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1875 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis
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Z Walton

I went there on 12-10-22 for me and my partner’s anniversary as a small lunch date!! I got the Combination Beef rice Pho and lord was it amazing!! I enjoyed every bite!! Our server was the sweetest I did not get her name but she was amazing. I enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and service I received. I will be going back 100%. I tried to take a nice picture but I was too excited and dug right in!!

Joleen G.

Excellent. Service was slow but the food is worth it. I had a pork noodle bowl that was very filling. I ordered more spring rolls because they were so good. Yum! I can't believe I have lived in Corvallis for a year and haven't found this place. Finally good Asian food!!!

Samuel McGownd

The Pad Thai here is absolutely delicious. The Pho is a little lack-luster but still warms you up and keeps you full. And the prices, compared to other options for food around town, are pretty reasonable making this a go-to place for carry out on a regular basis.Food: 4/5

Phil Clark

Pretty good, not excellent.I ordered P1, combination beef, rice noodle soup. Eye of round, flank, beef meatballs, green onions, cilantro. Didn't really see much flank, no cilantro. Although it wasn't listed-- but usually expected with Phô, there were very few bean sprouts. There was basil, also, but a little more would have been nice. Lots of noodles, though. I would have traded half of the noodles for more bean sprouts and basil. Broth, what I think really differentiates Phô, was average. Just not that flavorful. Maybe a packet of chili oil- or something might have salvaged the order, but was not included. Order was $13.00, I gave another $3.00 as a tip; regretted it. I suppose the only plus was the hard plastic tubs the food came in. I would have traded paper cartons for more/better food, though.Parking: Big lot in a strip mall.

Racquel Hager

It used to be my favorite restaurant. The pad se ewe was my favorite and I'd order it more often than not. The last few times I've been there, the quality & flavor seem to be worse each time. I ordered my usual favorite dish tonight (pad se eee with tofu) and it was a pile of sticky glued together noodles with almost no flavor, only a few pieces of tofu that seemed undercooked, and broccoli that was mostly just the leaves. I don't know if they're cutting corners or have a different cook but they have seriously gone downhill. I will probably still support them because they are a local family-owned restaurant, but I certainly won't order this dish again.

zhuo wu

The front desk service was terrible!!! I ordered couple times through phone that the service guy like “ in their day dream” !! I repeated couple times what I wanted to order and they repeated and confirmed to me totally right! BUT! I got the wrong food when I picked up!!

Brandy B.

Absolutely the most disgusting food in Corvallis! I paid $40 for a lunch that we left in the table. The waiter was nice but not very efficient and the food was terrible, absolutely disgusting. We are fans of Korean food and this was sick. One star because that's my only choice I would give it a big zero.

Demetrius Diaz

Amazing! Love it. Great good awesome atmosphere!

Pamela W.

Great food. My favorites are the salad rolls and chicken salad. Once when I was under the weather two friends dropped off soup to me. Both were from here. Their soup is well known.

Jay C

One of the nice pho place in Corvallis. I actually think it’s the best one, I like their egg noddle better than rice noddle.But the thing is the service can be not great, they let you wait forever, they won’t check on you often.

fang ben

My favorite Southeast Asian restaurants in Corvallis. I have tried almost all the dishes here, P1 and Padseew are the most delicious and distinctive. All the dishes were delicious and received five star reviews.

Nicole Gee

Tried the chicken pho and the pad Thai and we thought it was great! The staff were very kind and the prices were very reasonable. We recommend and will be back soon!

Lisa HelloHappy

Wow that was the weirdest, supposedly Vietnamese restaurant. So the menu is small, and yet features many non-vietnamese items. The table isn't loaded up with various sauces and spices. The pho doesn't have jalapenos or Sriracha or any heat at all. The meatballs were some gross, super-processed canned product like spam or bologna. Not a single menu item with lemongrass.Who on earth is making the menu and cooking the food? Surely it can't be Vietnamese people.Will absolutely never go back.Everyone saying this place is great has clearly never had real Vietnamese food. Which isn't surprising, in small town Oregon.But seriously, what even was this strange place?

Alan A.

Good vegetarian options. Tasty and fair price. Friendly service. A welcome change of tste

KimHoa’s is AMAZING

Thank you so mcuh KimHoa’s for the most amazing food. Everyone who worked there was exceedingly kind and generous. 10/10 as far as people go, 11/10 as far as food goes. The food is absolutely to die for. Wow!!! Love love love. New favorite Restaurant in town.

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Kimhoa's Kitchen---Call For Updated Menu / Hours

1875 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 754-9751