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Yup, terrible service. I agree.Got frozen chicken tenders and when I expressed how cold they were, the girl said "it's the sauce."Then we tried one to see if inside was hot and lo and behold, frozen. Got new fries too. Although I had to ask for new fries because they didn't think it was a big deal.Once the chicken tenders were re-made they were decent enough. The Sweet and Sour sauce is good.Also had a chicken sandwich. The sandwich was okay. Got rubbery at the end. Only...read full review

Absolutely shocking level of customer service, first of all they put your food in a tiny, flimsy container. I asked for some packets of ketchup as they don't give any condiments, 0 zilch and was told i was asking for alot. They said that was the mangers directives, only about 2 ketchup packs permitted per order, truly truly shocking.

25 bucks for 3 small pieces of chicken and the worst french fries i ate in my life. The food looked and tasted overfried like as it was fried with a 90' truck engine oil. The worst experience, they should not be able to sell food anymore, its POISON. Please someone report them.

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