Wich Pho

1781 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon
(405) 577-6432

Recent Reviews

Dillon Cole

A modern atmosphere with quick service. I get the beef pho, and a cold coffee. Sometimes with boba sometimes without which I'm in the mood for. I have also had thai tea here and hight recommend it. I like that i can get the bean sprouts and jalapeños for myself as most restaurants only bring you 2 slices per person and I like a bit more in mine. They also f8sh sause, hoisen sause, Sriracha, and soy sause for you to use on your broth. The woman who works the counter is a very sweet woman. If one of you karens or Darrens mess with her i will personally have words with you.

Yvette Willis

Loveeeeee the environment, so organized and modern. The lady there is so sweet and patient, it's like the mom I've always wanted, lol. The food and drinks are also beyond amazing, highly recommend! :)

Georgia Kleschick

Delicious every time!! The customer service here is always top notch too! My favorite place to eat forsure, I always get the filet pho and a matcha smoothie yum!!!

Morgan Boyd

The chicken for pho was cold, bland and gross. The broth was WAY hot, even after driving to N. OKC. ?That combination made for an unpleasant experience.

Will Harrison

Great food for a great price!

Penny Burnworth

Ordered the Seafood Pho, horrible mistake. Fake crab, fake fish balls and 2 tiny pieces of way over cooked shrimp. Broth was just ok, after about 4 bites or so I just couldn't eat anymore of it. I've eated a lot of Pho this doesn't even rank as good.

Toni Calderon

Delicious, very clean ...

Madison S.

Such yummy Pho and the Thai tea is so good! The staff is always so kind! My favorite pho place and I've tried lots!

Billy I.

Best grilled pork and vermicelli noodles I've ever had. The fish sauce is amazing and it comes with lots of side veggies.

Kim G.

Amazing!!! The staff is so friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is great. & Did I mention the food? It's so delicious!!! This is a must stop.

Kara Aaron Heintz

Great Pho!

David Parker

The potstickers were good, tha bahn mi was ok, but the beef pho was extremely disgusting, couldn't stand the smell. I don't know what cuts of meat they use, the beef in mine was spongy.

Jeremiah Staton

This is my new favorite Pho place. Amazing flavors great service top notch for sure.

Joyce D.

came from california otw to indiana & needed to stop for some place for dinner & i'm so glad we stopped by here, 10/10 recommend. the lady was super nice & everything tastes amazing

Faith J.

Whenever I am craving boba I go here, they have my favority flavor which is Taro in smoothie form and it tastes delicious per usual. I have tried their food options and they were really good as well, I have tried the pho and vermicelli bowl is my favorite from here.

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