Novella Café

100 W 10th Ave, Eugene
(541) 683-7070

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Undercover Astrology

07/01/2022*Inside the Library*I ordered a Everything Bagel toasted with cream cheese for $3.50. It was really good. The gentleman taking my ordered and preparing my bagel was pretty nice.I parked on the street and paid $0.25 at the meter for 16 minutes so I could go in the cafe and get my bagel. There's a paid parking lot with a kiosk to pay at too.#cheapeats#nomadlife#stealthcamping

Melody Charles

Their lattes are surprisingly crazy good. I'm not sure what kinds of beans they use. I remember coming here everyday before my classes started, Summer of 2014. The whole library has an amazing atmosphere too.

Jordan Meyers

Gabe made me a really good coconut milk cappuccino today!! Delicious and worth the price.. which was super reasonable. Maybe even cheap. Are you making any money here Bagel Sphere?!??!?! So good!!! Thanks!

Hilary April

Novella cafe is owned by bagel sphere and they have the best ny style bagels in eugene and quite possibly in oregon! Fantastic coffee too !

The fairway Man

This place have a story to tell a long one great coffee you should come by fairway coffee sometime and try out some of are coffee

Carolyn Marie Dimmick

Great place to get coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese while you wait for the bus to work.

Spectrum Fenix

The bagel was really nice. I asked for a multi grain one with cream cheese, and toasted. Paid $2.25! In my opinion it was worth it and I really enjoyed it.

Stephanie Bohan

I love this café . It's cheap it's so convenient because it's right across the community college and the center of town. And also it helps the library will win overall

Rocklin L. Redinger

Great coffee, friendly barristas!

Geneieve Dugan

I love the staff here! They remember me and prep my order when I come in..which is important because I ride the bus daily for work.

Ian Cunningham

Good coffee, decent prices, and friendly service

wacky Jacqui

I really don't think a small hot chocolate is worth $3...& Why should I tip you.... just take it out of the the $3 I gave you.

Virgil Mayreder

Really cheap bagels. 1.50 including the spreads.

Loreen Heneghan

Great place to get a drink and maybe a bagel or something at the library

Christine Nelson

It's a great place to get something to eat and to get drinks

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