TOGO'S Sandwiches

2317 NW 9th St, Corvallis
(541) 753-1444

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Sandy Haines

They messed mine up, but made it right. And my daughter and son in law love this place

L Hanslovan

The sandwiches were kind of expensive but the pastrami and Swiss on white bread served heated was really good almost worth the $$$Food: 5/5

Jocelyn Finnegan

Delicious deli sandwiches and fresh. Staff is very nice and friendly

Chelyce Chambers

This is the 2nd time I've ordered from this location and both times were awful. I gave it another chance because I was hoping it was a one off. Nope! I ordered a HOT Pastrami sandwich and it was ice cold! No melted cheese and the toppings were minimal! The guy who helped my fiancee was named Zach or something close to that. He asked the worker if it was going to be hot and "Zach" confirmed. I don't under where the disconnect was. I will not be going here again. JERSEY MIKES all the way from now on.

Ken Jones

Togo's - worth the trip. I'm staying in Albany, but drove to Corvallis for a sandwich. My personal preference is the turkey and avocado, but there are a number of other excellent choices on the menu.Parking: Free

Mark Berry

Excellent food and nice staff. I've been eating at Togos for decades. Same consistently good sandwiches. I recommend the pastrami.Edited to fix spelling errors.

Cynthia Moses

Ordered the small Cheese steak sandwich with provolone. Super yummy & satisfying.Pleasant employees.

Mossy Sloth

The staff was wonderful! The food good. I had a salad and it was great.

Yvonna Claeys

Amazing!! Our first time at Togo's. I ordered the triple dip..and it was so good..the customer after me saw it being made and decided he wanted it to. So much meat..holy moley!!! It tasted so good..and because it was so big, I had dinner too!!! 100 stars out of 5...highly recommend.

Brigitte M.

I ordered the classic Italian sub sandwich and when asked what veggies I wanted, I asked for lots of tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peperoncinis and green pepper. (It already comes with lettuce and oil and vinegar.) I got two sliced tomatoes and one of them was the stem end cut! It also had a few olives and peperoncinis on it. My sandwich was dry and the sour dough bread was tasteless. I couldn't see the gal making my sandwich, otherwise I would have asked for more veggies. My husband commented that his sandwich was also dry and had too much bread for the amount of meat. He had the white bread with ham and Swiss. We also had to wait for them to reboot the self-service beverage machine because it was reporting that it was OUT of everything. Argh. In addition, there was dried food stuck on the table. I had to go back to the counter and ask for lettuce which helped a lot with how dry it was. Needless to say, I will not be back again. I'll stick with Jimmy John's or Subway from now on. My husband agreed.

Tony Quintero

So good, love togo's and hi Chris Martin, I worked at one in salem before it shut down, many yrs ago, glad you still have it open in corvallis, pastrami all the way..

Violet Young

I've been visiting and enjoying Togo's since I was introduced to them in 1982. Always a great sandwich mafe the way you want it, with high quality ingredients. I've NEVER had a bad experience in a Togo's in California or Oregon.We are very partial to their #9 hot pastrami sandwich which is AWESOME!!! We also LOVE their meatball sandwich and their roast beef is very good as well. I haven't tried their other offerings since I am not close to a shop and crave the pastrami.The staff is friendly and accommodating with cutting sandwiches into small pieces and serving the components in a bowl to make the experience gluten free.We highly recommend Togo's and encourage any one to give it a try.Enjoy!

Jim Baumgartner

I used to like Togo's, but quantity and quality of meats has been declining, especially pastrami. For the (increased) price, there is far too much inedible ligament in the pastrami (photo is from 1/3 of the sandwich). Even Subway has better pastrami now.

Ed Dewilde

2 sandwiches had the wrong bread, bread was old and dry as well. Don't order the cheese steak, because it's actually roast beef and disappointing.

kasi moon chase

There sandwich was delicious but expensive also they charge for cheese as well and failed to tell me that at the time.

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