Oasis Lebanese Cuisine | Beaverton

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr, Beaverton
(503) 590-7486

Recent Reviews

Christine Torres Hicks

LOVE!!! Fresh, delicious Lebanese choices that are perfect and flavorful. Excellent menu, service, and entertainment on Fridays. A date night favorite.

Milaina McNannay

This is a delightful restaurant, service has always been wonderful and the food is delicious. As a bonus for those who are looking for vegan options there are some great choices!

Erin Bay Feller

This place is a family favorite. The food is excellent and the service is great!

Brett Redfield

The best pita bread and hummus hands down. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Dina U

I've been searching for a great Lebanese place for years and stumbled upon this gem! My husband ordered a Turkish coffee, lamb stew and spicy fries. I got the amazing chicken shish kabob. Both dishes were perfectly cooked and flavored.We also ordered a desert called cheese kataif, this is a must for any visit!Can't wait to come back sometime and see their belly dancers for a great family night out.

Sylvii S.

Wonderful fresh food . My favorite is falafel salad. The staff working at the restaurant is very professional, kind and just make your dinner experience so much better.

Lindy G.

Pretty good prices. Very attentive staff. The salad is delicious. This is a 4.5/5 in my books. Lighting is a little dim.

Kristina G.

My family is Greek so we LOVE Mediterranean food! This is close to home for me and am so grateful for the love in the kitchen ;)

Sam Tiller

This used to be my favorite resteraunt! Every other Thursday, my family and I would come and get a personal gyro pizza. But recently, we have stopped going so much, because they don't put much lamb on the pizza, and they DOUSE it in sauce. My family travels all over the world, but live right next to this place. And how lucky we were! I think if this is your first Lebanese restaurant, the this is the place to go! The service is great, and each group gets their own nice booth. I believe Saturday nights are belly dancers, and in my opinion, that's weird, but authentic, I guess?


One of my favorite Lebanese restaurants in town! Great Lebanese foods! A lot of options on the menu and everything I had so far were amazingly delicious! I love the service too! Very friendly and helpful server!!

Diane M.

I was craving Lebanese food. I've been very disappointed by most Lebanese restaurants in my area so I girded my loins and ordered an Arabic Style Grilled Chicken Wrap. I was prepared to choke down dry chicken in a soggy wrap. I was desperate. WOW! I was never so happy to be wrong. The wrap was hot, fresh, and presented on shredded lettuce to stave off the soggy. It was grilled with real grill marks. The bread was thick enough to hold the moist goodness of the chicken and thin enough to save me from killer carb coma. I would say one wrap is big enough to be shared but that's a good way to lose a hand. I tried the tabouleh, excellent. The hummus was light and lovely with a hint of smokiness that might be smoked paprika? Oasis is now the top of my take away list. Blessings upon the cooks. No photos cuz I kind of inhaled it....maybe next time.

Sasha P.

Food is a tad pricey but quality and customer service is good. Love the ambiance and how close it is to home. Veggie Mesa plate is always a great option to share, and the gyro salad is my personal favorite.

Katie M.

Love getting Oasis! Their chicken kabobs are my favorite. Then the hummus and pita is wonderful. I have only ever ordered take out, they have always gotten my order right which is always a huge plus!

Tariq S.

Always excellent food and service. Highly recommended. You can never go wrong with The Meza.

O Lee

First time here and pleasantly surprised. The server was attentive, and the chicken shawarma plate was excellent. My friend got the lamb skewers and they were perfectly cooked. Cant wait to return.

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