Chicken Shops near Vaughan, ON

Frangoz Fish & Chicken Chicken Shop •
9781 Jane St Unit 3, Vaughan

Customers` Favorites

Waffle Chicken Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Burger
Haddock Platter
Waffle Fries
Fish Burger
Spicy Basa

“After embarking on a one-hour journey to Vaughan, experiencing Frangos was a delightful discovery. The warm welcome from the staff set the stage for an enjoyable experience, making the trip worthwhile. It was truly worth it. The warm welcome from the staff set the tone for an enjoyable experience.The menu was outstanding, offering delightful and savory dishes, from crispy boneless chicken bites to fresh basa fish and waffle fries. Every bite was a delight. And their mango shake was the perfect complement.Already planning our next visit, we highly recommend Frangos for an unforgettable dining experience with exceptional service.“

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
Los Chicos Vaughan Peruvian • $$
3560 Rutherford Rd unit 54, Vaughan

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Rotisserie Chicken and Yuca Fries
Half Charbroiled Chicken
Quarter Chicken Leg
Papa a La Huancaina
Anticuchos Sticks
Lucuma Ice Cream
Ceviche Mixto
Lomo Saltado

“I definitely recommend coming to Los Chicos!!! The food was absolutely delicious, the service was lovely, and the atmosphere is comfortable and fun. Everything tastes home made and you can tell there is so much passion put into all of it. Overall a great experience!! We will definitely be back to eat our way through the menu ?“

4.5 Superb42 Reviews
Church's Texas Chicken Fast Food • $
1840 Major MacKenzie Dr W unit 1&2, Vaughan

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Tex Supreme Sandwich
Boneless Bites
Chicken Combo
Onion Rings
One Biscuit

“We decided to try this location again at 7 PM by picking it up in person and it was so good. Freshly prepared, crispy, and juicy. Reason why I mentioned that was because last time we ordered through Uber eats from this location, it was not up to the standard we usually got from Church's. But I'm hope it was just a one off. Will come again and hope they stay consistent with their quality!“

4.2 Good48 Reviews
Roadside Chicken Chicken •

Customers` Favorites

Horrible Chicken Sandwich
2 Poor10 Reviews


KFC Fast Food • $
10 Jacob Keffer Pkwy #1, Vaughan

Customers` Favorites

New Crispy Chicken
Chicken Combo
Dark Meat

“Fast friendly service. Clean interior and very conveniently located beside Pizza Hut, Mary Browns, Burger King and Wendy’s. The new crispy chicken isn’t anything great. It lacks the flavour of the Original Recipe probably because of all the buttermilk batter. If you want crispy stick with Popeyes. Otherwise no one beats KFC for “non-crispy” chicken.“

1.8 Poor47 Reviews
bbq Chicken Fried chicken takeaway • $$
420 Hwy 7 Unit 26, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Golden Fried Chicken with Bone
Original Cheese Balls 6pcs
Assorted Cheese Balls 6pcs
Honey Garlic Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken
Honey Garlic Wings
Soy Garlic Chicken
Chocolate Filling
Spicy Dukk-Bokki
Cheesling Powder

“One of my fave korean fried chicken places. This particular location replaced 88 Gamjatang. It's located right next to the fairly new Pho Anh Vu in the O Mei plaza.Parking is usually pretty good. You won't have to fight for spots like at Commerce Gate.Most kfc spots divide their orders by half and whole chickens. BB.q chicken however, serves their chicken by weightage (each basket of chicken is roughly half a chicken) so the prices appear cheaper because you're getting a rough equivalent of a half chicken per order.The other thing that makes BB.q chicken unique is that "boneless" on the menu is not the popcorn chicken style you would see at most restaurants. It's actually large chicken thigh/breast chunks that have been deboned so that's really convenient.It was my first time trying different cheese ball flavours. Between sweet potato, original and chocolate my fave cheese ball was the chocolate one by far. Sweet and salty will always be a killer combo.You'll definitely want to try chicken under the "fried & sautéed" section as you cant really find those flavours at other popular kfc spots in the GTA. One of my faves is the galbi Q flavour.I also see rosé tteokbokki on the menu at a lot of korean restos but my fave has to be the one at BB.Q chicken. The sauce makes the rice cake literally taste like pasta! (My gf prefers the BB.Q chicken on birchmount in downtown markham because she likes that they are milder w/ the spice and also use thinner rice cakes as opposed to the richmond hill location).The service is friendly and the interior decor is sleek. The unit IS small though so you might want to make reservations on a weekend during peak dinner times.“

4.8 Superb142 Reviews


BanBan Korean •
670 Hwy 7 #12, Richmond Hill

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Honey Butter-Fry Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken
Creamy Tuna Cup BAP
Fried Chicken Combo
Soy Garlic Chicken
Cheesiling Fries
Spicy Yangnyeom
Ban Ban Chicken
Kimchi Fries
Snow Chicken

“As a korean, I can say this place is pretty authentic. I got 12 pieces chicken of spicy signature and soy garlic, and a kimchi rice cupbap. The food was more than enough for 3 people. Both sauces were really good and the chicken was crispy and big. The spicy signature sauce is not spicy at all, so don't hesitate to order even if you can't handle spicy food. And I wish there's more kimchi in the rice cupbap because it was a bit bland for me. But overall, great portion and delicious food. And the staff was kind. I will definitely go back to this place again. I want to try the spicier version "Hell O" next time. Highly recommend this place!!“

4.8 Superb90 Reviews
Kajun Chicken & Seafood Seafood • $
7077 Bathurst St Unit # 6, Thornhill

Customers` Favorites

Buy One Get One Free 2 pcs Dark Chicken
Applue Churro Bites 4 pcs
Buttermilk Biscuits 3
Combo Fried Chicken
Small Onion Rings
Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Skin Fries
Boneless Chicken
Macaroni Salad
Chicken Tenders

“Ordered for lunch via ubereats. It csme early and they even took the time to read my note to add on buttermilk biscuits to the order if it's not included.All i can say is, SO GOOD. This made my day. If your workday sucks and you need some joy in your life, order yourself some chicken tenders and buttermilk biscuits.Fyi, this is southern style chicken. So expect more grease and a 'heaviness' to the food. Not like korean fried chicken. No pickled radish to cut the 'heaviness' of the grease.I'll order again when i need some joy in my life.“

4.5 Superb135 Reviews
Smash Pit Etobicoke Hamburger •
52 Carrier Dr Unit 1, Etobicoke

Customers` Favorites

Southern Style Fried Chicken Sandwich
Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich
Signature Bacon Smash
Bacon Smash Burger
Chili Cheese Fries
Original Smash
Bacon Poutine
Burger With
Super Smash
Big Smash

“Recommended by a dear far the best burger I've ever had!..dropped in with my wife and kids...and my daughter is a picky one!..she finished her burger first!..definitely going back..Great service great staff...nice and clean..lovely place ..and a juicy delicious burger !!..“

4.7 Superb70 Reviews
Chicken Plus Fast Food • $$
3175 Rutherford Rd Suite 81, Concord

Customers` Favorites

Honey Brown Boneless Fried Chicken
Creamy Onion Boneless Chicken
Bone-In L Honey Brown
Snowing Cheese Fries
Boneless L Red Marvel
Koren Beef Fries
Rose Tteokbokki
Pickled Radish
Corn Cheese

“The chicken is phenomenal! Our friend suggested we meet there tonight to try it and i legit couldnt stop thinking just how much i was enjoying this foodWe had bone lessOriginalSoy garlic -ever so slightly spicy (for kids)Bone inCreamy onionSnowing cheeseSweet potatoCorn cheeseEverything was sooo goodWhen you think fried chicken you anticipate it could be dry but NOPE moist tender flavorful chicken.The fries crisp not soggyCorn was fantasticHonestly i would say this place's chicken tastes better than church s chicken and mary brownsI highly recommend trying it the flavours are very good like someone actually tried to make something taste good and even if you dont want the added flavor even just original is greatIf you want fried chicken this is THE place!!Kid-friendliness: They have tvs that played non stop kpop that my son couldnt unglue his eyes off of“

4.5 Superb95 Reviews
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