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8590 SW Hall Blvd #6407, Beaverton
(503) 643-2200

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Alex Conser

So the only thing that even gets a good rating on my part is the fact that they actually still stay open till 2 a.m. when every where else is closed.. but as far as the place it self well it wasn't that clean the guy bar tender was a complete deck and made the drinks with barley any alcohol almost as if it's his he brought from home and gets to keep what ever is left and the people where probably the most awkward as awkward could possibly be and there was a drunk chick that kept falling into you I swear every time u would turn around.. all and all I probably will go back but only because they stay are no joke the only ones open past midnight. But just know I don't like the place at all

Michael Kauffmann

Food was ok, but service was horrible. Sat at the bar, and despite the place being slow, bartenders were worthless

Bill Samples

Great for watching sports. Friendly staff. Decent food. Little ambiance.

Christian Miller

This place is an old school dive bar, that has stood the test of time, because they do it right. The service isn't always the greatest, but the drinks are stiff, and the food is good.

Kevin Bruns

Great place and atmosphere but they apparently started charging a credit card fee for all transactions and not just small ones. Their signs talking about the fee make it seem like it's for small charges under their cost of acceptance. $3.88 charge on a $75 tab. Either change the sign to say its on every credit card charge or increase your prices to cover costs.

Larry Grose

Burgers we're tiny. Bar food is what you get! Pool table and nice waitress made up for the rest though.

Kevin F.

First time ever experiencing this. First of all, I'm a long time customer and friend of this bar. Tonight a friend of mine, and his son, came with me to see the place and have a beer. We met the DJ who was very cool. We had hardly anything to drink leading up to this encounter. The bar staff took it upon themselves to cut us off and not serve us as they continued to serve others that were visibly intoxicated. We were singled out for no reason that I can explain. When I asked them why and challenged them, the short bald headed bar tender flipped me off. This is a short message to management.... From where I am sitting this is borderline discriminatory behavior. Again, I have never seen this behavior at this place before. I hope it gets resolved quickly as I have always enjoyed patronizing this establishment in the past.

ellen partal

There's nothing wrong with thos place it's just got a wierd vibe. Like 2 bars in 1 with 1 side the bar on it and then the other side with karaoke. The bar kinda ignores the karaoke and the kj doesn't interact with anyone not singing. The area is long and narrow with no good place to stand while your singing without being in the middle of people walking by.

Kasanova K.

TERRIBLE DIRTY bartender BRIE. Shitty bartender Brie -- she is really really bad, disrespectful, has NO clue on customer service, racist, very very bad attitude. This shitty woman, Brie, is a disgrace for this place. She has NO culture, no manners, disrespectful. It's like we, as the customers owe her something or some sorts of tips WITHOUT HER doing any s******* She's just BAD. This individual Brie is horrible and made us not go there any more. This creature Brie, makes this place look bad

Shannon E.

Love their drive in dine out cheeseburger!! And the BEST curly fries and honey mustard. Definitely my go to place for comfort food and cheap drinks.

William Leap

Great place for sports or Karaoke. Lots of TVs and plenty of drink. Good people all around. Never seen any drama in here so it gets extra points. Food is pretty good but can be hit or miss (basing that off of years of experience) but the staff are great.

Madi Compos

we love coming in for karaoke, they have good, inexpensive drinks and a great vibe. Jade is the absolute best and keeps us coming back, she makes every experience feel personal and has a great personality all around.


Good atmosphere, friendly staff. And a decent pour, like a Portland bar but in Beaverton!

Chris Davenport

Great little bar. Excellent food and super friendly staff.

Keri Fletcher Eason

Checked out The Sports Page in Beaverton for some karaoke for a bit last night since I was already out that way. KJ Greg and the barstaff are awesome! Met some nice people there too. The garlic tator tots were fantastic! Thanks to Lance for the compliment on my rendition of Send Her My Love by Journey. And they have a lovely bartender who can sing Adele like crazy! What a great voice! What a cool place w a relaxed vibe. This place was a cool find!

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