Stoner's Grub House

1472 Dundas St, London
(519) 455-2227

Recent Reviews

luis quezada

Delicious stuff! Appropriate for a midnight munch lol. The owner is extremely friendly and clearly passionate about his craft.

Mr 2 Fingerz

I'm telling you this place makes the best panzarottis but more importantly their Chicago-style pizza is to die for so good

Mateusz Olejnik

I've ordered pizza & panzerottis multiply times and Stoners Grubhouse comes through 99% of the time. I had an issue with my large panzerotti the one time and I called the store and within 45 minutes I got back two large panzerottis delivered to my door. Everyone makes mistakes, but when Stoners Grubhouse makes a small mistake they go above and beyond to fix it and keep the customer happy. I definitely recommend Stoners Grubhouse to others. Cheers!

Harpreet Kaur

Best food ever. I am so obsessive with their chicken ceasor sub ?. Pizza is also great. Highly recommended. Sorry guys i am ordering from so long but forget to review☺️☺️

Omar Sheikh

Alex behind the counter was Friendly and totally cool. The pizza even though I'm not from London was fantastic! We enjoyed devouring it in the parking lot. Yes, we couldn't wait and gladly destroyed it.I highly recommend this pizza joint !!Thanks Stoners!!

Dbagg Taylor

Couldn't sleep tonight.tryed a sub .was amazing.thanks again stoners.this stoners goin to bed now.

Kyndra Lianne

I definitely would recommend! I've been there twice in one night one for dinner and one for snacking on my way back to oshawa! I'm definitely going back to get more pizza

Scott Nagy

Edit - Happy to say that I'm very satisfied with the acknowledgment from these folks on an unfortunate mistake. They make great food and happy customers.Delivery only though Skip. They won't use Skip delivery, only their own so there's no way to track the order on Skip. Their delivery leaves food without an indication that the food was delivered in a spot you can't see from the front door. Over $30 for a small nachos that are now cold and damp from the crummy humid nights. Order elsewhere.

Alyx Feeney

The food is amazing, and the employees (maybe owner?) Were super friendly and just generally awesome. Would highly reccomend this place to anyone looking for some fantastic pizza. The Nacho and cheeseburger pizzas are incredible, and the Chicago deep dish is the most fantastic thing ever. Super excited to try more of what they have to offer.

Maryanne Smith

Do not order through skip the dishes...ordered nachos and garlic bread at 11:16 and it was delivered at 12:45 (I live 6 min away) and not trackable through Ap cause they use own delivery service! Food was cold and disappointing!

Duane Readings

We had a large Chicago with pepperoni, bacon, and mushrooms - just amazing - my son who is very picky with pizza (usually gets just cheese, or cheese and pep) ate 4 slices without taking any toppings off. We loved what he leftover for us lol. Best pizza in London, ON and I've been having pizza here for quite a few years =)

Alex Gibson

Got the philly cheese steak sub. Extra cheese, extra meat, onions and shrooms. Got some WEIGHT to it. Very friendly owners. Awesome food. Thanks Alex

Kayla Green

I ordered pizza and cheesecake.... Honestly sooooooo good, I didn't even order extra cheese and it came so cheesey and well done! The cake was 10/10 great place will 100% order again !!

Jennifer Johnson

Just had a Chicago style pizza and holy cow amazing so would recommend had pepperoni bacon ham and mushrooms and dang delish

Tarsius Maximus

This was my first chicago pizza and OMG it was scrumptious! Smelt so good and tasted even better. My new favorite pizza place in London.

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