Panera Bread

10752 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 970-4039

Recent Reviews

Charlesia Tucker-Kosanke

In this season, why do restaurants have signs saying how much they care about the health and well being of the customers and staff yet, their establishment is NOT clean!?This location is very gross. Dirty door handles and door windows. The dining room is filthy. It was cleaner before COVID-19 when the dining room actually had customers at every table. There are no customers inside. Why aren’t the tables, chairs, and floors clean?

emily taylor

Ordered chicken noodle soup, got rung up for the wrong soup, still got the wrong soup, went back to get it fixed. Got back to work and didnt have a fork for my salad....

Sheryl Derrington

If you use any service other than dine in be sure to check your order before leaving. 25% of the time your order will be missing an item. To resolve, you have to make a return trip. Error resolution procedures need to be improved.

Nanette Wilson

Always a relaxing experience & great food.

Don P.

Usually good food however be sure to inspect and check your order for correctness. The folks that work there need more training and quality control.

Vanity Tucker

This has got to be the worst location. I’ve went 3x in the past 2 wks each time it’s been an issue. To start the service is extremely slow 3 cars in the drive thru it took me 30 minutes to get a tomato soup. Today I went to get a bagel and was told they were completely out of bagels at 10am..... how is a bakery out of bagels.

Shanna Oconnell

Food is not always fresh. Have had wilted lettuce in salad and partially frozen cucumbers on a sandwich. Too expensive for that. When brought to the attention of staff all that was said was, "sorry". No attempt to keep me as a customer. Poor customer service. I will be dining elsewhere

Kelly Anderson

Went to the drive through on memorial. The french onion soup was basically flavorless and they never give enough dressing for the salad. It BARELY covered the top layer.

Daniel Morgan

Friendly and helpful! Never used restroom so I don"t know if they were clean, but the Restaurant appeared very clean.

Shaun Mirabal

Always great for a quick meal when you’re short on time and you use the rapid pick up.

Pam 'Golightly' Owens

Great meeting place but their new space is small & parking is a nightmare.

Brian Jones

Great service and tasty food!

Branden Crowder

Never disappoints. As advertised.

Mat Ra

The service was quick and the food was delicious

John Walker

Sausage and egg on everything bagel was good. Coffee is decent. Great for early breakfast meetings.

MJE 213

Nice location. Good service and food.

Taras Tikhomirov

New Panera is nice! We love the layout, and all of the usual offerings, of course.

David Siebert

Good, except that later in the evening the choices may be a bit limited.

Cindi R.

The food is good, but the service is amazingly bad. Today is my second visit within 1 week. My first visit, I was told the ham & cheese sandwich was grilled, it was not; my second visit, it took over 10 minutes to purchase a baguette & a ham & cheese souffle (no customers ordering in the store, but me). Big problem, the souffle I received, was a spinach bacon souffle. It is close to home, but probably won't be back.

suzy Cline

After enjoying several delicious visits to the new Panera location, tonight's salad (1/2 portion) was sadly not fresh! I had to pick through to pull slimy greens/kale out of the bowl until I gave up trying to eat it. We will think twice before returning to this location.

Ginger Bell

You pick two is always a fun option. I asked the counter person about the Autumn Squash soup and she brought me out a sample. That paired with half a sandwich was perfect for a light lunch. Helpful service, the sample was much appreciated, and the soup very great.

Domanique Finney

So first time trying Panera bread (little late to the party) but I'm not impressed with this location. One I don't know what's good so I scanned the menu for a minute, picked a salad and the lady on the headset was not patient and a bit rude my bad anyways get to the window and the guy said I don't have any orders on my screen and looked at me stupid well I order, anyways service is poor

Matt Hancock

Reason for a 3 star review is due to the men's restroom not 10 minutes after opening was filthy and had no paper towels.

Kendra W.

Dirty, not following food code, cross contamination, unclean food prep. I'm not sure why Yelp wants me to write more, it's pretty clear cut. I'm not coming here again.

Margaret Paulson

Very frustrating. Ordered $60 of food. Bagels never came until we asked. Then when they did they where burnt. Had a whole onion in a salad. Way to much. No toilet paper in bathroom. Seemed like No manager was around.

Osprey Flyer

Disappointing visit, maybe my expectations were too high. Unfriendly staff and a bit pricey. Food portions are a tad small (I'm not a big eater and watch my weight and nutrition). However, food quality is very good.

Tom Stewart

Food was great. Service really good. Had a gr8 meeting.

Michelle McPhall

Love their food! Although it's pretty pricey. Almost $10 for a sandwich, chips and drink. Don't go often but when I do I never disappointed.

Goose Hollis

The worse chicken salad sandwich. The other menu options are good though.

Paul F.

Had the strawberry caprese salad with chicken and it was unbelievable. I am not a salad person but I have had this 3 times in 2 weeks and will be going again. I only hope it's not a temporary menu item. With my luck it will be.

Karen G.

One of my favorite fast food restaurants, very healthy and fresh made sandwiches, soups, salads.

Loren S II

I love their broccoli cheddar soup! Paired that with a bacon mac and cheese for later! First time for the mac, definitely getting again!

David Gabel

Only 3 of 5 stars because of the limited selection of pastries at this location.

Linda Fernandez

Nice place. Clean..Food is good just a bit pricey for what you are eating. It is fancy coffee shop food. The pastries are very good

C Clifton

The food is good, if you get what you order. They don't allow you to order ahead without payment. We were having a business lunch and told to order the food in the business name and they'd pick up our order (for 2). After taking forever to get to speak with a human, told they refuse to take an order without a card.

Insolent Jaguar

REALLY bland mac and cheese. Asked for pepper and the two associates looked at us like we were asking for the moon. What restaurant doesn't have pepper?!

Elizabeth B.

What can I say about Panera Bread it is a 'religious' eating experience? That's crazy, right? But no the food there is always so good! I love the Mac & Cheese and the Soups and Salads and Sandwiches. I always have a hard time picking. I try to never get the same thing twice.

Tina Fields

Yummy healthy clean food wonderful service

Carol Person

Always love this place! Fast service and excellent healthy food! I personally recommend the brocolli soup bread bowl! I hate broccoli but LOVE this soup!

Shonn Harrold

My wife and I eat lunch here on a pretty regular basis. The food is good, they are fast and are always polite and efficient. We love eating here. It is clean and in a new standalone building that is very nice and in a nice area.