John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes

Coffee, Tea, Bakery, Cafe

1615 E 13th Ave, Eugene
(541) 346-5428


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Baz D.
Good selection of snacks. Good coffee. Good tea! Rotating local art on the walls. Somehow I find myself wanting to get the heck out of there after I get my more
Kristen H.
I couldn't have asked for a more convenient Allan Bros. location. It's on the first floor of the Jacqua Center and surrounded by the dorms and main more
Sam C.
Located on University of Oregon's campus inside of John E. Jaqua Student Athlete Academic Center is Camp 13 Beanery. Operated by Allann Bros Coffee more

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Monday 7AM - 5:30PM
Tuesday 7AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday 7AM - 5:30PM
Thursday 7AM - 5:30PM
Friday 7AM - 5:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


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Celebes Kalossi$13.50
A brew so smooth, so velvety, it is known as the 'king of coffees', a premium coffee for the demanding palate, from the sulawesi region and the estate of sulotco, from torajo, notable, magnificent full body with a velvety, slightly earthy taste
Black and sultry, it still grows wild in the southwestern mountains, sip this magic brew and you'll understand why the ancients considered it a miracle, sidamo grade 2, grade 2 is the top grade, a very distinctive winey flavor, yet rich in fullness, a superior ethiopian coffee
At altitudes over 4, 000 feet grows this special coffee, this estate varietal produces coffee with a medium body and a spicy aroma, savor this one all day, this coffee is grown in the huehuetenango region and is imported exclusively by us, medium fullness with a nutty, snappy flavor`
100% Hawaiian Estate$12.50
A well-balanced enticing coffee so rare it may be hawaii's best-kept secret, kauai estate, soft, mild in flavor, yet full in body, low in acidity, unique flavor compared to other hawaiian coffees, a pleasing aftertaste makes this a good choice for both novice and seasoned gourmet coffee drinkers
A mild climate and mountainous terrain produce a delicately acidic, well-rounded taste from their main crop, this is simply the best kenya this year 'aa', medium roasted, it is smooth and rounded with a rich, winey flavor reminiscent of the finest cabernet, very distinctive aroma
Premier Colombian-Medium Roast$9.95
Among the highest quality coffees in the world, these rare, superior grade colombian beans are usually sold exclusively to the european gourmet coffee market, fine body and rich, yet mild flavor combine to yield a smooth, balanced cup, the medium roast is best for those who want richness without heaviness, the medium roast is good for drinking all day
Colombian Decaf$11.50
Golden mandehling grade 1, this is a sturdy, rich, full flavored coffee with a velvety-like heaviness, very, very nice brew
Sumatra Decaf$11.95
Costa Rican$9.95
Our strictly hard bean shb, european prep', patio dried costa rican was chosen for its superior flavor and aroma, after searching for months and months, we think we have found a coffee that suits us perfectly, nice body, medium acidity, perfect roundness
Ethiopian Decaf$11.95
Organic Guatemalan$10.95
Our java is aged for a smooth cup, 'jampit', one of java's finest estate coffees, very low acidity, it possible a mellow flavor and a full, smooth body, excellent in blends
Robust yet silky body, mild acidity and a wonderful bonquet, this is one of the very few mexican coffees that are strictly high grown shg, makes a heavenly espresso!
Premier Colombian -Full Roast$9.95
Not for the faint at heart, a mesmerizing aroma, balanced richness and bold taste, same bean as medium roast, good for drinking all day but the full roast goes especially well with dinner
Colombian Natural Decaf$11.95
Organic Sumatra$11.95


African Genesis$10.95
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