Juan Colorado Mexican Restaurant

14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr #111, Beaverton
(503) 524-8005

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Bret M

Best carne asada I have experienced outside of texas. Chili colorado is excellent as well. However, most other menu items I have tried have been mediocre if not unremarkable. Fajitas are overcooked, low quality meat. (Why not use the carne asada meat???) Enchiladas are boring, anything with shrimp or crab is nothing special. Queso is gritty. Salsa is pretty darn good though.


Everything about this place, ?????

Jon Sheely

In terms of drinks 5/5Great service

Donna Pankhurst

I will not ever go back! Prices were too high! Salsa was not what I like. Enchilada sauce was gross, didn't like the rice but beans were the only thing good. Chips were a little over cooked! A man vacuumed for several minutes. Should have waited another hour during slow time to vacuum!!!!

Chris Eide

This place is our favorite go-to place for great Mexican food in the neighborhood. Our young children request it by name. The food is delicious and the staff are efficient and friendly. Multiple members of our family have food allergies, but that is never a problem here as they are consistently careful and accommodating.

Lisa Usselman

Customer service was fabulous! Chili Rellino was delicious. Margarita was ? Ground beef was bland.


Good food! I think the sauces used could use a little more flavor but that's a personal request. Good employees and service!


Inedible is the nicest thing we would say. Two of us received dinners which could not be eaten. These are dishes we both order frequently at the Juan Colorado in Hillsboro. They were unrecognizable here, with vegetables so uncooked that a fork had trouble piercing them. The other dish had salt added well beyond any salt lovers preferences. The flavors were otherwise horrible. They didn't even get the salsa right. On top of that, they were still ok with charging us for uneaten food that we complained about. Horrible food, horrible service

Paul Van Sickle

Decent tex mex. A little heavy on the cheese and beans but that's what we want.

Angie Parks

Soup was amazing! Service was excellent!!

Jennifer Burgwin

I have only had takeout so this about the food. Wow they are great! However I ordered the super nachos with shredded beef... Really should be called party size or family size because they are enormous! But very tasty. They don't skimp on the meat! Large chunks of beef. Yum yum yum. Will order again but the small next time! ? Can't wait to see how big that is.I order and chirro for my son. Well there is what looks like Mexican chocolate and cherry sauce on them and my son won't touch it. Oh well.


The food is tasty do not get me wrong, the problem is that it is like any other Mexican restaurant. The plates are huge and full of rice and beans, I ordered a wet pastor burrito with green salsa on top, they give you chips and salsa. I also ordered a soda. The bill came to like $27. Again, the food doesn’t taste bad, but it is a bit expensive for a burrito that you can get anywhere else for more than half the price. The guy I talked to was cool, we both Mexicanos. Try it for yourself and expect to pay almost $20 for a burrito plate.

Fuck No

Chipotle was closed, went here instead for a chicken burrito with everything in it. They said alright and charged me $12.99. I received my food and was on my way. Got home to find my burrito was smothered in tomato sauce and it was literally only filled with chicken. No rice no beans no sauce. Just chicken. Will never return and will warn people of this place. It’s a joke

Larry Almazan

Horrible!! Brought my children today and the food was way overpriced. $7 for a childs softw drink and $7 for each refill with no warning. Ridículous and not worth the price. Do not recommend and wont be back! So dissapointed.

Jennifer M. Ott

Outdoor dining with attentive servers and Great food for the $$$Great kid menu options also.

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