomatoes were burned and contained no tomatoes. So incredibly disappointed and embarrassed we talked this place up to our coworkers.

Carlos Novoa

Great cocktails and food!

Stephanie Askeland

The staff was so friendly and the menu so appealing that I thought I would love this place. The food lacked the flavor and creativity I was expecting. Frankly, it was bland. I love the idea of everything being made in-house, but the flavors need some tweaking.

Danna Reeves Wolf

Excellent tasting and freshly prepared food from local sources. Also excellent and friendly wait staff. Was wonderful to spend our 37th anniversary here.

S Miller

Decent cocktails, food can be hit or miss at times because of the flavor pairings.Ambiance has a touch of intimacy to it depending on where you’re seated.Brunch is a good time to go if you don’t mind crowds and the volume that goes with it. Too bad it’s limited on what days they have it available.Good place for small groups to eat, date night, a lunch meeting or just to meet up for a cocktail.

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Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

132 W Main St, Norman, OK 73069
(405) 801-2900