Beppe & Gianni's Trattoria

1646 E 19th Ave, Eugene
(541) 683-6661

Recent Reviews

Sharren Wachtel

I have visited many times, always going for daily Ravoli special, wine, bread, salads and of course dessert ! The Owners are fabulous and so is the food! You can't miss with this one!!

James Perkins

Consistently great food, affordable wine, and knowledgeable servers. Can take a while to get seated at peak hours. Can be a little noisy. I always love coming here though.

Kimberly Ingram

B&G's. is a great neighborhood place. It feels homey and the food is very good. A Eugene staple!


Still the best Italian and one of the best restaurants in Eugene. Food is always excellent, great waitstaff, good wine list. Highly recommended.

J.E. WGreve

Great food and yummy desserts! This place can get a little busy and loud, and they don't take reservations for smaller parties. If you come early and sit in the back, you should have a great experience!


This is second-rate, at best. On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be any first-rate Italian food in Eugene.

Diana Miller

The daily special, it is a lobster & other seafood stuffed ravioli’s with crab sauce!!! Best dish!

Michael Helton

Terrific ravioli and lasagna. Caesar salad also very good. Although they don't take reservations worth the wait. Highly recommended!

Haley Hamilton

Food is so delicious. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a lovely night out with someone special.


This place had great reviews so we tried it. Unfortunately, they were out of four or five things tonight and it was disappointing because two of the things we really wanted. The chef should plan ahead and order accordingly especially on a week of Thanksgiving when a lot of families are in town. My mom ordered the pasta Pomodoro and it was nothing like the sauce was described. It was just like canned stewed tomatoes and they put a ton of sauce on it so it was very overbearing. I ordered the homemade fettuccine with the garlic and Parmesan and the garlic was extremely raw tasting and very overpowering. Caprese was good.

Autumn B

Food- Fantastic

Mackinsey L.

I have lived in Eugene a long time and finally checked out the famous Beppe & Giannis. It wasn't everything everybody talks about and I was honestly disappointed. High prices and not quality food. I got the special ravioli plate and it was a small plate and not even hot when it first came out. The dish was awful and very boring and cold. My partner got the lasagna and it was decent. The server was very nice! My favorite Pasta place is Placido's Pasta Shop, check them out before you go here. They have amazing food.

Chris E.

We come to Beppe and Gianni's for our anniversary. This year we had the luck to have Hannah as our server. She is a complete delight! Excellent service and the sweetest personality. It was a truly special night. The food and wine were completely delicious. Its so nice to have higher end wines available by the glass. We are never disappointed.

Jeff Jacobs

Nice, quiet place to take my wife without paying as much as what some of the downtown restaurants expect. The food was excellent except I think the bread could have been a bit fresher. We got to sit next to some members of the Duck football team which was a nice surprise.

Starla K.

Good enough. They gave a huge variety and plenty of ambiance. Nice for families or a date. They have amazing fresh pasta, love the seafood dishes and wine selection.


Fabulous Italian restaurant. We had the Bishops Hat Ravioli. It was some of the best Italian food I have ever had. Wait is worth it!!!

Dionsai R.

The food and service was amazing! Truly one of my favorites when in Eugene on business.

Mick D.

A very poor example of an Italian restaurant, the seafood options reek of using imitation crab or lobster, they might as well be Olive Garden, hell you're better off going to Olive Garden. This place is a joke!

LK Davies

Went for a birthday dinner with my long-time girlfriends. It had been a long time since I last ate there. They don't do reservations, although check with them if you have a big group...that may be an exception.

Pancho Upshaw

Everything was delicious!! Since we were having so much fun and didn't want our visit to end we decided to order a couple desserts to share. The olive oil cake with lemon curd and the cheesecake. Good thing we didn't order 3 desserts, these things were huge!!! We definitely could have shared one! They were both so yummy, the only complaint was the cheesecake had no mention of the raspberry topping (one of us is not a fan of raspberries).


The service was excellent. I was guided in the write direction for taste. I would definitely go back to try something different. The home made pasta was awesome!

James B.

I don't usually take the time to give restaurant reviews. Beppe and Gianni's was recommended by others as being the best Italian in Eugene. We went there for dinner yesterday - 10/1/19. The restaurant looked like it used to be a charming bungalow residence. However the inside was dingy and dirty around the edges, inside and out. The floor was sticky, the walls looked water stained and felt like they needed cleaning. Or, maybe it's called 'atmosphere'? My salad was a handful of limp field greens mixed with some fresher greens. Nothing else in the salad. The toasted garlic and cheese with bread toast was rated high, so I tried it. The toast was limp, and they were stingy with the cheese which had melted and soaked into the bread, a gooey mess. My entrée was described as braized beef with wide noodles in a savory sauce. It came to the table as a pile of room temp noodles mixed with dry, hard to cut, fatty, room temp. pot roast. I had a few bites and couldn't finish it; very unusual for me at 5:30 pm. I skipped the bread, oil and balsamic, saving my appetite for the main course. I ended up finishing all the bread, even the gooey mess appetizer. This restaurant may have been 4+ stars in the past, but the quality of the food and 'atmosphere has obviously fallen. I've had much better, tasty Italian food in Eugene. My advice: approach with caution.


By far the best Italian food in town. I had lasagna and some excellent wine. The bread was fresh and tasty. My favorite

Josephwbeal ..

It's a cute place for an intimate meal, but it was expensive and not impressive. I had a seafood/pasta dish...learn from my mistakes. The tiramisu was beyond soggy...our waitress seemed terrified the whole time. Good atmosphere, but the food was not great.

Doug Biden

Very good Italian restaurant with excellent pasta dishes. Based on my experience cannot recommend their fish. Tastes like it's from Costco. Very good wine selection and Italian house wines are my favorite kind - good, food friendly and inexpensive.

Eliot Benson

Jamie was the kindest, most attentive hostess I have ever had! She is amazing. Restuarant was amazing. 10/10 perfect place

Vicky S.

Last minute decided to go there. We're seated right away. The service, the food, was just so so good. The icing on the cake was the olive cake with lemon, wow!!! It's a must go in Eugene. Bravo!!!


This is the absolute best restaurant in Eugene! I’ve eaten pretty much everywhere, and you can’t go wrong with Beppe and Giannis! My whole family agrees!

Mark Eaker

Excellent Service amazing food

Kiki H.

Every year we come to Beppes when we visit Eugene. It's typically pretty consistent. The bishops hats are always good as is the caprese salad. Both are fresh and big portions. Tonight I tried the aperol spritz and it had way too much aperol and was pretty small for a spritz. I'm also really disappointed that Beppes doesn't have gluten free pasta or bread. Most Italian places at least offer a gluten free pasta option. This is very important to my spouse who more recently developed a gluten allergy. Year after year I think Beppes will get on the bandwagon but they don't. I think I'll be passing on Beppes in the future until a gluten free noodle option is available.

Bethany Latta

Great service! Great wine! The food was good the desserts were incredible! The seating is the only complaint I have. This is a place to take your time in and enjoy, comfortable seating would be appreciated 😊!

Tyler M.

Wow! Sooo amazing! The best Italian food I've ever had. Went all on the waitress recommendations and was blown away by it all. I had the ravioli, very fresh, tender, flavorful. The lemon shrimp was perfectly cooked and great flavor! And finally the cake, wow, marscapone, strawberry and coconut with cake, yum!!

Stephen Philip Schwanbeck

Great food and great service. A tad noisy, however. But then again, we Americans talk loud.


The Salmon was delicious. Perfectly cooked. My husband had the halibut and he said it was also delicious. Great service. Love the bread and olive oil and balsamic. Awesome wine selection.

Nara Emery

Amazingly delicious meal. The ravioli was delightful and melted in my mouth. My wife's pasta was amazing as well. I had to take my time with the Tiramisu, but it was amazingly worth it!

Sam B.

Over rated and super busy.. Pasta was suppose to be a pomodoro sauce with pasta cooked a little al dente.. The pasta was over cooked and when I spoke to the waitress she just shrugged her shoulders and stated it's all pre cooked! I spoke to the owners daughter with the same response. The pomodoro sauce was more like a thick marinara sauce and tasted like sugar had indeed been added. Not the diced tomatoes, garlic and nice virgin olive oil as it should be. Growing up myself Sicilian I am probably over critical. The food was standard pizza joint, canned type sauce with a heavy pre prepared taste.


My daughter and I had a wonderful dinner. I had the ravioli special and she had the lasagna. Both dishes were vary delicious. It’s no wonder it’s hard to get in - the food is amazing.

kathy chandler

loved it. Recommended by hotel and we were very impressed. Hannah was our server - she took great care of us and was very knowledgable. Dinner was delicious! Thanks to the kitchen and all staff for a delightful evening

Kieran W

The food that is served here is an extension of what you would find in Italy. Quality, ample servings and a knowledgeable staff.


I've gone here several times but I have only had the lasagna...because I know I will not be disappointed.The people I've gone with have had no complaints about their meals. The food is good, the bread is good, the service is good. It's in the University district so can be crowded at times. I would advise to go early or go late if you don't like to wait.