Panera Bread

10752 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 970-4039

Recent Reviews

gunner harrs

Really good, kinda pricey but still good

M Green

Quick service and clean. All staff wearing masks and gloves.



Jeanne Grace

The muffins were great, but they only had 1 person working the counter and it was really busy.

Prakash Subramaniam

Drive through at this location is excruciatingly painful and slow. 20minutes is not acceptable by any standard with only 4 cars ahead of me.

Adam Culp

This is a great location.One thing I have noticed at this location and other area locations; they have not gotten this Curbside Pickup thing worked out. I have been left waiting at the curb 30+ minutes a few times only to finally go inside and find my order sitting I. The pickup window.Other than that, the dine-in service has been good and the staff are very friendly.

Stevyn Turner

Good food as always but might be out of meats for things due to covid..which is a lot of their menu

Autumn Rudd

I have been here twice in the last 6 months. 1st experience I received moldy fruit. They offered me a new one, but frankly I didn’t want to risk it. We went again today hoping for a better experience. I go to the 41st location all of the time and love their breakfast wraps. We waited in line for 25 minutes. They were out of almost everything on the menu. Whenever I left and went to eat my sandwich had a large handful of spinach, several tomatoes, a thin slice of egg whites, and 2 skimpy avocados. It honestly looked disgusting and tasted just as bad. I could have made better at home. The coffee somehow tasted like chemicals. It was black. All in all I will not be going back to this location. They should be ashamed to even call themselves Panera. I highly recommend the one on 41st and Sheridan. They will be getting all of my business from now on.

Nikhi Kunderu

I ordered through the drive thru, and I ordered a cookie along with my meal, and didn’t receive a cookie. I really wanted my cookie, and in fact was really looking forward to it that now I sound like a Karen.

Charlesia Tucker-Kosanke

In this season, why do restaurants have signs saying how much they care about the health and well being of the customers and staff yet, their establishment is NOT clean!?This location is very gross. Dirty door handles and door windows. The dining room is filthy. It was cleaner before COVID-19 when the dining room actually had customers at every table. There are no customers inside. Why aren’t the tables, chairs, and floors clean?

emily taylor

Ordered chicken noodle soup, got rung up for the wrong soup, still got the wrong soup, went back to get it fixed. Got back to work and didnt have a fork for my salad....

Sheryl Derrington

If you use any service other than dine in be sure to check your order before leaving. 25% of the time your order will be missing an item. To resolve, you have to make a return trip. Error resolution procedures need to be improved.

Nanette Wilson

Always a relaxing experience & great food.

Don P.

Usually good food however be sure to inspect and check your order for correctness. The folks that work there need more training and quality control.

Vanity Tucker

This has got to be the worst location. I’ve went 3x in the past 2 wks each time it’s been an issue. To start the service is extremely slow 3 cars in the drive thru it took me 30 minutes to get a tomato soup. Today I went to get a bagel and was told they were completely out of bagels at 10am..... how is a bakery out of bagels.

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