3750 W Robinson St, Norman
(405) 292-2056

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Kiah Cheree

This place is always great but lately all starbucks in Norman are out of everything. It's not the the stores fault its corporate. I understand we are still trying to get back to normal but most places in norman have been winging it on drink recipes. They add new stuff to the drinks without telling you. Like just a minute ago I got a Double choc chip frap and it taste off and like they added hazelnut which I didn't ask for its not good others stabucks have put Coffee in it instead of milk. It's just taking a long time to get back to normal

Liberal Mani

Nice location, and good sitting area. There is the much needed shade outside sitting area.

The Travelin' Kind

This location has gone down in customer service skills as well as making the actual drinks. Last week, I ordered my usual iced matcha latte. There was SO much matcha in it I could not drink it. The latte itself was such a dark green I wish I had seen the color before walking away completely. Today I ordered a chai tea, I noticed right off the bat it was so much darker than the usual chia color. It was indeed a coffee or mochiato something upon tasting it. I stood at the counter for 7 minutes with not one person (there were 4 today) making eye contact with me. I had to ask for help. Once helped the woman was confused as to why I was requesting a new drink and seemed appalled that I tried to hand it back to her. She threw a chai together in 2 seconds without the 2 pumps vanilla I paid for and did not apologize. This location has been my go to for the last year. Disappointing its gotten so bad, with the price you pay for these drinks and not even getting what I ordered, having such problems repeatedly and customer service lacking, I will not be returning.

Nathan Andrew Creger

Thank you, Starbucks, for your recognition of PRIDE. Representation and recognition are important in the fight for equality. I applaud the individual being harassed, yesterday, by a sad woman who felt the need to spew her hateful “feedback.”


I once went there and got myself an iced coffee and they gave me hot, then I went a few months later and it happened again, then I went just now and they did the exact same thing. Also in the past I was in the front of the line, and the workers were just ignoring me and chatting to each other the whole time. Also my favorite drink got removed lol but yea that’s my experience

Brian Tillett

The reason why this Starbucks is vastly superior to other operations straining to achieve a similar standard is hard to pin down exactly. Is it the staff and the way they treat their clients? Could be. Is it the care that is put in to making sure you get what you wish for, like a room full of coffee genies just granting wishes left and right? Could be. Is it the generosity with which the Carmel crunches are obscenely splattered like stars in the sky across the Carmel skinned whipped cream on top of my Carmel ribbon crunch? Could be. The point is, for a place with no drive through it’s hard to say what dynamic exactly it is that pushes their effort obscenely out in front, passed, and beyond but it seems to be blanket domination. The feeling is that they just do everything better and treat you nice while the magic is brewing.

B.J. Dail

This location is currently a take-out only. While there's a sign that says supplies are short due to weather, I was able to order a Vanilla Bean frappacino with raspberry syrup and dried strawberries; and a sausage, egg, cheese breakfast wrap. This coffee house is tucked away into the Northern side shopping stores at Brookhaven Village Shopping Mall. And conveniently across the street from Brookhaven and Firestone Automotive.So whether getting a vehicle fixed, or just shopping, I'd recommend checking out this coffee shop too while you're in the area. Great crew, great coffee, great food!

Ann Davenport

Love this shop usually! But since COVID, the inside is really dirty. Looks like it hasn’t been swept in awhile and the bathrooms are really gross. Nice staff though!

Jamie E

Nestled into a quaint little shopping center, I like the atmosphere and even go out if my way to come to this one. More if an actual coffee shop vibe, although it'd be nice if they would open I side seating back up. Limited outdoor seating at the moment.

Charla Bailey

Its nice when you can order in the app and just run in to pick up your order and the staff is super friendly and helpful. I have had bad experiences at other locations in Norman but never this one. You are treated like family here and if I need to call in my order because I don't see what I want in the app the staff here always has me ready to go when I arrive. Plus the fact they greet you by name and a good morning.. I mean how else would you wanna start your work day..Big thanks to the staff at this locarion..

Emanuel Delgado

The joy of this Starbucks is going inside. I don't believe there's a drive thru available. Very nice quiet location.

Angela Veitch

Great staff & community coffee shop feel (for a major chain)

Reggie White

Friendly baristas, fairly quick service for my late. Nice to return to Norman, where I went to O.U.

Kimberley Price

I absolutely love this location and the customer service they provide. The Starbucks that is closer to my work (within walking distance) was closed. Unaware of the one by my work being closed, I placed a mobile order. It turned out that if you placed a mobile order, you could go to the nearest Starbucks and get your order (except the Starbucks inside Target). So I went to this location the next morning because I couldn't leave work. This location was understanding and honored the order! Thank you, you have gained happy coffe drinker!

Nikki-Jay savage

They honestly needed one more worker and I think that would have helped with the crowding cause they were really busy. the service was great the ladies were friendly. Drink was delicious as always. Thanks

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