Casa Perico Mexican Grille

12219 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City
(405) 755-1506

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Melinda Middleton

Live near this place and have been eating here for 6 years. The fajita nacos call to me sometimes, lol. The food is great and so are the people who work there

Krystal Chapman

Always excellent service and great tasting food. Husband loves the habanero salsa!!

Debi Brady

Best mango margaritas I’ve ever tasted and the food was delicious too. The service was fast and friendly and I’ll keep going back for sure!

John Matsayko

The wait staff are top notch but the food lacks the flavors you would expect. The Chimichangas are only filled with meat. Once you cut into them oil runs out. Ordered a beef Burrito for daughter but a Bean burrito was delivered. My taco salads toppings were great but the meat wasn't seasoned with spices. The cheese dip is a watery mess and the salsa is mediocre. Casa Perico's food is below Taco Bell quality. It is way overpriced. I spent over $90.00 on the visit!!! Patrons be ware take your Cinco de Mayo elsewhere!!!!!

Ronnie R.

If your looking for a new Mexican place to try, I highly suggest this fine establishment ! I had to try this place 3 times in 2 weeks to make sure of So they start you off with the usual queso, salsa, chips which are good but if your daring try the habanero salsa, it's super tasty and yes it's hot duh, but it has a great flavor but not so much it burns your face off. Now would be a great time to have a frosty Corona(s) ..or if you like, a Corona michelada, which is my personal favorite.. If your a fan of house made tortillas, then go elsewhere, these are not that, but they are still good. Now their relish( onions,jalapeños and carrots) are freakin awesome,,especially the carrots, I could literally eat those all day long with tortillas and queso.. So, if you can still eat,,,and you like tamales, try either variation, I've had beef every time and wasn't disappointed, the masa will literally dissolve in your mouth, which at first I thought was different,but after having them again ,I'm def a fan. As for the rice and beans, I've always preferred double rice and no beans BUT this place changed my tune ,they have like 5 different bean creations, I've hd 2 which were refried and fried ,,odd perhaps but different? They actually put chorizo in the refried beans which was good but I liked the fried mucho better, I'd ask to try both if your curious like me. Well, enough rambling, this place is worthy of a visit and next time, I'm trying a chimichanga with of course, fried beans .

Shannon Michelle

Had food delivered to our hotel room and it was just perfect. We’ve had an incredibly long day of traveling and really appreciated such a delicious meal. We had SO much food and absolutely everything was incredible. I can’t get over the salsa! I’d come back to Oklahoma just to eat here again ?. Incredible food. Highly recommend.

Kenny L.

Everything is terrible, I must have terrible taste in college. Being understaffed is no reason for cold food, everyone waited for the only waiter to make his round. Ran out of chips, queso, chicken taste like they came out of cans , now I think i am sick

Philip S.

We have been eating here for more than 35 years. Friends, family, lovely bride of 47 years: this was our go-to place. I went in a few weeks ago for take-out for my sick wife. The half empty restaurant had an extremely rude greeter. 30 seconds into the order, something triggered her. She went in the back: Seconds later a very angry woman galloped to my seat in the lobby - told me "You cannot say anything about my girls. If you don't like it, get out." Being a reasonable 66 year old businessman (who loves their food), I gulped in embarrassment, sat down and ordered my take-out. They did not provide the usual complimentary (flour and corn) tortillas. They didn't provide the complimentary salsa. Who eats Mexican without salsa? They didn't provide the complimentary sopapilla. When I got the food home, my wife was as disappointed as I was. Me and a guest went in yesterday for a sit-down. Excluding the angry Greeter and angry manager, everything was about the same as my previous experience. No water, even when requested. Who eats Mexican without water? No flour and corn tortillas. No sopapilla. Waiter has served us for more than 35 years. He didn't seem to know it. Slammed the plates down then disappeared. Guess he is ready to find work that makes him happy. I think we will take our Mexican food dollars to more friendly folks, even if the food quality is worse. Philip & Janet Spencer (405) 205-7789

Julian V.

Sunday Menudo! This place hits home right in the heart with their Menudo. If you're already from your family and you've been missing this, come here.

Christina A.

This is the first Mexican restaurant I ate at when I moved to Oklahoma 3 years ago and it is still my favorite! They have a Habanero salsa that is so delicious their drinks are also good.

Odile W.

I had a great experience!! Had the tacos pioneros and the meat was deliciously seasoned, tortillas well done Sauces are very good and not toooo spicy Service was excellent, place was super clean Will retufn

Anthony Evans

I have eaten here 3 days out of the week here because the food is soo good. I have had something different everything I came here. It's delicious

Amanda Beasley (Polly)

Food was delicious and service was awesome

April Jones

I have eaten here twice since moving to the area and I absolutely LOVE it!!! The Chicken Monterrey with grilled vegetables wakes up every taste bud and they have a party in my mouth!!! It is the BEST chicken Monterrey I have EVER tasted in my life!! It is perfection!!!!! AND The portion is so large that I also get to experience the flavors for lunch the next day! ?

Jill Redmond

The atmosphere is laid back. The music is awesome. The margaritas are everything, but even more than that-The front of the house staff is superb. Ricardo, aka Ricky L, was our server and he was attentive and a lovely person all around. It was my first time there and I’ll definitely be back. ❤️??????Thank you Ricky ?

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