Thawan Thai Cuisine

215 34th Ave S W, Norman
(405) 310-3347

Recent Reviews

Hannah S.

SO GOOD. I eat here on a weekly basis and have never ever had 1 single issue!! Great people who care about customers.

Koda M.

Outstanding Thai restaurant and food, couldn't be more pleased with the menu, staff and cleanliness of the establishment. Wife and I wanted a Spicy Thai Basil ground pork with jasmine rice (we eat overseas) but didn't see on menu so I was telling the lady what we wanted and what was in it. It was spicy basil Thai chicken with vegetables as white rice, very very good with nice taste of flavors. Definitely recommend this place kap khob khun

Derrick G.

This is an excellent Thai restaurant. The food is outstanding and the service is the same. I ordered two dishes, one was a spicy flat noodle dish and the other was a garlic stir-fry, both dishes had amazing flavor. The staff do not let my water or tea ever go empty. They gave me the choice of white or brown rice, which rarely happens in restaurants but was an added bonus. I highly recommend this restaurant, it's the best Thai food I have had in Norman.

Brad W.

I am a big fan. They have good Pad Thai, they are great with quick service, their Evil Jungle curry is on point, and they have great app's. Good date atmosphere as well. Nice that it is kind of tucked away from a lot of hustle and bustle.

Melissa Donni Gray

Great fresh rolls and extensive menu

Candi Mckinley

We have never had Thai food, extremely impressed with everything. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Colin G.

This is probably our favorite Thai restaurant in Norman. The Basil Fried Rice and Pad Thai are my go-to, and my wife likes the Orange Chicken and Pad See Ew. But we've tried and enjoyed most everything: curry, spring rolls, lettuce wraps, Yakisoba noodles, etc. The inside has a nice, pleasant atmosphere and the staff are great. I really appreciated the COVID-related precautions they took last year (curbside delivery and even gave away masks for free).

Michaelene S.

The food here is very consistent. One of the few Thai restaurants that it's cooking reminds me of what it was like during travels to Thailand. I recommend trying the the Thai Papaya Salad! The peanut sauce here is great. I usually have it with the fresh rolls. They have lunch specials for all their top dishes too! The staff is fast and kind.

Trisha B.

They have the best Pad Thai that I've ever tasted. I highly recommend getting it with the glass noodles.

yi sun

Neighborhood environment, nice atmosphere. good food, good services, and good price. I will definitely come here again.

Lauren collands

Always delicious and the amazing service. A little pricey compared to the other Thai restaurants in the area.

Eevee & Espeon

Delicious ?

Chris Thulin

I was looking for different adventurous flavors and I found them here. It was really hard to pick from all the interesting dishes.

Clint J.

Stumbled on this place when the wait was too long next door and it did not disappoint!! I rarely find Lemongrass dishes that meet my expectations and they nailed it!! Tons of lemongrass flavor and good heat! Their pork spring rolls were delicious and crispy! Everything was super fresh and came out piping hot! Will definitely b back!!

Liz H.

This meal was delicious! Know that the spiciness levels are deceiving I got a level 1 and my husband got a level 2 on a scale of 0-5. And man even that was really spicy. But it was really good. The shrimp in the Pad Thai were huge and the portions were huge and the red curry bowl was delicious as well. We ate it so fast we forgot to take pictures.

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