Stoner's Grub House

1472 Dundas St A, London
(519) 455-2227

Recent Reviews

Madison Reeder

My absolute favourite pizza place! My family discovered it on Uber during the pandemic and we’ve recently decided to do pickup after stopping the use of food delivery apps. We have had the pleasure of meeting the owner who is so nice and obviously cares so much about the restaurant. The quality of food is phenomenal. I’m never left dissatisfied. Would 100% recommend

Kirsten Holden

My boyfriend and I tried stoners grub house for the first time and loved it! We both got a medium panzerotti (which were massive) and they were so good! Bread was super fresh and soft. All the toppings were fresh and the owner (I’m assuming) was hilarious. A great sense of humour which made our visit that much better. Will definitely be back!

project 25 600

It's Fantastic! Been getting the Chicago style for the last couple weekends as a treat, and all I can say is WOW! Also just met the owner and he was awesome! Keep up the great work bro! Highest recomendation!???

Luke Falkreath

Been coming here for the longest time, the owner is an amazing guy as too are the rest of the staff. (The owner and I have the same car) The staff are always super friendly and the food is always amazing. Definitely reccomend it whether you're a stoner or not :)

reza nayeb-yazdi

Well deserved 5 stars.Everything is good.The dough is outstanding. Very squishy and airy but also dense and chewy.The marinara sauce can only be described as MAGICAL. I have never had marinara this good. I don't know what u put in it but please never change it!I had a panzo, Philly steak and garlic bread. All were top notch!

Soulless Rivard

great food but the delivery is horrible over 2 hours and still waiting for my food.........

Ian Mackay

Stoners advertises that their Large Chicago Style Pizza weighs 5 pounds. We have weighed two of them now on our kitchen baking scales, and they both came in about 4.5 pounds.Having said that, it's an excellent pizza.Also, we ordered their Buffalo Wings. Their Buffalo sauce is not traditional, but it has fantastic flavour and Buffalo nuances. Recipe Please !!!

alex h

Decent enough food, amazing garlic bread , but why put marinara on a “Philly” cheese steak sub? Such a weird topping to have as a default when it doesn’t go on Philly cheese steaks at all. Wish I had noticed and taken it off, made it taste odd.Edit* perhaps it was some error with the food delivery app? Can’t remember if it’s skip or Uber but I know sometimes they default weird things by mistake or omit certain side options that are actually available- I had to special note for mushrooms, when I assume mushrooms should be a natural option as a Philly cheesesteak topping, but there was nowhere to select them!

Don Thomas

The best pizza place I've been to. Don't know bout others,but for me the two pepperonis i bought was well worth it. The guys there (Alex and Alex)were so good in striking up a conversation and that was something new for me. Loved it. Thank you for making somee good pizza for us. Will be back for more

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Jessica Medeiros

Found my new favorite panzorotti place! Can't wait to try more from the menu.Dough - light, fluffy, perfectly golden and brushed with Parmesan. YUM!Cheeeeeeese, also the perfect amount.Toppings- good too, I should of added more lol! Sauce- very good. Not too salty or peppery, a perfect blend of everything.Size- big , to me at least! I only ate half but it will be bomb as left oversOwner- who's name I forgot to ask. Very pleasant, and seems like a cool dude.Cheers!

matt Cheesman

Very friendly service, had a mix up with Uber eats but can never complain when I come to this place, hands down best Panzerotti‘s in London.

Shadman Alwan

I fell in love with this place from the start - I believe they brushed the crust of my pizza with garlic butter and parmesan and it was fantastic.I've never had a problem any time I've ordered.The only problem with this place, is that there's only one.I wish they had a second location downtown, or even closer to where I live.OH and they have accommodated me whenever I'd ask for extra cheese, even though it's not an option on the Uber App.I just called (most recently, on january 15th at about 8:30pm), had a great quick conversation with a hilarious and friendly cook, and he was happy to help me out.I only hope that you guys keep getting more business (I personally have told people about you guys, ever since my first time there), so that you can expand and get a few more locations.If you guys moved downtown, im SURE you could easily out do vinnys, stobies, and especially pizza pizza.Just have to start serving pizza by the slice, move into the old rexall at dundas and richmond, and you guys would breathe new life into the area.Keep up the great work and thanks for all of the delicious memories :) :) :)

Spencer Birch-Atkinson

Had a fantastic Hawaiian pizza from stoners, the owner is super chill and delivers fantastic wing and pizza options. Please check this pizza joint out, 100% worth it, can’t wait to order more delicious pizza from Stoners!

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