86 Speakeasy

555 Oak St, Eugene

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Patricia Zubrod

We had a great time at 86 Speakeasy! Personally, I’ve been to fancier looking ones but I liked the vibe and very fitting for Eugene from my experience. I don’t remember the names of all the drinks we had but they were very good. My friend got the coffee one which was super cool! I was too busy watching to get a video of it but highly suggest it! And they weren’t even pretty, also tasted good. The calamari was also delicious! The person who sat us was nice and the bartenders were great! They are very busy turning out drinks the whole time but it’s fun to watch. It’s not a very big space but great for date or couple girls type of night!

Joshua Johnson

Impeccable table service, experienced bartender, great 1920s vibes with a modern twist, and thematic drink menu. This is a fun place to visit for any night out. Looking for a quick bite as well? The appetizers always arrive very quickly and you'll love them. The meat and cheese platter has refreshing array of sweet, savory, and pickled items.

Bailey Garcia

Great chill vibe. The bartender is hilarious. All around great experience! Definitely will be coming back

Ashley Barrett

Great Atmosphere. Recommended by a friend. We ate at Gorden Tavern and let them know we had reservations at 86. They tried hard but got our dinner late. When we got into 86, we enjoyed a drink then was told by the bartender we needed to pay our tab and leave. Definitely will let my friends know what happened.

April Paulson

The Cocktails were awful and not worth $14. Fries were cold upon arrival. Brussel sprouts were flavorless. The male bartender was not very friendly and seemed put out that we asked to sit at a table instead of the bar. Ambiance was lacking. Not my cup of tea. For the amount spent, you'd be better off getting cocktails and appetizers across the street at Marche.

Sarah Loutan

Visiting friends in Eugene this weekend. We made a reservation for 4 people at the Speakeasy at 9:15 on a cold a stormy January night. We walked in the rain to the speakeasy afte r having paid out $5 reservation fee and confirming by text that we would be there, we ended up being 15 minutes late and the male bartender in charge of seating rudely lectured us on how they suffer no-shows all the time and that even though we paid and confirmed, they gave our reservation away and that we would not be served. They turned us away with no remorse. I don’t appreciate not even a text asking if we were still coming, we were only 15 minutes late. I understand it’s a timed visit, if they’d cut our time short that I would have understood. But they took our table of 4 and gave it away to a party of 2. I won’t be back. I’m understandably disappointed in the service when I had gone above and beyond to make this reservation. Not impressed.

jake Huckaby

The atmosphere was great, but don't try to show up early, our reservation was for 7:15pm we showed up at 7:10pm and were told to go wander and wait until 7:15pm. The staff was less friendly. The issue is if you are a minor. No where in the restaurant did it state that minors were not allowed upon sitting down my friend who ordered a diet coke was asked for there ID upon saying they were a minor, they were denied service and ask to leave as the bartender did not want to risk his license (we went across the way to the whisky distillery and had no issue). Since they were denied access due to being underage was a bit odd as we were not carded coming into the door so i cannot see how this was a issue. we are sitting at the bar asking for a diet coke. Upon coming to the realization we no longer want to be there since our friend could not join us as well. The Bartender let out a loud "GodD*mmit" pardon my language. Which is quite unprofessional. The staff is a huge downside considering that they will not serve minors yet they did not check ids before being seated

Carolyn M.

Fun place to feel special in. Get the password before you go or you'll be left standing at the janitors closet door; it is a speakeasy. I'm fairly certain our group had one of everything on the small plate menu, sometimes two! Everything was wonderful, especially the calamari. The cocktail list is nifty; prohibition style recipes. Don't fret though, there's a FULl bar with mixologists to concoct anything you might want. Don't forget to pursue the bourbon list; it's pretty extensive. Cheers!

Clare VonderHaar

Such a fun environment to have a cocktail and an appetizer with friends and family!

Rick A.

A lot of hype for something mediocre. The ambiance needs some work. Music needs to be louder as I felt I was in a library the size of a storage closet drinking overpriced drinks that were not made well. Maybe it was the Sazerac old fashion the bartender highly recommended. The drink had no ice served in a double old fashion glass with way too much simple syrup. Had one drink and left. Some simple improvements with proper lighting, music, and work on the cocktail recipes would make this place worth checking again. Service was great and the people were very nice.

Nancy A.

We went there for an after dinner drink on our Anniversary. It was a fun atmosphere & a good selection of whiskey drinks. Looking forward to my next visit.

Jo Archer

The gimmick is fun. It’s a small bar. Service was good. Appetizers were okay. Pricey. I doubt we’ll return because we’ve been there done that.

Jim M.

Came in after dinner at the Gordon Tavern. You need reservations ahead of time, and the password at the door. :-) Cozy and low lights inside. Low music playing in the background. Very nice and relaxing atmosphere. Small room, maybe big enough for 25 (30) people. Friendly Host and Bartender. Bartender puts on a good show when she makes the drinks. Fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Michelle VC

The drinks were phenomenal, try all of them and finish the night off with Billdipper; you won’t be disappointed.

Grant Cooper

Really neat spot, I have been twice this week. I like their Old Fashioned and the vibe. Great date night spot to impress the ladies!

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