Mashita Teriyaki

15900 SW 116th Ave, King City
(503) 670-7652

Recent Reviews

Jen B.

Omg ewwww. I've lived in the area for years and finally decided to try this place.The floor is FILTHY. I know that dumps can have the best food so I ordered the beef teriyaki plate.After I ordered and paid and got my soda cup, I noticed the dead bugs and dirt in the corner by the soda machine. Eww again.They should rename it to beef teriYUCKY.Whew, it was so salty it was inedible!Given the cleanliness and food quality, I wont be back. I wanted to like this place, but I just can't do it.

Toby Engel

The food is as delicious as the people are kind. One of my favorite spots to get food. Yum AF.Food: 5/5

Lynx Cheam

Order online. Drive over. Pickup is within 5 minutes of meal being ready. Great times!Food: 5/5


Food is great, prices reasonable. Nice place to eat for a quick bite. Service is fast and serving size is decent. Convenient location for anyone traveling along 99 in Tigard or King City.Food: 5/5

Edwin Vargas

Chicken Teriyaki was good. Shrimp fried rice, on the other hand, was burnt. If you're wondering how so, the rice had a dark oily color to it and burnt taste.Food: 3/5

Boni Shull

Food was wonderful! Splendid service! Bento dish a great price for a nice hot healthy lunch!!!!

Kelsey Riddle

They raised their prices. Only reason for the 4 stars. Otherwise good food and service.Food: 5/5

Karen Kirby

Been picking up dinner from here for as long as I can remember. It’s changed over the years but the hot and spicy tofu we got yesterday was best ever. Good, strong flavor and lots of sauce. Wonderful.

Madison Smith

This teriyaki place rly takes it above and beyond. Lady working the counter was incredibly cheery, I had my order placed & was on my way within 5 minutes! Only $7.50 for the order pictured. Definitely will be returning with my partner soon.This place HAILS in comparison to the restaurants I’m used to in the Beaverton area ?

Rachel Green

Love this place! We don't live nearby anymore but whenever we're close we try and stop by

Gary N.

Good quality food for the money. Very fast too. Alway looks very clean Friendly staff.

Vicki L.

Consistently good food. Their service is fast and they are always friendly. I love their beef teriyaki.

Jim Au

This is ideally located along a busy stretch in King City, with plenty of parking. This is what I consider to be Japanese comfort food, and the selection is pretty unique for such a restaurant, and the prices are very affordable. The quality of the food is my only reason for not maxing out the stars, but it's good enough that I would come back here any time for lunch or dinner. I left after having lunch and felt comfortably full, so then I recommend this place to anyone who is not picky over Japanese food. I rate this a very good value so long as you like what they offer. At least, I do, and I'll be back.

Oscar Lomeli

Chicken with srimp Teriyaky great ...Love it

Roger Dessert

Love this place. The prices are good and the food is great!

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