Central Perk

51365 US-97, La Pine
(541) 408-7878

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E Land

I have been going to this coffee stop for approx 6 years averaging 4-5 stops a month. I like the coffee and i like the ham and crossaints. It looks as though these people are cutting cost by sacrificing quality. The cheese they use to put in the crossaint was cheddar cheese. Now it is some cheese that is in the order of plastic in the arteries. I brought this up to one braista on a stop, she said she would relay to the owners. Well the last time I was there which was Saturday or Sunday on my way to Eureka, I stopped by early in the morning. Jut so happens the manager was there. I ordered my usual this time of year caffe latte hot In casual conversation, I thought to mention it to her to maybe to put in a suggestion to the owners about changing back to the healthier cheese and even charge more. She immediately blamed the issue of the cheese as to being out of stock and havent been able to get any more because of COVID. I for one am tired of hearing this excuse everyday a supplier doesnt have basic stuff. I really wasnt asking for an excuse why they did not have the cheese; merely a suggestion. She also said " oh I heard about you" and continued with " if you dont want to order the ham crossaint, there are a thousand other places around here you can get something to eat instead of here. I thought that was a bit rude but i accepted my coffee, paid and continued down the road. After leaving, I opened the ham sandwich up and it was cold. The cheese although microwaved was solid slice and the ham and crossaint was cold. The coffee was slightly warmer than luke warm. I think i am done with this place. If you are headed into Lapine from the south, a much better coffee and nicer manager is about a 1/4 mile on the left. And coming from the north about 1/4 mile in on the right. They serve ham and crossant sandwiches also and much more friendlier. Thats too bad. I do really like Central Perks coffee.

Linda Greenwood

Got stuck in the snowy drive through.The girls were very helpful. I can't wait to go back for coffee.

Hyperjackaboy 3583

The coffee is great and they have a huge selection. The staff is helpful and very nice.

Sir Frost

The service here is always fantastic, and the drinks are made well.

Danielle Bresser

I thought t&s was the best coffee shop in town, I was wrong ! I will only go here now even if it's on the opposite side of town .

Tammy Brown

Really nice service, really good coffee. Very good location, on my way home.

Caitlin Lara

These are the coffee shops you want to be spending money at. So much better and cheaper than Starbucks. SMOOTHEST FRAP AROUND. Try the heath candy one! Cold brew is so smooth and fresh. Employees so friendly and welcoming. Going to stop by again!

Jack Kuenzi

German chocolate blended mocha very good

darcel ortolani

Delicious and refreshing drink's, great staff

Maddie Cowell - LilMissJeepHer

So yummy!?

Michele Steward

Love this place~we stop here every time we go through... Delish coffee and headed cream for my Ketogenic lifestyle

Serenity Mcbride

Oh yeah ☺️. Their blended white mocha with carmel. Is so good. Sweet creamy and during a hot day so satisfying. They are so nice. Was being my silly self and was told I was having to much fun ? thank you.

Shelli Adams

My favorite spot to stop in LaPine.A must to start and end a shopping day perfectly.

CTM Unlimited Auctions

From out of town. Stopped here for coffee. Friendly and great coffee. Thank you!

M. Roccia

Nice people and a great coffee. I'll be back for sure.

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