Tulsa's Incredible Pizza Company

8314 E 71st St, Tulsa
(539) 302-2681

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Chris Topher

Even my two year old had a blast! Between the typical but good buffet food and the go carts, my family of 7 had a blast. We had a small issue with our cards but the workers quickly resolved the problem. I beat my sons on the track and they swept the floor with me on the crane games. We all had something fun to do!

Female Joker

Went for a birthday party and we were supposed to have someone in our room taking care of us and that didn't happen, also stayed around waiting forever for them to get us our game cards spoke to a few different people before it actually happened. We unfortunately ate some pizza that was already in the room for us before we seen how freaking gross they kept there dishes when we went to go to the buffet went through like 4 plates dried up yuck on them before we got to one that appeared clean and then didn't want to eat once we seen that. Just horrible the only reason this is getting 2 stars is because the game area is actually awesome. If you are going here just for games then it would be pretty sweet anything else don't waste your time! #yuck

April Bullard

Absolute blast! All the kids had a great time! Private room was great and our host was friendly! Will have another birthday party there soon!!

Nik0 lasa

Not much of a crowd because of the times but we had a good time. We were there from 530-8pm on a Saturday. The salad was brown, poor hot dogs looked like they had been turning since the morning but the pizzas were on point.

FoxValley EliteWrestling

My wrestlers loved this place! Great unwind spot to eat, play, and have fun with friends. Highly recommend!

Restaurant Critic

I was with someone who wanted to go here to kill a little time between appointments. It was better than expected. Lots and lots of games and entertainment. Lots of food to choose from and most everything I tried was good. It isn't my usual forte and I probably wouldn't have ever gone here on my own, but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. Very large place with a lot of options. I see this as a place to train children to gamble in casinos when they get older and thus I find it a bit low class. I would never want to frequent such a place but it offers a lot of variety for special occasions such as birthdays, if one can strike a sensible balance with their children, and not live there. I might find myself returning at some point on the right occasion and with the right company. It was a pleasant experience all in all.

Annette Sanford

Can't wait to go again the family really enjoyed themselves. The staff was very helpful and professional the places was kept clean all the time we was there. Love the food,games best of all the activities

Joshua Willits

Food is eh, but the games have upgraded and gotten better over time. Just more expensive to play.

Kimberly Nicole Alston

my kids loved it & wanted stay all day

Ryan Richardson

If you have kids and want to have fun go check this place out and they have pretty decent food to second time I've been there in a number of years it was nice.

Shawn Taylor

Very pricey! Not many arcade style game varieties but there is so much going on in there that your bound to find something you like. The new roller coaster is great.

Lance Mitchell

Loved every minute of it myself and my family did too. Thank you for your time.

Dustin W.

I understand the unique challenges this business faces with the COVID-19 challenges but the quality of service has gotten really bad. We usually have a great time at Incredible Pizza adults and kids alike but todays visit 7-10-20 was the worst visit we have had. The rides are an hour long wait even if no one is riding but some people get to ride anyway however we were told multiple times to wait for the next attraction to open up. No cleaning is done after rides end just staff walking and talking. The staff isn't helpful at all or has no clue what is going on. We spent $100 this visit and it was not worth the money. We will not be returning anytime soon. Incredible pizza has lost my business.

Amanda Currier

We took our son for his birthday and had a blast! Lots to do, buffet was good, prices for game play & activities were very reasonable! Staff was super friendly too

One Derful

Food is a step above most military galleys. Pizza is actually good. Free drinks. Great games. Let's keep them in business! Let them remodel and soon they will be AMAZING!

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Tulsa's Incredible Pizza Company

8314 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133
(539) 302-2681