925 SW 134th St, Oklahoma City
(405) 692-1333

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Mike Sims

Fast food don't super size yourself

Robert Sisco

I haven't been to a McDonald's in a while but my grandson wanted to go. I like the kiosk order option. The sandwiches tasted fresh and not salty. The milk shake was very good. The fries are still as good as ever but my old body doesn't tolerate salt as easily now. But I ate a few and enjoyed them.

Ki Holik

Good service, good food, and a clean play area.

Amanda Sinor

Always fast and accurate service! Favorite McDonald's in the area. Cafe and ice cream usually working, too! ?

Rumaldo Falcon

Clean and friendly service. Food hot and served quickly.

anthony jackson

The cashier looks like she had no clue what she was doing and was wearing long nails painted handing out food pretty sure that's not something you can do working with it so am I right or wrong?

Tina Mauldin

It's McDonald's......sometimes you win sometimes you're not so lucky. But it's a decent meal at a decent price!

Rodolfo Sanchez

Always good burgers, but we like the egg mcmuffins...

Janette Wright

Love that I can get breakfast anytime! But I don't know what they do to the Coke at the drive thru but that stuff doesn't taste like coke anymore. They used to have the Best Coke just the right amount of acidity but anymore it's like a yucky generic stuff that the lines haven't been cleaned in years on mixture

Parker Powell

Great service, 10/10 Everytime I visit this location.

Mike LaPach

What happened to McDonald's fries . They used to be the best. Now there just brown ..n over cooked not to speak of the price.. how can potatoes cost more then meat.. i dont get it..

Angel Corrales

I am so tired of not getting what I order. Shorted me a McChicken (which later found out they out a couple if onions on it), only gave me 4 napkins, my Dr. Pepper was flat and didn't give me sauce for the 20 nuggets. So sick of this!! And they want more $$ an hour... Give me a break! I would call management, but why? Seems like we've all been calling and complaining for years now. Give me free food?? No thanks, how bout just do it right the first time so I don't have to make additional trips back up there.

Michael WAS

Everytime I go to McDonald's in okc any location they never get my order right. If they would let I would give them a negative 5 stars.

Mike Jones

What happened to McDonald's fries . They used to be the best. Now there just brown ..n over cooked not to speak of the price.. how can potatoes cost more then meat.. i dont get it..

Benjamin Doku

We all know McDonald's is a fast food place but the employees who take your orders are exceptional were manners people they enjoy what they are doing and they put customers first.'

Janice Giordano

Got my breakfast sandwiches done by the window! Good job!

Storm Tail

The pricing is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Yet, the food was not so good. The chicken is processed way too much. It is really clean, and nice. In my opinion their fountain drinks are fine.

Thomas Keith

Is it that hard to put the dipping sauce in the bag? I mean, I did pay you for the food after-all. You guys are lazy


The prices are as much as 30% higher than other locations in the area. They also seem to let food languish longer as well. This location is closer to my house, but I drive to the one on 19th and I35 instead for better prices and fresher food. I've never been inside the restaurant, so can't speak to its cleanliness.

Jan Widmann

Service was good, food was hot but pancakes and sausage had little favor. Think they are just finding another way to cut cost


This location recently remodeled their store. Didn't care for the lack of seats. Everything was made for kids. Bigger play area and seats were kids size! Felt like I was sitting on the floor.

Cambrie Cannon

Incredibly fast service , friendly staff, and nice welcoming environment !

arty4u35 .

This location recently remodeled their store. Didn't care for the lack of seats. Everything was made for kids. Bigger play area and seats were kids size! Felt like I was sitting on the floor.

Joseph Watson

Ok so we have issues at this location. The last time daughters happy meal didn't have french fries. It's always something that's missing.

Nicole Williams

The morning employees are fast and great at customer service! A word of caution concerning coffee. If you get a iced plain coffe it is 1.99, but if you get a iced latte or caramel iced macchiato it is considered a 'cafe' item and is around 2.99.

real reviews

“finally i can go home and enjoy some food that i bought from mcdonalds”

Frankie Sanchez

Slow, slow,slow. Night time staff is slow. Daytime staff is pretty quick. Took me 20 minutes to get a 10pc chicken nuggets

Greg Rose

The lady taking my order can barley speak English and doesn't understand it any better. I wanted. Mcafe, go a coffee. Waited on the burritos, taste like they been sitting there for a while. They were not busy.

David Howsley

Without a doubt one of the worst run McDonald's in the area. Too often this place will screw up your order or have terribly slow service.

Madison S

Worst mcdoanlds ever. Slow, rude, the MANAGER slammed the drivethru door my face and cursed at me. Bc i asked for a refund on my food they messed up on!!

Katie Lindesmith

Very clean store. Order was correct. Ice cream machine was working. Very friendly staff.

Cindy Walls

Did not take order right then forgot things. No apologies

Sherri Gold

Took my grandkids for a treat. They enjoy cheeseburger happy meals with extra pickles, 2 fries, Apple juice and a toy! Everything came just as they wanted and I had 2 very happy grandchildren.


Literally always f'ing mess up my order. Everytime I order multiple Large Mc'chickens they always go under the amount I asked for. Like ffs are you doing this on purpose or can you not just count?

Brian Bulmer

It was a good time when it came to get the family back in a lot more to go back home we did.

Shannon B.

Edwardo is kind and friendly. He makes my visit happy every single time.

Ryan Whitefield

It was a pleasant experience today with

Patty C.

The customer service does NOT live up to Ray Kroc's standards at this location. They do not greet you and it is now hard to get anyone at the counter to wait on you or answer questions because they want you to use the kiosks. I am fed up with the poor customer service I get here. They frequently leave off items from my order and then argue with me about it even after seeing the receipt because English is not their first language and I guess the receipts are confusing to them-it is a shame I have to explain their receipts to them so they will understand what I have paid for. I order 2 extras pieces of sausage with my big breakfast and this location almost always charges me for the 2 extras but then only puts 1 extra into the meal, so I always check it before I drive away or go sit down. Today that happened in the drive through and the girl at the window told me the reason they only put 2 sausages in my meal was, "probably because you only paid for 2" I told her I paid for 2 extra which equals 3, and she asked for the receipt and the meal back. Then she called over the manager and the manger told me I only paid for 2 and tried to hand the meal back to me. I insisted the receipt showed 2 extra plus the one that comes with the meaI-which it did-and she looked very confused another manager came over and they talked about it and then put in the extra sausage that I had paid for. All this for a 99 cent piece of sausage! I told the manager she needed to stop arguing with her customers but she just looked at me. I go to this McDonalds 4-5 times a week so my Granddaughter can play at the play place and I can work online, but I am going to spend my money elsewhere.

Halee Hargrove

I dont like hamburger meat but they can improve nothing

Terry Watts

Waited and waited to get a large decaf coffee only to be told they were out of decaf. Asked for my money back then someone made what taste like instant coffee. Service very slow at this place.