Tropical Smoothie Cafe

10826 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 289-0263

Recent Reviews

Pedro Gomez

The smoothies are sub par, kinda watery. I got the peanut butter cup and my girl got the sunshine. The food is definitely not good, its way overpriced for what you get and doesn't taste very good either, might be what we got but was not worth it. I had the Cuban pressed sandwich and she had the island chicken quesadilla which came with a side of salsa. Salsa is typically spicy this tasted like nothing but limes. 2 drinks and 2 plates for 24 dollars. Its a place that you go if you wanna be a weird hipster dude, save your money get better stuff from the sonic beside it.

M Chan

These guys are great! They are always friendly and the food is delicious!!!! Love this place!!?

Tyler Wall

Great place for a smoothie for any reason. Sweat that meal off...get a smoothie. Hotter than a gypsy with a mortgage....get a smoothie. Santa playing dice with the boogieman...get a smoothie.

Tamatha Smitherman

Food and drinks were fresh and tasted great

Jacob Skidmore

Good food and great smoothies, but really pricey for what you get.

David Whitacre

If you're looking for a healthy meal, this is the place. Their smoothies are really good and do a great job of filling you up, especially if you get some protein mixed in with it!

Heather Hill

The Caprese and Cubano pressed sandwiches are amazingly delicious! The smoothies are phenomenal and kids love the food! Much healthier choice than anything else out there with a drive thru!

Tom Stewart

Amazing Vegie Hummus Wrap! Blueberry Bliss Smoothie. Great food and service!

Wendy Young

Smoothies are good yet overpriced slightly. Every time I have gone here, I FREEZE. Doesnâ??t matter when - summer or winter - it is frankly too cold to remain there and enjoy the food or drinks. Staff are helpful when it comes to making choices.

Malcolm Mebane

This place is always a good spot! Love the pomegranate plunge smoothie. You got to try it.

Colton Moore

Ordered a smoothie, the girl up front seemed more interested in getting her boyfriend a free smoothie before even making mine (a paying customer) and they came in AFTER I even ordered.


Clean building, tasty food and friendly staff...


Came here once. Got a mango and loved it. Will update later

Sarah Ehambe

These smoothies are AMAZING. I added all of these fancy, healthy, add-ons so i was nervous on the flavor being compromised... but that couldnâ??t be further from the truth! Being a vegetarian - itâ??s hard to find solutions...! This hummus bowl looks amazing! Super nice staff!

TH McDaniel-Rogers

Lovely little chain with good drinks and nice seating. The Styrofoam cups make the drink feel cheap and the drinks took a while to come out but when they did they tasted great and refreshing.

Nicole Brown

Absolutely love this place, my cuban was cold this time but normally awesome

Mikel Revels

Great place to get a delicious smoothie. A little pricey though.

Marla Gilberts

I picked up an order for door dash. The people there were very fast working, pleasant & friendly. I also loved the fast that their prices were reasonably priced. Definitely a place I'd love to eat at myself

Kira Rivers

A group of friends came and we tried 5 different smoothies. They were all bland in flavor and watery. After going to a few other locations we came in with high hopes. Overall really pricey and not worth it for us.

Sally A.

First time to try this cafe. Fell in love!! The food is so fresh. I had the Tropical Chicken Salad-delicious for sure, the bread was even wonderful. On Line ordering seemed great. No waiting in line to pick up. Just come in, find yours on the "right there" shelf, pick up your side and go. There was a steady stream of people picking up orders. My friend loved her wrap. A must try. PS I have no connection with the cafe, just a happy customer

Joanna H.

This location is inconsistent. I get the same smoothie all the time, the orange ginger glow. Sometimes it's delicious. Sometimes it's watered down and chunky. I actually had them remake it when it was poorly blended and bland. I told the girl who made it that it was poorly blended and didn't taste right. The new one she made me was exactly the same. When I looked in the blender the girl had used, there was a ton of smoothie left. So I think she loaded the blender with too much ice, that's why it's bland and there too much smoothie left in the blender after. I don't want to have to tell people how to do their job in order to get good service, so I just took my subpar smoothie and that's the last time I'm going there.

Jonathan M.

I like the food. It seems fresh and has good flavor. I also like the smoothies, but what kept me from four stars is the fact that they don't offer variety in smoothie sizes. If you want a smoothie they only offer these large 24oz sizes. Other than that they have four kids size smoothies you can order but only four flavors.

Mariah Barham

Wonderful place, it's nice to have a healthier option on the go and their food is always good. I've occasionally gone now and then and had my order confused with a different customer when they're super, super busy so always check your stuff but it's not the majority of times I've gone and they where always willing to fix it in a timely manner.

Debbie Eanes

Itâ??s all good. Friendly and good customer service

Charlie C

They are always so friendly and the food and smoothies are delicious. I recommend the peanut butter cup smoothie if you like peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas. The hummus veggie wrap or salad bowl are also very tasty. Price isn't bad for what you get either. Oh! And the kale and apple slaw is also very yummy!

Cat Hoff

Outstanding customer service and the young woman that took my order was incredibly friendly answering my questions as I've never been here. Even left a kind note on the cup. I loved the smoothie! I work next door. Definitely earned my business.

Autumn Mcneel

Visited the grand opening today. Absolutely love the food and smoothies! Excited to have you all in the area. Will be back soon!

Jacqueline Dyer Dunn

Great smoothies. Food choices are good too! Wish we had one in Owasso!