My Baba's Pierogi Kitchen Market & Deli

555 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie
(705) 735-6005

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Amanda Lynn

My fiancé stopped by this place to pick up a few items. One of which was cabbage rolls. They smelled like pickles at first but we came to realize it was a sour smell and not pickles at all. The cabbage rolls were rotten and we are now very sick with food poisoning. We did also eat the caramelized onion pirogies. But we are sure it was the rotten cabbage rolls that made us sick. It may even be bad enough that we require medical attention. I wish we skipped stopping by this place. My fiancé mentioned they had fish out in his view that was in buckets and not refrigerated so maybe they also do not keep the cabbage rolls at a proper temperature either.

Jacob Richardson (Jake Brake)

Seemed to be a very nice family owned business or seemed that way anyway, had nice service and experience

John Barnes

Awesome food but when the schoolgirl breaks off serving you to look after someone else and gives them the last item of something you wanted it's a bit irritating.

Daddy Cool

Really good food. Friendly place. Just kinda expensive. I know you get what you pay for, but i can't visit here as much as i would like to.Pierogies were best ive ever had!

Charlie 3

The pierogies are outstanding. I've always really enjoyed this place. The meats are next level


Very disappointed. Everything there is way overpriced!She doesn't know how much to charge. My friends said the same thing . There is very nice Polish deli on Bayfield street where Pizza Hut used to be, they got everything well priced and very fresh.

Jennifer van Tol

I stopped by the shop this afternoon as my family was craving pierogies. I haven't been in since the change of ownership. I loved the old shop but really love the new one! I purchased the kielbasa dill pierogies. They were THE BEST PIEROGIES I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!! Your Baba would be so very proud to know that her passion and love for food has been passed down and shared with the world. Absolutely amazing. Wishing you success and look forward to returning to try ALL the things.Thanks so much.Enjoy TodayJennifer van Tol

Justin B

went for pierogi and kolbassa, both were exceptional on quality and no lack of flavour. 100% recommended and will be back for many future visits

Mike Shaw

The good stuff

Bob Barrie

Visited on Saturday June 19, 2021. Accessible for mobility impaired persons, wide aisles, and organised shelves. Selection of cultural newspapers / periodicals, dry goods / sundries, bakery items, meats and some cheese. Friendly staff. Polski Deli has been operating at this location for more than a decade.

Ken Renshaw

The kabanos taste so smokey, they're great!

Sebastian Kowalski

Great food and service


I buy 10% vinegar paprika chips, soda and Haribo gummies. Meats are very dry and some are close to being "off". Donuts were very stale.


I made my first (and certainly the last) trip to Polski Deli earlier today to find out that the prices there are outragously high and the selection quite poor. Unless you are prepared to ask about the price of each and every item you want to purchase, you find it out when it is time to pay as there no prices anywhere to be seen; not the smartest policy, I would say, unless you are looking for a one-time customer to rip off.

bernhard seipt

good old German Quality from Kitchener, at least if it comes to Meats.& the best Donuts in Canada.

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My Baba's Pierogi Kitchen Market & Deli

555 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie, ON L4N 8G5
(705) 735-6005