Bentley's Coffee

2195 Mission St SE, Salem
(971) 239-9602

Recent Reviews

Light Yagami

Always the best. I'm military so having 50% off is always nice. The support is very appreciatedFood: 5/5

Kelsie Rangel

Bentleys never disappoints, my go to is a Hot Caramelized Snickerdoodle w. Almond milk, the perfect blend of coffee and sweetness! Also the RISK peach fusion w. extra peaches is bomb!

Sammie Sosa

Never fails no matter what location I visit... special treat the whole family will love! Our kids and dogs look forward to this every time!

K P.

Very friendly, as always & what impressed me most was when I asked about ingredients in their oat milk & they took the time to show me the ingredients. The drinks were hot & made perfectly & I would have given them 5 stars but it always bothers me that, I'm assuming (?), they're required to ask if they're getting tipped. Still a fan of Dutch Bros!

Misty Roldan

Mission Street Bentley's is our favorite! We drive all the way from Monmouth to get our drinks! You guys rock!!I always get an unsweetened iced green tea!Kid-friendliness: My 3 year old will only drink smoothies from Mission Street Bentley's!

Brent McCarthy

Lulu loves the attention that they give her and knowing they help support dog rescue makes it our fav oh and cookie butter shakes !!

Jacky S.

Used to lovee this Bentleys because they were all sweet and up beat! However today I had the worst experience I've ever had anywhere... unfortunately this Gay guy with a five a clock shadow thought it was ok to say that I had the "munchies" because I ordered a parfait and a ham and Swiss croissant for myself. Mind you it was 1pm and I hadn't eaten all day so I was pretty hungry and didn't have time to go grab a nice meal so I stopped by Bentleys just to have something in my system and come to my surprise some person thinks it's their business to comment on what I'm going to EAT. Unfortunately Little do they know I've had a eating disorder since I was 12 and eating has been one of my worst struggles and maybe they thought it was "funny" or "clever". BUT come on ITS 20 FUCKING 22 learn how to be a decent human and NOT make comments about peoples choice of food. I will most definitely not be returning to Bentleys because running into someone like this again Terrifies me.

C Wolf

Awesome coffee, upbeat and polite employees, and they spoil my dog rotten!

Tracie Beckes

The girls were really friendly. Great service was fast and delicious ??? definitely pleased and will go back for sure


My favorite coffee place in town!

Jake Ortman

I don't even like coffee, but I could drink the stuff here as it's so good. It's our go-to if we're ever passing through the area from Bend.Food: 5/5


Drinks are well made and full of flavor. Whatever you do don't ask them to fill a 32 ounce personal cup, those last few ounces are like drawing blood I guess.

Teeshawna A.

One of my favorite coffee shops in Oregon. I get the Nutella drink every time I'm in Salem. I am a fan of my coffee on the sweeter side so recommend if you're the same. Very Kid friendly drinks too.

Elena La Nier

This used to be the household favorite and go-to coffee shop, however drink quality and consistency seems hit or miss these days.Multiple times now my hot mochas have tasted like dust.. I really dont know how to describe it any other way. I dont know if the cups are dirty or what but I have had other people taste my drinks when im displeased and they say the same thing. I used to love getting coffee here but I now feel like I waste my money here.

Jessica Dyer

Peanut Butter Chip milkshake was amazing and they had all the options to make it sugar free except for the chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. Bonus, every cup supports a pup!

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