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102 Liberty St NE #120, Salem

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Amber Grandprey-Shores

Amazing coffee and espresso drinks, and wonderful pastries to go with them! A delicious way to start your day, all with great service in a funky and fun setting.

Hal S

Great coffee and espresso by day. Funky bar by night. Food is excellent with sizable portions. Friendly staff make the experience pleasant.

Marcus Troyer

Fantastic cappuccino, rich notes of espresso and perfectly foamed milk. Wife had drip coffee, top notch! Definitely check them out! Really nice outdoor seating. Inside is decor is aesthetically pleasing!

Laura Gwyn

Excellent place to meet up - business or personal.

Audrey B.

Jacob makes the most amazing drinks and has the best customer service! Ask for the revolver with gin, it's his creation and it's amazing!

Negar A.

Terrible terrible latte! I ordered a regular latte but what I got was not latte.. I could not taste the coffee at all and it was sweet!!! Latte is simply espresso and milk, but the latte here is milk, syrup and a touch of coffee! The coffee was so little that I could not say if it is espresso or instant coffee!!! It is fine to customize latte but you should let the customer know or have a new name for it!

David H.

Excellent and unique coffee! It's a nice place to chill and talk. Highly recommend for any occasion!

Karen S

This place is so good. Enormous bar and full coffee bar too. Menu has small plates as well as full sandwiches. Their rosemary fries are delicious and so was the falafel wrap. Excellent chai latte. Really friendly staff and nice decor, good people watching. It’s quiet and nice, I keep coming back.

Atima Ongart

Visiting Salem for a couple days. Good coffee. I got vanilla latte. My husband got cold brew and he is a coffee snob??

Ghost R.

can't believe you gave this position to a person (and partner) that steals money. good luck. Ask around. You know....

Kat J.

Quiet a fun bar with a lot of thought put into it. Each drink has a unique concoction and flavor, but you can't go wrong. The food it flavorful as appetizers for the table and Chatted with the owner about the technique and thought that goes into each food and drink on the menu. It changes regularly with the seasons and has a quieter milieu for drinks. There is indoor outdoor seating if you dare in the fall, but summer time makes that indoor/outdoor living more possible. The prices were a bit much, but the service was great. We hung out with our waitress and caught up after her shift to show her around town. Still unsure as a coffee place but might try back soon

Audrey D.

Excellent gluten free choices and several of them. Slightly spendy, but for me it is worth it just to have more than one or two gluten free options to choose from.

Cara C.

I have given this place multiple tries and always been unimpressed by the service and the drinks. Many times when I have come here the bar has completely forgotten that I ordered a drink and I have to come inside and re-order it. After getting the drink I'm always disappointed with how watered down it is and lacking in flavor considering how pricey their drinks are. I want to love this place I really do I love the environment I love their creativity and I love that they also offer coffee but so far it has really miss the mark for me.

Mark P.

I'm here most mornings. The lattes keep me coming back and the scones rate from wonderful to scrumptious. The staff is the best and make sure everything is just right.

Steve C.

Awesome place. Excellent decor, and good, tasty beverages. Staff was friendly and we felt very comfortable here.

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