Jackson's Corner

845 NW Delaware Ave, Bend
(541) 647-2198

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Justin Dunning

Really good flavor on the salad and bread. Sea salt on the butter was a nice touch. Very dog-friendly and plenty of vegetarian options. Will be back.

Jacob Golden

Some of the best, locally sourced food available in Bend. The menu changes with the seasons as the Central Oregon ranches and farms change their offerings. They make their pasta and many other ingredients in the restaurant from scratch. The atmosphere is very family friendly and welcoming. Their Bolognese is easily my favorite pasta dish in town when it's on the menu. My wife's favorite date night and anniversary spot.

leslie veenstra

They're doing a great job to help us maintain personal space and distancing. Food and atmosphere as good as ever.

Adam Parker

I can't say how cute this place is. It has a real community feel, and the food was very good. Little on the pricey side, but worth it for the organic ingredients!

Sandra Coats

Delicious farm to table food. My favorite is the Jackson's Blue salad paired with a pepperoni pizza. During the pandemic, this has been one of the only places we have done take out from and it has delivered deliciousness with every order. A new discovery (for us) are the salted chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

Yule H.

Rocks my socks every time! From pizza to burgers to the best chocolate chunk cookie you'll ever have

Matthew Vinson

Jackson’s Corner is a staple in Bend. I would recommend giving them a shot! They are fairly busy at both locations... but that’s a testament to their great food. They have amazing coffee, beer, and all kinds of other drinks. Can’t say enough good things. If you are debating... try it

Susan Reid

Great place! Always fresh and good.

RJ Samp

home made pasta, freshly made green iced tea. love the atmosphere and seating.

Michael B.

Needs better parking. I have been hit in front of the store, and nearly killed when on my bike. Besides the busyness of the location and lack of roadway, the food is astonishing. Absolute gem. Food is pricey and restaurant is always packed. Great place to grab a delicious bite to eat.

Kausthub P.

Wow. Where do I begin? I remembered this place on my last trip to Bend, and I knew I had to come back. You wait in line and then order and sit. I tried the horchata latte, the huevos rancheros, the baguette (split among the group), and the chocolate chip cookie. The latte was amazing. 2 shots of espresso and horchata, beautifully put together. The entree was also full of flavor, but the baguette with jam and butter and the decadent cookie put this place over the top. Make sure to stop by. It's worth the wait!

Michael Macnab

This place is hopping and for good reason. The staff here are the nicest in town. Always service with a smile and the food is simple and wholesome. The green eggs and ham is a must. Also the huevos rancheros is excellent.

Sherryn A.

Super disappointed. Wanted GrubHub to be a success in my little town as I couldn't leave to go pick up a pizza -- an hour 15 wait yielded a cold, limp tasteless pizza.

John Turk

Great food and fun setup. Good selection of Breakfast/Brunch and a wide beer selection

Rosy Zavala

Great spot to grab breakfast. When I went it was super busy but the process of ordering was quick. You stand in line, order food and look for seating. One thing that did mess with me was getting coffee, you have to head to the back of the building to get coffee. Would have been great to be told this, I sat for a while wondering where my coffee was. Besides this the staff was friendly and the food was great!

Alexander S.

If you don't have fresh, tasty bread, then you can't deliver a world class sandwich. Luckily, these guys don't have that problem. I didn't realize when visiting this place that it was known for its bread. I ordered a BLT and as soon as I had my first bite, I knew it was some of the best bread I've had in the US. It had depths of flavors, and perfect textures, rivaling the breads you'd get in Europe. I've only been once so can't comment on the rest of the menu. But it's clearly well liked, and worth a visit if you're in town and looking for breakfast or lunch.

Keira Kolbeck

One of our favorite breakfast places to eat in Bend. Farm to table, so fresh and delicious. Also they have really good lattes, and great atmosphere

Rick J.

Have been coming to this location since it was a true corner market and have watched it grow into Jackson's Corner, a now iconic local cafe' on the Westside. Short Answer: This is a YELP Yes kind of place ! Location: well positioned between Old Mill, Galveston, and Downtown but still a little hidden away if you're not a local. Parking: at times ridiculous and a bit dangerous as the narrow street allows parking on both sides which allows for just one lane of traffic in the middle. Fun to watch but not experience if you have a large vehicle. Ride your bike. Ambiance: Excellent Bend locals decorations... nothing fake or fancy just fun. Menu: Aside from a great coffee bar, the food menu is pretty simple good with breakfast and lunch items and adult beverages. They stay open until 9 pm so pizza and other special rule the day into the night. Food: Seems to always be well prepped and plated. Taste is a bit on the heavy side, it tastes good but maybe not super healthy unless you spec it out. There are GF and vegan options. Value: excellent, we enjoy warners days sitting outside and taking our time ordering and enjoying our meal without ever feeling rushed. Get there at off peak times and you'll have a great time, otherwise enjoy staying in a line and waiting for a table which is okay if you're into the community kind of thing, be nice share your table and talk to a stranger. Good outdoor seating and kids area when it is not frozen. It get a bit noisy when it is packed.

Carissa Hawthorn

Delish fresh pasta and a killer kids menu!

Jer E.

Okay, so everyone already knows about this place.... They are right, it's good! Throwing in my 2 cents. Not anything I can add.

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Busy, busy, busy but great customer service and great food.. we are always a party of 6 so it’s always a bit anywhere we go but they made it happen really quickly:) we will come back!

Brent B.

I think they specialize in bread so I got a chicken sandwich. It was perfect: juicy chicken, toasty bread, and everything just fit together. Everything else on other tables looked just as good. Super friendly service!

James A.

Always my go2 for breakfast when I'm in Bend... tucked away on a corner on a humble street. This is the place for the locals to go. Have coffee, eat an omelet, eat a waffle, talk to people and enjoy being part of Bend as you start your day.

T S.

Visiting from out of town, looked this place up on yelp, it did not disappoint, deli style ordering with the large family tables, wide righty of choices and delicious food, excellent wine and beer pairings, dessert. Fun atmosphere, perfect for our family visiting on a sports vacation trip, relatively near the river bend shopping area.


Stopped by here two days in a row because the coffee and bread were so good. Great local spot that offers a variety of dishes for breakfast and lunch. I got a brunch salad the first day and the egg dish the second day. Lots of seating, great service, and great atmosphere. The bread and butter dish were extremely fresh and a great add on to any dish if you want some fresh baked bread.

Paula Vetter

Good food and coffee, busy cozy atmosphere yet not loud. Excellent for a large gathering. Avocado toast with radish is soooo good!

Sheri R.

Omg awesome place to eat and hang with friends. Nice, inviting atmosphere with excellent food. Only downfall is that everyone knows how good this place is and it can be a long wait to order and find a table. If you're not in a hurry this is the place to go for lunch.

Sherry S.

Oh my goodness, speaking of breakfast, this place had it going on. I ordered their biscuits and sausage gravy and it was the best I've ever had. Organic always helps with the food going down as well I have to say. The sausage and the spices were on spot. The portions were amazing and the price was too. I had to take some of it back to the hotel. The staff were wonderful too! They have picnic tables with a blanket at every one of them too so you can, once again, sit out there with your dog and stay warm while you ate. Nice touch.

Brittani W.

The food is delicious and the ambience is relaxing comfortable. There is a patio with blankets for cold nights and a covered outdoor picnic area if you want to sit on the grass. Nice selection of carry-out beverages and snacks.

Margot J.

A favorite! The food here is so. good. and there's truly something for everyone. We had very picky family members in town over the summer and took them to Jackson's Corner several times just because there is such a variety of options. The drinks are good, too. Cocktails are always on point. Staff is well versed and knows their stuff when it comes to wine. A favorite Bend ritual is to come for breakfast just as their opening on a weekday morning in the fall when the city isn't packed with tourists. But also, anytime is good. The pasta is amazing. The steak sandwich is delicious. Their Caesar salad is incredible.

Colleen Fay

Good food. Other people must like it too because there was a long Constant line. Almost out the door. Cute place.

Gail G.

Very busy little joint! Love the open atmosphere and shareable tables. We were greeted in line while waiting to order so they could get a head count and save us a spot, that was nice as it was busy and ordering first is a must. Very friendly service and pretty good food. Breakfast burrito was not impressive, small for price and presentation lacking. Tried the salted cardamom latte which was delicious, I do recommend Will be back for sure!

Ohh M.

This spot has some gems, and also some flops. I've come here twice. The first time we had the portobello breakfast dish and Huevos rancheros. The portobello dish was really good, well balanced and flavorful. The homemade bread was top-notch as well. The huevos rancheros was pretty underwhelming in my opinion. The beans were drab and flavorless, And the tortillas were fried so crispy that they were more like crackers. It made it almost impossible to actually get a full bite on the fork. On my second visit I opted for the breakfast burrito, which was decent, however, it was extremely overpriced. $18 for a veggie breakfast burrito with avocado.

Pamela Volk

Talk about a great place to recharge! We went to Bend, OR, for a short road trip. After walking all day, we landed at Jackson's Corner. It was so great, we went back the next day. The food was farm to table in every aspect- fresh and delicious. The staff managed a long line of folks waiting in line to order at the counter so that you felt welcomed and not irritated. By the way, it's kid friendly. Did I mention that the chocolate gellato is to die for? (Forgot to take pictures...I was too busy eating!)

Chris Cullen

Really cool place to have a drink great live music... I got a 20$ dish and there was really nothing good about it I got 1 piece of chicken and half a bowl of pasta.. really good pizza I think they should stick to that

David Kapsner

Great atmosphere. Family friendly, neighborly.

Kathryn Hagerty

Very cute pizza & pasta restaurant. We went for an early dinner - no wait and got a great spot outside. The daily pasta with eggplant, mint, and a delicious sauce was great. Pizza was a unique combo of basil, corn, red onions, and a fresh chees, and absolutely delicious. Very reasonable wine prices by the glass, half bottle, and bottle. Friendly staff.


This has something for everyone. I had an incredibly fresh salad. Great greens that were so fresh! My husband had a rueben that he loved. My daughter had some big tortilla thing! All so good and fresh!

Dave Liedman

Really nice casual eatery, great for brunch and very kid friendly. They have a side patio with green turf and a toy kitchen and some toys for little ones. Also, the sidewalk tables are great for having dogs. We go here frequently with kids and dogs. The food is excellent at this price.

Rosie Hawley

Really good food. Very friendly service. EXCELLENT BLT sandwich which I would highly recommend! Plenty of both indoor and outside searing. Including a lovely 'garden' with artificial grass and blankets provided. A great lunch spot!