Geisha Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar, Vietnamese, Thai

10846 S Memorial Dr #117, Tulsa
(918) 943-6156



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Way to pricey for what little food. Taste was not very good and service was extremely slow only one other couple there with us and took at least 45 min to get food and it was wrong. I would rather of gone to panda Express down the road for same price I could of got 4 times the food. My meal had a $9 lunch or $12 dinner size. Well I got dinner size hoping to take some home. WOW not even enough to half way fill me up I would hate to see how small of portion the lunch one was!

There just wasn?t anything special about this place. I got the chicken teriyaki and an order of egg rolls. Total came to 25 dollars and some change. $$$$$ Expensive. They have a tv on but there is no sound and no subtitles. There is only 1 other couple here in the Resturant. The place is pretty empty. Not the best egg rolls I?ve had. Not the best teriyaki. Nothing was bad it just wasn?t great. The only thing that will be memorable was how expensive it was.

We were seated and placed our orders a few minutes in after getting our drinks. We ordered pho, an appetizer and a plate of sushis. We waited over 30 minutes for our pho and we had to remind the waiter about our sushis. We were the only 2 table that was seated. The restaurant was completely empty. I've never waited over 30 minutes for a small bowl of beef pho before. Services was absolutely slow. Pho broth was tasteless. Beef was hard to chew and rubbery. We had to asked for full review

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