3351 W Tecumseh Rd, Norman
(405) 310-8357

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Justin Burgess

Quick and efficient service. Pretty much what you’d expect from a fast food joint.

Sue Riley

Love Wendy's breakfast. So delicious! All the food at Wendy's is so good and I love their salads.Food: 5/5

AWEScur Lado

Had trouble with my card after ordering for my sister who was across the street in the hospital, my two kids and myself. Drive through worker was patient and let me call the card while in the window waiting for the food.Vegetarian options: Salad without meat is availableKid-friendliness: My kids in the back where asking questions while I ordered in the drive through about if they sold cookies the worker answered politely

Darla Cowley

When david edwards worked there it tasted wonderful know it tastes blane wouldn't go unless its day time

Charles Morris

This specific location is relatively new, maybe a couple of years old, but is well maintained and always clean. It would be easy to think they just opened last week. I have always gotten fast, friendly service. I usually get breakfast here on Sunday mornings and find their fried potatoes are a unique draw to Wendy's instead of just french fries or pressed hash brown patties.

Brandon Jackson

Certainly way better then the one off 12th street. Only waited roughly 7 mins for a drive thru order with 2 cars in front of me. Other store off of 12th street would wait 20 mins with you being the only car in the drive thru. Also 12th street store refuse to make food you redeemed off of the Wendy's app. Remember had to drive all the way to this store a month or two ago just to get all my food. Sucks they are far away though but worth it.

Ashley Lindsay

Weirdest experience ever. My bar is always low anyway going to sit inside a fast food restaurant but this was so bizarre. We walk in and there are 10 or so employees we had to maneuver around as they were socializing and dancing and cussing as they talked. Not appreciated around the kids. Then we got no reciept for our dine in food and sat and waited at one of the dirty tables which we cleaned ourselves. Watched some of the employees dancing on one another behind the counter. It had been a minute so we walked back up to the counter. Not sure how long our food had been sitting there. But it was there. We went out of our way to go to a new Wendy's thinking it would be nicer. I'll go to another one next time. Its social hour here not a restaurant.

Teresa Brown

My friend and I used the drive through in a hurry while traveling through the area and were very pleased. The service was very quick and our order was correct. The guy at the window was nice and very helpful. The food was good. We got the single cheeseburger with french fries and it was very good and the chili that she really liked. We were able to get in and out and back on the road in no time with good food. Would recommend!

Derek Gregory

This place is the best location I think out of all of them quick service without the attitude. They all need a raise. Ggod people and good cooks. They should have a tip jar

Timothy Rodkey (Tim)

Whatever happened to Wendy's? I love parts of their menu, but the prep is not what it used to be.Why would I want a Sour Cream and Chives baked potato with a potato that is about half the size I would expect in a "regular" baked potato? Why would there by NO Sour Cream with it? Why would all the pickles and onions have to be stacked on one side under the bun of a chicken sandwich, so they just squish out when you try to eat the it? Why would I get a Frosty with no spoon? Let's not get into the chili.Yeah, I get it... stuff happens, but I get tired of re--arranging the condiments on a sandwich, or eating a mostly melted Frosty because it took me a while to find a spoon.It's the small things that make great food. Good chefs understand this. I think Wendy's used to understand this. Too bad the chain seems to have lost this vision.

David Huser

Meh. Thats kinda how I feel about wendys. The food aint bad, but Ive never been extremely satisfied after eating wendys. Other places kinda "hit the spot" when youre craving them and you get it, but I dont think I ever walked out of wendys feeling like I absolutely had to go back. Now i did try that hot honey chicken sandwich today, that was actually pretty good. They put 2 pieces of chicken on it which was cool I guess, but then the chicken to bread and veggies ratio was off. All in all, I wouldnt totally write them off but they aint really my first choice. The fries are decent, still not as good as sonics fries tho.

Boomer Mitchell

Probably the best fast food iv had in awhile. The bun was fresh. meat was hot and the veggies were cold .fries were hot and salted to perfection I was pleasantly surprised.good job Wendys. Keep up the exhalent work. A standard for all to live up to. I will definitely stop in every time I get over this way

Zé French

Every single time I come here during lunch time, the food is hot. The manager is always smiling and happy to help out customers. Best Wendy’s I’ve ever visited.

Stacy Stookey

Would give 5 stars but tea spout was clogged and employee said they would fix it later. Didn't offer to get me unsweetened tea from the back. Other than that food excellent and friendly prompt service.

Jennifer McMillan

Trash. Hot garbage. The guy that answer the phone was beyond stoned. He couldn’t even pay attention to the phone conversation he was so high. Our food was cold, soggy and just all around nasty. The buns were so soggy it looked like they were sitting in water. Absolutely disgusting and unprofessional being high at work. Do better.

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